Feds provinces must reform foster care to tackle youth homelessness study says

first_imgOTTAWA – A first-of-its-kind study in Canada has painted a national picture of homeless youth and drawn a link to the foster care system that researchers say could be playing a more active role in keeping young people off the streets.The study found nearly three out of every five homeless youth were part of the child welfare system at some point in their lives, a rate almost 200 times greater than that of the general population.Of those with a history in the child welfare system, almost two of every five respondents eventually “aged out” of provincial or territorial care, losing access to the sort of support that could have kept them from becoming homeless, the study found.The result is that Canada is creating a group of young people who are at higher risk of becoming homeless because they lack resources when coming out of foster care, said Stephen Gaetz, the study’s co-author and director of the Canadian Observatory on Homelessness.The study released Wednesday comes months before dozens of cities will take part in the second, federally organized point-in-time count of the homeless population that will include a focus on young people.The first federal point-in-time count last year asked respondents for their ages, but changes to the questionnaire are coming for the 2018 count to help communities that choose to put extra attention on targeting the youth homeless population including when someone first became homeless.The survey also will now includes questions about immigrants and refugees, as well as gender identity to better help cities co-ordinate and plan services or, in the case of newcomers to Canada, whether there may be “an issue that can be addressed upstream.”The Canadian Press obtained a copy of the updated questionnaire under the Access to Information Act.The first count last year included 32 cities. More cities have suggested they are interested in taking part in next year’s count.All of the data will feed into the Liberal government’s anti-poverty strategy that will target vulnerable populations like youth. Mathieu Filion, a spokesman for Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos, said the government will look at the youth homeless study released Wednesday to see how its recommendations can be worked into the national anti-poverty plan.The study is based on a survey of 1,103 young people who were homeless in 42 different communities in nine provinces and Nunavut.There are about 6,500 young people between the ages of 13 and 24 homeless on any given night.The report urges the federal government to focus on preventing youth homelessness — particularly among Indigenous youth — and on provinces and territories to focus on “after care” by providing support as needed until age 25.“We’re not calling out child protection services,” Gaetz said. “We’re not pointing fingers going, ‘It’s horrible what you’re doing.’“Rather, we’re saying this is an unintended consequence of a whole number of things, but it’s something that we can identify as leading to bad outcomes when young people leave care.”New census data released last week reported some 43,880 youth in foster care in 2016, a decline of about 4,000 from the 47,890 young people Statistics Canada counted in 2011, the first time such data was collected for the census.The problem is particularly acute for Indigenous youth, who in 2011 made up nearly half of the children in care nationally. Statistics Canada is set to release more census details about Canada’s Aboriginal population later this fall.The study says that the problems with Indigenous child welfare, which governments have vowed to tackle, highlight the need for structural reforms to the system.“None of these approaches can be a one-size-fits-all approach,” said study co-author David French, director of policy and planning with A Way Home, a national, anti-youth-homelessness coalition.“So when you speak about Indigenous young people or young people who identify as LGBTQ2S, or new immigrant young people, each of them does require a targeted response underneath a specific strategy.”LGBTQ2S stands for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and two-spirit, the latter term referring specifically to members of the Indigenous community.— Follow @jpress on Twitterlast_img read more

Yukons Old Crow considering change to prohibition law

first_imgAPTN National NewsIs prohibition improving the way of life for the Vuntut Gwitchin?Some residents of Yukon’s most northern community are hoping changes to a 25 year-old law will help curb bootlegging and other social ills in Old Crow.APTN’s Shirley McLean has more.last_img

IFAD president commends synergy between authorities and populations in socioeconomic projects

first_imgMarrakech – President of the International Fund for Agriculture Development (IFAD/based in Rome) Kanayo Nwanze, commended the development dynamism going on in rural areas in Morocco and the synergy of efforts between local authorities and recipient populations of socio-economic projects.The IFAD president told MAP after visiting some of the IFAD-funded projects he is satisfied with the results of these projects and with their impact on the target populations’ living conditions.The Fund, which started cooperating with Morocco in 1980, has financed 13 projects in addition to 5 ongoing ones. Results achieved so far are leading the Fund to intensify its cooperation with Morocco and start new projects, together with other fund-donors, he said.“I have met rural women and they confirmed the improvement of their living conditions thanks to the socio-economic projects”, he said noting that the construction of a kindergarten or a drinking water supply facility alleviates the burden on women and enables them to have income-generating activities.Cooperation between the IFAD and Morocco is based on financial assistance in the form of grants or easy loans for farming and rural development projects.last_img read more

Zika UN health agency launches global response strategy Member States briefed on

The Strategic Response Framework and Joint Operations Plan focuses on mobilizing and coordinating partners, experts and resources to help countries enhance surveillance of the Zika virus and disorders that could be linked to it, improve vector control, effectively communicate risks, guidance and protection measures, provide medical care to those affected and fast-track research and development of vaccines, diagnostics and therapeutics. WHO says $56 million is required to implement the strategy, of which $25 million would fund the WHO/AMRO/PAHO (Regional Office foe the Americas/Pan American Health Organization) response and $31 million would fund the work of key partners. In the interim, WHO has tapped a recently established emergency contingency fund to finance its initial operations.As part of WHO’s new emergency programme, the agency’s headquarters activated an Incident Management System to oversee the global response and leverage expertise from across the organization to address the crisis. WHO is tapping a recently established emergency contingency fund to finance its initial operations.Meanwhile, Dr. Natela Menabde, the Executive Director of the WHO Office in New York, told Member during a briefing to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) that currently 34 countries have reported the Zika virus, mostly in the Americas and Caribbean, and seven reported an increase in cases of microcephaly.She said that Brazil has registered more than 4,700 suspected cases of microcephaly, a quarter were only studied for the moment, while the average number of microcephaly every year until then was of 163 cases. “The increase we see now is definitely a source of serious concern,” she added. In his remarks, ECOSOC President Oh Joon recalled that on 1 February, based on recommendations of the International Health Regulations Emergency Committee, WHO declared the increasing cases of neonatal and neurological disorders, amid the growing Zika outbreak in the Americas, a public health emergency.“We know that Zika is a virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito. It was first discovered in 1947 in the Zika forest of Uganda. The health threat associated with the Zika Virus disease in Latin America and the Caribbean is very real,” he said, adding that the rise of microcephaly cases and other neurological disorders in the affected regions is extremely worrying.All this raises the question of preparedness of health systems and institutions to respond to the needs of infected women and men, children born with microcephaly, and their families, especially their mothers, he underscored. Recalling that over the years, ECOSOC convened special meetings to address global public health emergencies and promote a coordinated strategic response to, among others the outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) in 2003, avian flu in 2005 and Ebola in 2014, Mr. Oh said: We have learned from the past outbreaks that health emergencies have economic and social implications.” Indeed, he continued, governments can experience fiscal deficits due to increased expenditures on healthcare and social protection programmes. Labour productivity can decrease if workers fall sick or need to care for sick family members. Women, who are the most vulnerable, shoulder the caregiving for sick family members, he added.“Responding to the Zika virus requires a strong coordinated and integrated response from the international community, including the UN system. This ‘international public health emergency’ needs our utmost attention,” said Mr. Oh, assuring the international community that the Council will continue its efforts on tackling emerging global issues and mobilizing coordinated response from the UN System in timely manner. read more

Knowledge transfer network launched for low carbon and fuel cell technology

Central to the KTN is its web portal. The partners hope to encourage active participation in the exchange of ideas between industry and academia through the new site. Speaking via video link from Japan Robert Evans, CEO of Cenex, said, ‘KTNs will play a vital role in making the necessary connections between various players, from academia, industry, customers and the investor community, necessary to encourage innovation growth.’ http://www.low-carbon-fuel-cell-ktn.org.uk/Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window) Dr Sir David King, the government’s chief scientific advisor, was guest speaker at the launch of the low carbon and fuel cell KnowledgeTransfer Network (KTN) in central London yesterday. In his address, Dr King warned of the consequences of climate change but pointed to the potential of technology solutions. ‘Investment in science and innovation is the most important step government can take’, he said before calling for a new culture to ensure home-grown talent remains in the UK. Dr King praised the KTN, describing it as an integral part of the process to promote innovation, by creating a forum for discussion and ideas among academia and industry. This should help turn world-class innovation into competitive advantage for companies based here in the UK. The launch took place simultaneously in London and Yokohama, and was led by Cenex, the centre of excellence for low carbon and fuel technolgies.Three other partners are involved – SMMT Foresight Vehicle, Fuel Cells Today and Fuel Cells UK. read more

NFL Week 4 Elo Ratings And Playoff Odds

Before scrolling down and peeking at the table, take a guess: Which team has the highest projected end-of-season win total according to FiveThirtyEight’s latest NFL Elo ratings and playoff odds?While you’re thinking, let me briefly explain what these numbers are all about. A team’s Elo rating represents its current strength — or at least an estimate thereof using a simple method that incorporates margin of victory, home-field advantage, strength of schedule and team quality in previous seasons. (For the really gory details of how the ratings work, click here.) To give you a sense of the scale, the average NFL team always has an Elo rating of 1500, and the ratings usually range from 1700 on the high side to 1300 on the low end of the spectrum.Anyway, once computed, they can be used to derive win probabilities for each game and even point spreads. That’s how we’re able to simulate the remainder of the NFL schedule thousands of times and track each team’s chances of winning the division or making the playoffs, right down to using the NFL’s actual, highly arcane tiebreaker rules.OK, so now that the explanation is out of the way, which team has the most predicted wins?Perhaps you’re thinking of the Seattle Seahawks, who won their Super Bowl rematch with the Denver Broncos on Sunday afternoon. You’d be close; Seattle once again checks in with the top Elo rating this week (see left), but their schedule is difficult enough — eighth-toughest in the league, to be exact — that they don’t have the league’s highest expected win total. Speaking of the Broncos, they had the most predicted wins in last week’s column, but their loss to the Seahawks was damaging — both because it took away about 0.38 expected wins for the Seattle game itself, and because their Elo rating was downgraded by 14 (or the equivalent of a little more than a half a point of victory margin per game), reducing their win probabilities in future games as well.New England, then? The Patriots did manage to win last week but only marginally improved their Elo rating after a seven-point victory over the Oakland Raiders in a game Elo thought they should have won by more than two touchdowns. They currently rank fourth in expected wins. And the Carolina Panthers, who had been pegged for 10.7 wins after a 2-0 start, dropped to a 9.1-win expectation in the wake of an 18-point home loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers.The answer you were looking for was actually the Cincinnati Bengals, who project to win a league-high 11.2 games, according to our simulations. The Bengals moved to 3-0 for the first time since 2006 (don’t ask what happened that year) by drubbing the Tennessee Titans 33-7, and they now have the NFL’s best point differential. They also have an easier remaining schedule than the teams above them in the Elo pecking order. Based on Elo, an average team would be expected to beat Cincinnati’s remaining opponents by about 0.1 points per game (taking into account where the games are being played), while an average team would lose by 0.6 PPG against Seattle’s slate, 0.4 PPG against Denver’s and 0.2 PPG against New England’s.The Bengals also have the league’s best playoff odds at 78 percent and its second-best shot at winning the Super Bowl. Cincinnati does not have the best division odds, thanks to the re-emergence of Pittsburgh and Baltimore (sorry, Cleveland). Before the season, we thought the AFC North would be up for grabs, and three of its teams had preseason Elo ratings above 1500, but they were all bunched at the fringe of the top 12. Now Elo’s fourth-, ninth- and 12th-best teams hail from the AFC North, making it the NFL’s second-best division (in terms of its members’ average rating) behind the fearsome NFC West.Either way, Bengals fans should enjoy their team’s newfound success. They’re in a relatively prosperous cycle of the franchise’s history; including the end of last season, the team is consistently producing its best Elo ratings since the end of the 2005 season. Let’s hope there isn’t another Kimo von Oelhoffen moment waiting to derail the momentum this time around.Here are the projected standings and playoff odds for every NFL team:Some other observations:After briefly pulling themselves up to a 1503 Elo with a win over the New York Jets in Week 2, the Green Bay Packers dropped below 1500 again and now have their worst rating since the beginning of the Aaron Rodgers era. It’s a far cry from the Packers team that boasted a 1780 Elo late in the 2011 season, just 145 short weeks ago.Like Cincinnati, the Arizona Cardinals are zooming up the expected-win charts. Our simulations have them winning an average of 10.6 games by the end of the season, which ranks third in the league. Interestingly, by Elo they aren’t even the second-best team in the NFC West — San Francisco is barely ahead despite losing to Arizona last week — but they are expected to win 1.8 more games than the 49ers because they are already two games up in the standings (though they play the fourth-hardest schedule in football from now on).San Diego shouldn’t be forgotten in the Super Bowl derby. Although the Seahawks are the clear favorites, with a 14 percent chance of winning it all, the Chargers are at the periphery of the next tier of contenders — a group that also includes Cincinnati, New England, Arizona, Denver and possibly the Philadelphia Eagles. And along with the Bengals and Cardinals, the Chargers have added the most to their Elo score since the preseason ratings, improving from a 1555 to their current 1602 mark over the course of three straight victories.Although their 1999 incarnation was pretty extraordinary, the 2014 St. Louis Rams — along with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Jacksonville Jaguars — seem to be deteriorating. No teams have shed more points off of their Elo ratings since the season began, with each losing in excess of 49 points (the equivalent of about two points per game of expected scoring margin) compared to their preseason ratings.As I mentioned, Elo ratings can also be used to generate point spreads for future games. It is our staunch recommendation, however, that these be used for “entertainment purposes only” — especially after a performance like last week. Going up against the point spreads listed at Pro-Football-Reference.com, Elo’s picks were a dreadful 4-11-1 in Week 3. (They did have a 12-4 straight-up record.) But we’ll soldier on anyway and list the matchups for this week, along with their predicted win probabilities and point spreads:The best matchup of the week in Elo’s eyes is Philadelphia at San Francisco, which matches Nos. 6 and 10 in our rankings. But as far as marquee games go (measured by the harmonic mean of the two teams’ pregame ratings after adding half the home-field advantage to each side), it’s the worst week-leading matchup of the season yet.Even so, there are some interesting pairings to be had, in addition to Eagles-Niners. Elo considers Washington and the New York Football Giants to be a classic “pick ’em“, while Vegas sees Washington as three-and-a-half point favorites, perhaps underestimating just how bad of a period this is in the franchise’s history. Likewise, Green Bay is a one-and-a-half point favorite at Chicago despite Elo pegging the Bears as five-point favorites. How much of that is owed to the Bears’ banged-up defense, and how much simply stems from a refusal to believe the Packers aren’t the same team they were several years ago, is tough to say.Finally, a couple of NFC South teams are getting a lot more love in Vegas than the ratings say they deserve. The books have both Atlanta and New Orleans favored by 3 on the road this week (the Falcons visit Minnesota; the Saints go to Dallas), while Elo thinks Vegas is off by about 5 points in each matchup — enough to swing the expected winner of both games. In general, Elo has the NFC South as the fifth-best division in football, but if both teams buck the odds and live up to those spreads on the road, our computer might have to change its tune. read more

Commentary Urban Meyer rumors distracted Ohio State during Michigan game

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — Urban Meyer isn’t an especially large man, but he casts an especially big shadow. So big, it almost overshadowed the Ohio State-Michigan game. Some say “The Game” is the most important part of the season every year. Toss the records out and forget about last week because it’s a one-game season. I could feel the hatred in Ann Arbor during OSU’s 40-34 loss to Michigan. I could feel the passion. But no matter what the outcome was, the biggest story in Columbus, Ohio, on Monday morning is going to be Meyer becoming OSU’s next football coach. In a way, “The Game” was trumped by Meyer’s impending arrival. Sure, it’s not official yet, but Meyer coming to OSU is the worst kept secret in college football. Even during Michigan week, it’s all anyone wanted to talk about. As much as coach Luke Fickell can talk about his program being in a “bubble” and ignoring the outside world, everyone was listening to the rumors — players and coaches included. I’m sure the university didn’t want the news to break until after the end of the regular season out of respect for Fickell and everyone else on this year’s team, but the fact that it did couldn’t have helped the Buckeyes. As a coach, how can you concentrate on the task at hand when, in all likelihood, you won’t have a job the following week? I’m sure they all wanted to beat Michigan and cared about the players enough to prepare to the best of their ability, but in the back of their minds, they have to be thinking about supporting their family. Any sane person would be at least considering future coaching options. As a player, how likely are you to listen to a coach that you only have to deal with for a couple more games — especially a coach that has already led you to five losses? The bottom line is, the Meyer rumors didn’t just excite the fans. They affected the internal program’s focus and at least partially distracted them from the Michigan game. The defense was porous, giving up a season-high 40 points and junior quarterback Denard Robinson had his way with the Silver Bullets, scoring a total of five touchdowns. Fickell did what he could, but what does it say about “the greatest rivalry in all of sports,” when the focus during game-week isn’t on the game? read more

The Priory faces multimillion pound fine following death of 14yearold girl with

Amy was found at 8.15pm and taken to hospital by 11pm but died the following day after life support was withdrawn.Ms Le Fevre told the court she had a “known and recent history of ligature attempts (which) continued during her time there”.But she was left with unsupervised access and the means to carry out another suicide attempt, the court heard.The Health and Safety Executive investigation concluded “procedures for the management of ligature risk had not resulted in effective measures”, Ms Le Fevre said.An inquest in 2016 heard neglect contributed to Amy’s death, finding she died accidentally of unintended consequences of a deliberate act.The jury’s findings were highly critical of the Priory, ruling staff failed to dial 999 quickly enough, failed to call a doctor promptly and were not trained in CPR.Staffing levels were inadequate, Amy was not resuscitated properly by staff, and had to be removed from the hospital on a body board because the ambulance stretcher could not fit in the lift, it found.The response of staff was so inadequate the jury agreed there was a possibility that Amy may have lived if she had received proper care.Inquest, the charity supporting her family, said this was thought to be the first prosecution of its kind and a “historic moment in accountability” after the deaths of children in private mental health care. She said the case was “bitter” but a “huge step forward” and “long awaited”, adding: “Amy was my dearly loved youngest daughter, a sister, niece and granddaughter with her whole life ahead of her.”She had the warmest heart and a great sense of humour. She never liked to see people treated unfairly.”The packed courtroom heard the company would be admitting the offence formally at a Crown Court sentencing hearing next month in front of a judge with the power to impose an unlimited fine.The company had a turnover of £134 million for the year ending 2016 and the starting point for the fine would be £2.4 million, Sarah Le Fevre, prosecuting, said.The teenager was an NHS-funded patient in the Priory’s care at the East Sussex hospital’s children’s unit near Tunbridge Wells.On August 23 2012, she was admitted to the hospital’s high dependency unit and on November 11 that year she tied a scarf around her neck in her bedroom, the court heard. “Every day my family have to suffer her absence. The only thing that has kept me going is to achieve justice for Amy and to stop other families going through the torture we have endured.” Tania El-Keria , mother of Amy El-Keria who died whilst in the care of The Priory hospital A private mental health care group is facing a fine of millions of pounds for breaching health and safety laws after a 14-year-old girl with a history of suicide attempts died in its care.A criminal investigation was launched by the Health and Safety Executive into The Priory after the death of Amy El-Keria, who was treated at its Ticehurst House psychiatric hospital in 2012, Brighton Magistrates’ Court heard.The London-based company indicated a guilty plea after being charged under health and safety laws with being an employer failing to discharge its duty to ensure people were not exposed to risk, in what is thought to be the first prosecution of its kind.Outside court, Amy’s mother Tania El-Keria wept as she told reporters her daughter’s welfare should never have been “in the hands of a company whose priority was placing profit over her safety” and called on mental health minister Jackie Doyle-Price for a meeting to discuss the failings in the care system.Demanding more transparency in the private hospitals, she said: “For 14 years we kept her safe but within three months with the Priory she was dead.”Six long years it has taken for the Priory to be brought to court. Every day I have to live with the heartbreak of my child’s death. Caseworker Victoria McNally called on the Government to review whether the Priory is fit to receive “such significant public expenditure” for the provision of children’s specialist mental health care after the family had been “failed by the system”.LMK The Priory Group said in a statement: “We are truly sorry that this very sad incident occurred and extend our deepest sympathies to Amy’s family.”We continue to invest significantly in improving patient safety at Ticehurst. LMK  Ends The hospital is making strong progress under new leadership and continues to be rated ‘good’ in all areas by the CQC.”The company is expected to be sentenced at Lewes Crown Court on February 6. Want the best of The Telegraph direct to your email and WhatsApp? Sign up to our free twice-daily  Front Page newsletter and new  audio briefings. Tania El-Keria , mother of Amy El-Keria who died whilst in the care of The Priory hospitalCredit:Brighton Pictures  read more

Report Injuries mount as Italy deliver knockout blow to Irelands 6 Nations

first_imgSIX NATIONS MINNOWS Italy produced a breathtaking display to hand Ireland a 22-15 defeat at Rome’s Olympic Stadium.Italy had started this campaign with a 23-18 victory over France and after defeats to Scotland, England and Wales sealed it with another deserved win over another of the pre-tournament favourites.Italy have now won twice in the Six Nations for only the second time, the last being in 2007.Ireland, missing fly-half Jonathan Sexton to a foot injury, had the early momentum and Paddy Jackson put the first of his 15 points on the board with a sixth-minute penalty after Leonardo Ghiraldini was whistled for a tackle on Conor Murray.However the visitors’ luck soon ran out in a half which saw several of their players come off injured and iconic centre Brian O’Driscoll, possibly playing his last Ireland international, sent to the sin-bin.Ireland were robbed several times at their own lineout and it was after Sergio Parisse outjumped Donnacha Ryan deep in Irish territory that the referee whistled for a penalty which Orquera fired over to level on 13 minutes. With Parisse still sidelined, Ireland began to push deep into Italian territory and came close to making the breakthrough after a dominant 20-phase spell in which they finally had to settle for a penalty. Jackson converted for 16-15.Parisse returned, but moments later it was to say farewell to a tearful Andrea Lo Cicero who ended his Italy career in the 64th minute and was replaced by Michele Rizzo.Another chance to extend the lead was spurned when Garcia’s penalty effort was short and wide. But when Orquera was restored to kicking duties minutes later he sent Italy 19-15 in front with another low effort 10 minutes from the final whistle.After Parisse was brought down by several green shirts as he charged down the left Murray was sin-binned for a tripping offence.Italy won yet another lineout and a subsequent penalty, with Orquera sealing victory in the final minute.- © AFP, 2013Out of 10: How we rated Ireland’s players against France Parisse immenseItaly resumed in positive fashion, Edoardo Gori dancing through several green shirts before offloading to Parisse at the halfway line where a lineout was called after he failed to release the ball quickly enough.When Sean O’Brien failed to get up quickly enough after a tackle, Italy were awarded another penalty but Orquera’s effort from 40 metres came off the upright.It failed to faze the hosts, who went 6-3 up thanks to Orquera’s penalty after Cian Healy failed to roll away after tackling Parisse.Ireland suffered further setback when Keith Earls was brought down and forced off after appearing to injure his shoulder. Luke Marshall was then forced off holding his arm and O’Driscoll was sin-binned for a needless stamp on the chest of Favaro.Italy ultimately failed to capitalise and it took a penalty from Gonzalo Garcia just before half-time to bring up their lead to 9-3, only for Ireland to reduce the arrears through another Jackson penalty on the stroke of half-time.Italy had Ireland on the ropes in the opening few minutes of the second half and were finally rewarded with their only try of the game thanks to Giovambattista Venditti, who squeezed the ball over on the right.Orquera, from 35 metres out, converted to give Italy a 16-6 lead which had the crowd in raptures.FightbackIreland, however, came fighting back and cut the deficit through a Jackson penalty after Parisse was sent to the sin-bin for a trip on Madigan.Jackson was spot-on again from over 40 metres moments later after Italy had failed to release, taking the score to 16-12 just before the hour.last_img read more

Intel wants 699 Ultrabooks but doesnt want to drop chip prices

first_imgAh, the Ultrabook. Sure, they’re really just skinny Windows laptops designed to compete against the MacBook Air, but Intel’s sure they’re the next big thing. Provided, of course, manufacturers can get them built at the right price.The “right price” used to be anywhere under $1,000. Intel has now revised that figure to a much more miserly $699.Intel is hoping that Ultrabooks can capture around 40% of the laptop market by the end of 2012, but that it’s going to be tough if prices don’t come down. The chip giant’s own Navin Shenoy said that the company wants to make that drop happen, but that it’s going to require help from “the ecosystem” to succeed.Shenoy said that “even if [Intel is] giving the chips away for free” the $699 mark can’t be reached without involving OEMs and manufacturers. An Intel price cut would certainly be a good catalyst. Acer president Scott Lin and Compal’s Ray Chen petitioned the chip maker for Ultrabook chip subsidies earlier this year, noting that the Intel guts account for as much as 33% of an Ultrabook’s price.Intel, however, wanted to maintain its estimated 60% gross profit margin. They did create a $300 million fund to help foster Ultrabook-related innovations in hardware and software and to help market the machines, but straight-up subsidies or price reductions weren’t part of the plan.Manufacturers have already started looking elsewhere for ways to reduced Ultrabook costs. Acer and Asus are planning to replace expensive, difficult-to-source aluminum shells with less costly fiberglass housings, for example.Shenoy also mentioned in his comments that Ultrabook prices wouldn’t rise due to the flooding in Thailand. The reason? Because Ultrabooks don’t use hard drives, they use SSDs.There are two obvious problems with that statement. First, the Acer Aspire 3951 is currently the least expensive Ultrabook on the planet at $899. It’s the closest to Intel’s $699 target today… and the base model ships with a 320GB HDD. Second, SSDs aren’t immune to supply shortage issues. Apple has caused one or two runs on flash components before, and rumor has it that they’re getting ready to pump out the iPad 3 early next year. That flood of iPads could put a strain on SSDs — and subsequently drive up Ultrabook prices.That said, gadget prices always slide as they mature. By the end of next year, someone will have figured out how to get an Ultrabook on the market for $200 less than the Aspire 3951. Intel might have to make some pricing concessions after all, what with those AMD Ultrabook chips on the way.More at Reuterslast_img read more

Leo Varadkar is the first minister to say Trump shouldnt be invited

first_img By Sean Murray Monday 6 Feb 2017, 1:16 PM Source: TheJournal Politics/Twitter Feb 6th 2017, 1:16 PM Minister Leo Varadkar Image: Rollingnews.ie Leo Varadkar is the first minister to say Trump shouldn’t be invited to Ireland “I’m not sure what purpose it would serve,” Leo told Sean O’Rourke. 17,686 Views Minister Leo Varadkar Image: Rollingnews.ie Taoiseach says he has a lot he wants to talk to Trump about. He’ll make a decision about inviting him to Ireland when he meets him— TheJournal Politics (@TJ_Politics) February 6, 2017 Short URL Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article MINISTER FOR SOCIAL Protection Leo Varadkar has said that he ‘wouldn’t be keen’ on inviting Donald Trump to visit Ireland.Speaking on RTÉ’s Today with Sean O’Rourke, the Minister for Social Protection said the decision rests with Enda Kenny on whether or not to extend an offer when the Taoiseach visits the White House next month.He also criticised UK Prime Minister Theresa May for talking in “sound bites” and expressed his fears concerning her rhetoric on a border between Ireland and Northern Ireland.In a lengthy, wide-ranging interview Varadkar touched on issues such as changes to PRSI, which has reformed to protect pension entitlements, the national children’s hospital and ruled out charging people for their free travel pass.He was pressed on when Enda may step down as Taoiseach, but responded that it was a matter for Kenny to address, himself. He then gave the same answer when asked if he would invited Trump to Ireland.When the Taoiseach was asked about the issue today, he said he would wait until he met Trump before deciding whether or not to invite him to Ireland. On what he would personally do in the situation, Varadkar was clear.“I wouldn’t [invite Trump],” he said. “I’m not sure what purpose it would serve.”He talked about the reception Barack Obama received when he came to Ireland, and diplomatically said that “you wouldn’t necessarily assume” that Trump would receive a similar welcome.When asked about Brexit’s implications, he was clear in his desire to protect the “common citizenship, free trade between Ireland and Britain, as well as to get the right arrangements in place in the North”.This, however, would be contingent on the type of Brexit that eventually happens when the UK triggers Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, which they plan to do by the end of March.If it goes our way, I don’t think it’ll impact us that badly. If it goes the other way, then of course it could.On Prime Minister May’s penchant for repeating the mantra of “no return to the borders of the past”, Varadkar said: “It annoys me when I hear that sound bite, since she loves talking in slogans and sound bites, that you know she always has this line.That implies we’re going to have some sort of ‘border of the future’ and you know I don’t want to have any borders on our island.“We got rid of them and the peace process has been a success in part because there is no physical border of any sort.”He said that there was no reason why Northern Ireland couldn’t opt in for some beneficial EU programmes, and even said it may be possible for the North to stay in the single market, even if the rest of Britain opted out.“The North voted to remain in the EU,” he said. “It’ll be difficult, but I think it could be possible.”Speaking on the idea of having a Minister for Brexit, in the wake of Fianna Fáil appointing new recruit Stephen Donnelly as its Brexit spokesperson, Varadkar said former-Taoiseach John Bruton’s rationale for not having such a Minister made sense.If you have a Minister for Brexit, then other Ministers with a key role in this can take their eye off the ball.Read: Poll: Should Enda Kenny invite Donald Trump to visit Ireland?Read: US court denies request to immediately reinstate travel ban http://jrnl.ie/3225270 Share697 Tweet Email1 77 Comments last_img read more

Macron looks set to win a massive majority in French parliamentary elections

first_img http://jrnl.ie/3450796 Emmanuel Macron greeting supporters after voting in Le Touquet, northern France Source: Xinhua News Agency/PA ImagesFRENCH VOTERS HAVE returned to the polls today for the second round of a parliamentary election, which President Emmanuel Macron’s youthful party is tipped to win by a landslide, completing his reset of national politics.The assembly is set to be transformed with a new generation of lawmakers – younger, more female and more ethnically diverse – winning seats in the afterglow of Macron’s success in last month’s presidential election.Turnout in the second round of elections was sharply down on the figure in 2012 with three hours left to vote, the interior ministry said.By 3pm Irish time official statistics showed turnout was 35.3%, compared with 46.4% at the same time in the last election five years ago.Turnout is on track to be just 42%, even lower than the 48.7% in the first round last week, a disappointing figure for Macron.Although Republic on the Move (REM) party is tipped to win a landslide in parliament, Prime Minister Edouard Philippe had urged voters to come out to vote in the second round to give the new centrist government legitimacy.Experts have blamed a number of factors for the high abstention rate, including election fatigue after four rounds of voting in the space of two months to elect a president and a parliament.REM and its allies are forecast to take 400-470 seats in the 577-member parliament, one of the biggest post-war majorities that would give the pro-EU president a free hand to implement his business-friendly programme.The scale of the change is forecast to be so large that some observers have compared the overhaul to 1958, the start of the present presidential system, or even the post-war rebirth of French democracy in 1945.It is also entirely unexpected: Macron was unknown three years ago and initially given little chance of emerging as president, but he and his 16-month-old REM have tapped into widespread desire for change. Macron shaking hands with children outside Paris yesterday Source: Liewig Christian/ABACABut despite the zest for renewal the vote has failed to generate much excitement.Polls show Macron’s party party crushing France’s traditional parties, the rightwing Republicans and Socialists, but also the far-right National Front of defeated presidential candidate Marine Le Pen which faces major disappointment.The Socialists are set to be the biggest victim of voters’ desire to oust establishment figures associated with years of high unemployment, social unrest and lost national confidence.Pollsters predict the party will lose well over 200 seats after its five years in power under former president Francois Hollande, possibly leaving them with only around 20.“People are tired of always seeing the same faces,” said Natacha Dumay, a 59-year-old teacher voting in the northeastern Paris suburb of Pantin where Socialist former justice minister Elisabeth Guigou was voted out a week ago.“Even if we don’t know the new faces it’s not important. We’re not voting for individuals but for a programme,” Dumay added.‘Desperately seeking an opposition’The main concern for observers and critics is the likely absence of any political counterweight to Macron, leading some to forecast that opposition could be led through street protests.“Desperately seeking an opposition,” declared the front page of yesterday’s Le Parisien newspaper.Retired businessman Patrick Depardon (65) told AFP he was dismayed at the prospect of sitting MPs with a good track record being shown the door.“We’re throwing the baby out with the bathwater,” he said as he voted in southwest Paris.Turnout will be closely watched after it hit a nearly 60-year low in the 11 June first round of voting, leading some to warn Macron that his mandate is not as strong as he thinks.REM won 32% of the votes cast in the first round, but this represented only about 15% of registered voters.“Go and vote!” Prime Minister Edouard Philippe urged last Thursday, calling it both “a right and a responsibility”.Around half of REM’s candidates are virtual unknowns drawn from diverse fields of academia, business or local activism. They include a mathematician, a female bullfighter and a former Rwandan orphan.The other half are a mix of centrists and moderate left- and right-wing politicians drawn from established parties including ally MoDem.Le Pen in actionKey battles today include far-right leader Le Pen’s attempt to win her first parliamentary seat in the northeastern former coal mining town of Henin-Beaumont.Her victory would be a rare bright spot for Le Pen’s nationalist and anti-EU party which was once hoping to emerge as the principal opposition to Macron but is now expected to have only a handful of lawmakers.The hard-left France Unbowed is also struggling to maintain the momentum it had during the presidential election.Jean-Luc Melenchon, the firebrand leader of the movement, is running for election in the southern city of Marseille on a promise to lead resistance to Macron’s radical labour market reforms.Apart from loosening labour laws to try to boost employment Macron also plans measures to deepen European integration and an overhaul of the social security system.He has vowed to take on French unions by creating a system of “flexi-security” inspired by Scandinavian countries which combines a solid state-funded safety net with company-friendly legislation.His confident start at home, where he has concentrated on trying to restore the lost prestige of the president, and his decisive action on the international stage has led to a host of positive headlines.© – AFP, 2017Read: Death toll from raging Portuguese forest fire rises to at least 62Read: Cladding around Grenfell Tower blamed for spreading fire is ‘illegal in the UK’ Share30 Tweet Email 24 Comments By AFP Sunday 18 Jun 2017, 5:21 PM Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article Macron looks set to win a massive majority in French parliamentary elections Turnout has been low across France as the country deals with its fourth national vote in less than two months. 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Dernière tendance du web Pourquoi le dentifrice naugmente pas la taille de

first_imgDernière tendance du web : Pourquoi le dentifrice n’augmente pas la taille de la poitrinePlus de 53 millions de suggestions de résultats sont proposées lorsqu’on tape « seins plus gros » dans un moteur de recherche. C’est dire si le sujet intéresse et prouve que nous n’arrivons toujours pas à nous satisfaire de ce que la nature nous a offert. Certaines seraient même prêtes à tout pour faire gonfler leur poitrine sans passer sous le bistouri. Et s’enduire les tétons de dentifrice serait le nouveau remède miracle. A ne pas essayer ! Après la dangereuse tendance du #sunburnart de ces derniers étés, de la toxique langue pailletée, du très nocif lavement au café et de l’inutile bain de vapeur pour le vagin prônés par l’actrice Gwyneth Paltrow  sur son site Goop, voilà que d’influentes vlogueuses encouragent une autre pratique aussi inutile que ridicule, voire nocive. Plus de 7 millions de vues pour un tube de dentifrice     Il existerait donc une potion magique qui permettrait d’obtenir naturellement et en seulement quelques jours des seins plus gros et plus fermes. C’est en tout cas, la tendance qui circule depuis quelques temps sur Internet. Sur sa chaîne Youtube NaturalBeauty556, qui totalise plus de 210 millions de vues, la vlogueuse américaine Edith explique en moins de 9 minutes la recette de sa concoction « gros lolos ». Appelée « Tighten Sagging Breast In Just 5 Days Using Toothpaste No Jokes », (« raffermir des seins qui tombent en 5 jours grâce au dentifrice. Sans blague », tdlr), sa vidéo a été visionnée près de 8 millions de fois ! A la croire, il suffirait de mélanger un peu de farine, du concombre, un blanc d’œuf et du dentifrice et de l’enduire sur sa poitrine pour obtenir des seins-obus, voire gagner une taille de soutien-gorge.  « Cela va tonifier vos seins, un truc de malade. A faire trois à quatre fois par semaine. C’est magique ; et ce n’est pas cher du tout ! », promet-elle. Et elle n’est pas la seule, d’autres blogueuses y sont allées de leur petite recette personnelle : un peu de vaseline à ajouter pour certaines, quelques grains de fenugrec pour d’autres… Et alors ? Spoiler alert : ça ne fonctionne pas ! Une astuce non sans risque mais sans résultat Enthousiasmée par l’idée et curieuse, une autre blogueuse beauté a voulu essayer et n’a pas hésité à partager dans une vidéo sa déception. MakeupMesha  avoue avoir tenté la formule pendant 30 jours pour n’obtenir aucun résultat… sauf les moqueries de son petit ami. Malheureusement et pour l’instant sa séquence n’a été vue que 322.000 fois. Une autre s’est plaint de sensations de brûlures sur les tétons après les avoir recouverts de dentifrice. À lire aussiQue devient le corps après la mort ? Les médecins ont commencé à être alertés par ce phénomène et n’hésitent pas à le condamner. Interviewée par Teen Vogue, Susan Bard, une dermatologue exerçant à New York n’hésite pas à qualifier cette tendance « d’absurde ». D’après elle, aucun de ces ingrédients n’a la capacité d’augmenter les tissus mammaires ni de tonifier une peau qui aurait perdu en élasticité. Cette recette peut même avoir des effets négatifs sur la peau : « ce n’est pas sans risque d’appliquer ces mixtures puisqu’elles peuvent provoquer des dermites ».  On l’aura compris, on referme vite le bouchon de dentifrice et on le réserve à une fonction moins originale … le brossage de dents. Et on chérit ses seins … tous les seins ! Le 21 août 2018 à 11:41 • Marina Marcoutlast_img read more

Heritage High dance team unites special ed general students

first_imgRavyn Boger’s face split into a wide grin as a member of the Heritage High School dance team pushed her wheelchair in a wide oval across the studio floor.“This is Me,” the hit song from the Oscar-nominated film “The Greatest Showman,” boomed through the speakers. It was a fitting refrain for the Heritage Unified Dance Team, a blended group of special- and general-education student dancers.“I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I’m meant to be, this is me,” rang Keala Settle’s voice, as the students lifted their arms in a wide flex.Brenda Knight, who teaches the high school’s developmental and life skills students, approached dance coach Nichol LeBeau earlier this year to pitch the combined team. She was inspired by unified sports teams across the country, which offer special education students a chance to participate in sports with their nondisabled peers. They hope to continue the team with a second season next year.The point is to build connections between students, showing students with disabilities that they belong, and showing nondisabled students the strengths and talents of their peers in special education programs.last_img read more

Bernard Colebrook Sentenced to 5 years imprisonment

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsAppProvidenciales, TCI, February 7, 2017 -In the Supreme Court today (Tuesday 7th February 2017), 27-year-old Bernard Colebrooke of Five Cays Providenciales, pleaded guilty to Keeping Firearm and Keeping Ammunition.  The charges were laid as a result of an Authority to Search warrant that was executed at the home of Colebrook on Wednesday 19th October 2016 in Five Cays where Police found one (1) Silver and Black P-380 Caliber Firearm serial #AP388890, one (1) magazine containing three (3) rounds of 380 ammunitions under a mattress.  He was arrested and later charged with the offences mentioned and was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for both charges.  The sentence will run concurrently.Press Release: RTCIPF#MagneticMediaNews #BernardColebrook Related Items:#BernardColebrook, #magneticmedianewslast_img read more

Human Rights will be protected in zones of Special Operations

first_imgFacebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp#Jamaica, August 16, 2017 – Kingston – National Security Advisor, Major General Antony Anderson, says the protection of human rights will be guaranteed in the Zones of Special Operations (ZOSO).Speaking in an ‘Issues and Answers’ interview recently, Mr. Anderson informed that human rights training for the security forces is a requirement under the Law Reform (Zones of Special Operations) (Special Security and Community Development Measures) Act.“The law requires selection of the commanders on the ground (and) there is a requirement in the law for them to receive human rights training. The joint forces have received training, and that is ongoing to prepare people to operate within the zones,” he said.Mr. Anderson assured that the philosophy undergirding the Act “is not to target communities but to target criminals holding communities to ransom”.“The idea is to go in and leave the criminals with the least opportunity to carry out what they want to do, and provide as much protection to the population there,” he said.The law gives the Prime Minister power to declare an area a Zone of Special Operations in order to tackle increased crime and volatility in a community.   This is in consultation with the National Security Council.The zone can only be established after the Police Commissioner and the Chief of Defence Staff make a request for such a declaration in writing to the Prime Minister.   Prime Minister, the Most Hon. Andrew Holness, has assured that the special crime zones will not be used to infringe the rights of citizens.   He also said that the law would not give powers equivalent to a state of emergency.Justice Minister, Hon. Delroy Chuck, said custodes and justices of the peace (JPs) have a critical role to play in ensuring the protection of citizens’ rights, once an area has been designated a special crime zone.He said once a person has been detained, the police will have to convince the JPs that the person is suspected to have committed a crime.   “If the JPs disagree, then the person must be released.   If the JPs agree, within 24 hours that person must be taken before a parish judge,” he said.Mr. Chuck said that the JPs should also be present, especially when the security forces are conducting searches. Facebook Twitter Google+LinkedInPinterestWhatsApp Related Items:last_img read more

Tim Howard hails Solskjaers impact at Manchester United

first_imgFormer Everton goalkeeper Tim Howard says that Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has connected with the United team and has allowed them to express themselves.Since taking charge as interim manager after the sacking of Jose Mourinho, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer has enjoyed a perfect start at Old Trafford winning all five games in all competitions.And Tim Howard believes that the Norwegian boss has brought back the brand of football that made United successful under Sir Alex Ferguson.“He is one of the good guys, he understands the soul of the club,” Howard told Sky Sports.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedSolskjaer praises Harry Maguire after Man United’s 1-0 win Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Ole Gunnar Solskjaer singled out Harry Maguire for praise after helping Manchester United keep a clean sheet in their 1-0 win over Leicester City.“He is a piece of that fabric and so when he speaks to those players he is going to listen. There is nothing he hasn’t done at Manchester United.“I’ve sat back and enjoyed watching him manage the team. He does what Sir Alex Ferguson did – when I was there playing with him – and he would pick the best players and say go, play forward, play fast and go right up against them.“That’s what Ole talks about taking the shackles off, enjoying your football and playing the Manchester United way and we all know what playing the Manchester United way is. That’s what he has done he has given them freedom.“Over the last few seasons they have kind of had those shackles on, they’re not really played that free-flowing football and clearly that’s back.”last_img read more

Low sea ice and warm water to drive autumn weather

first_imgEl Nino has transitioned to below normal sea surface temperatures in the mid latitude Pacific. If that persists, the condition known as La Nina, typically results in a colder than normal winter for Alaska, but National Weather Service climate science and services manager Rick Thoman said low sea ice and remaining warm water around Alaska, will be primary drivers of the state’s autumn weather.Listen now“The Gulf of Alaska, the Bering Sea on up into the Chukchi Sea… much warmer than normal,” Thoman said. “That heat will take a while to dissipate.Sea surface temperatures don’t typically reach their maximum until the end of August or even early September so that’s kinda locked in.”Thoman said warmer seas provide more, potentially rain and snow yielding, moisture to the air.“That’s one part of the equation,” Thoman said. “The other part of the equation is we had to have the atmospheric conditions. We need storms to be able to turn that moisture into precipitation. Typically in the autumn, that’s not so hard to do.”Thoman stressed that ocean temperatures and moisture most directly impact coastal weather.“Once we move inland a little bit, then it becomes more complicated. For instance, across the Interior, if our dominant flow during the fall is out of, say the East or the Northeast from Canada, well… it won’t matter very much that the oceans around us are warm, cause that’s not where our air’s coming from. So it can have a potential effect, but away from the coast, there’s other factors involved.”Thoman cautions that while the overall fall outlook for Alaska is for warmer than normal, there can still be below normal days, weeks or even a month.last_img read more

733 BNP activists killed 12m accused in 50000 cases

first_imgBNPThe Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) on Thursday demanded the government withdraw over 50,000 cases filed against its leaders and activists across the country to create a level-playing field before the 11th parliamentary elections.BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir came up with the demand at a press conference at BNP’s Naya Paltan headquarters.He said around 50,074 cases have been filed against 1,191,449 BNP activists since 22 January from 2007.He claimed some 3,947 BNP activists are currently behind bars.Besides, the BNP leader said, their 733 leaders and activists were killed across the country during the period.Fakhrul alleged that the government has intensified its efforts to arrest BNP men, implicate them in ‘false’ cases and kill them in crossfire in the New Year ahead of the next general election.He said at least 528 cases were filed against 24,707 BNP leaders and activists while 1519 were arrested alone in the last one month.Under the circumstances, the BNP leader said, it won’t be possible to create a level-playing field for the election.”Equal opportunity must be created for all to hold the polls. All the false cases filed against us must be withdrawn and the continued repressive acts like crossfire, killing, enforced disappearances and wholesale arrest will have to be stopped.”Fakhrul alleged that the government is trying to eliminate its opponents using the state machinery in a planned way to hang onto power.He called upon all to wake up for the ‘restoration’ of democracy and force the government to hold the next polls in a free, fair and credible manner under a neutral administration.The BNP leader alleged that the law enforcers are indulging in ‘arrest business’ by filing cases against unidentified people.last_img read more