Gas Prices Drop As Summer Vacation Season Wraps Up

first_imgPixabay Stock Image.JAMESTOWN – The average price for a gallon of gas continues to drop.According to AAA, the demand for gas is going down with summer vacations wrapping up.Virtual learning has also contributed to a lesser need for gas since fewer students are actually going to school facilities due to the pandemic.The average price of gas across the Unites States is $2.19, a drop of three cents since last week. New York’s average price of gas is also going down, as it currently sits at $2.28. That’s one cent last than last week.One year ago, the national average was $2.57, while the state’s was $2.73.In Jamestown the average price for a regular gallon of gas is $2.35, according to Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Broadway & Screen Star Rosie Perez Set to Co-Host The View

first_img The talk show is set to return to ABC on September 15. More good news for Rosie Perez! Hot on the heels of the news that screen and stage star will join Seinfeld co-creator Larry David in his previously reported first play, Fish in the Dark next year, comes the revelation that she will co-host The View. After months of speculation over who would succeed Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, People reports that Perez and MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace have landed the gig. This is all great news for the Great White Way, since they join Tony winner Rosie O’Donnell in her return to the show, along with long-time friend to Broadway Whoopi Goldberg. Fish in the Dark Related Showscenter_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Aug. 1, 2015 Perez said in a statement: “I am beyond thrilled, honored and completely surprised that I’ve been asked to join The View.” She received an Oscar nod for her performance in Fearless. Her Broadway credits include The Ritz, Reckless, The Play What I Wrote and Frankie and Johnny in the Clair de Lune. View Commentslast_img read more

The Wayside Motor Inn Extends Off-Broadway

first_img Outside Boston, 10 people—some strangers, some not—struggle with the circumstances that have brought them to the Wayside Motor Inn. With old grudges and new feuds threatening the travelers’ peace, the play examines the tenuous space between loneliness and connection, and the fragile framework of the American Dream. Show Closed This production ended its run on Oct. 5, 2014 The Wayside Motor Inn In addition to Kudisch, the cast features Kelly AuCoin, Jon DeVries, Quincy Dunn-Baker, Rebecca Henderson, Jenn Lyon, Lizbeth Mackay, David McElwee, Ismenia Mendes and Will Pullen. View Comments Related Shows A.R. Gurney’s The Wayside Motor Inn will extend off-Broadway through October 5. The production had previously been set to complete its limited engagement on September 21 after officially opening on September 4. Directed by Lila Neugbauer with a cast that includes Tony nominee Marc Kudisch, the show is playing at The Alice Griffin Jewel Box Theatre at The Pershing Square Signature Center.last_img read more

Les Miz Star Earl Carpenter’s Photo Stash!

first_img Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 4, 2016 My favorite line in the show “Possibly Javert’s best line, showing his inevitable breakdown.” My favorite co-star “Has to be Kyle Scatliffe. He’s so adorable…he’s my friend! Lol!” The coolest prop in the show “It has to be Javert’s truncheon. Sorts the beggars and whores out once and for all.” My favorite thing in my dressing room “My Bose speaker systems…the best!” My favorite fan gift “This brilliant cup with a few roles I’ve played printed on it.” Related Shows View Comments The crew member who saves my ass “MK Flynt. It’s actually the tourist choices she’s helped me out with that have saved me! Thanks, MK.”center_img My view from the stage door “This incredible show from audiences here. Took a while to get used to, but it’s amazing!!” My favorite spot in the theater “Sitting in the theater between shows. So quiet!” A selfie right before I go on stage The best costume piece I wear “Has to be my first costume. Classic and classy: Javert at home.” The best thing to eat on a two-show day “Yum, yum, yum, yum and yum.” British musical theater star Earl Carpenter has crossed the pond in search of the ever-elusive prisoner 24601—he’s making his Broadway debut as Inspector Javert, reprising the role he played in the West End and Toronto productions of Les Miserables. Before he plays his final performance October 7 to make way for the revival’s original star Will Swenson, sent Carpenter on a backstage scavenger hunt! We asked Carpenter to take photos of a few of his favorite things at the Imperial Theatre, including a prop that “sorts out the beggars and whores.” Check out a day in the life of Javert below! Les Miserableslast_img read more

Holly Hunter, Richard Chamberlain & Bill Pullman Open in Sticks and Bones

first_img View Comments The stars are aligning off-Broadway. Richard Chamberlain, Holly Hunter and Bill Pullman officially open in the first major revival of David Rabe’s Sticks and Bones on November 6. The New Group production, directed by Scott Elliott, will run through December 14 at the Romulus Linney Courtyard Theatre at The Pershing Square Signature Center. Show Closed This production ended its run on Dec. 14, 2014 Sticks and Bones tells the story of a family pulled about by the return of a son from the Vietnam War. Pullman and Hunter star as husband and wife Ozzie and Harriet. Related Shows Sticks and Bones In addition to Chamberlain, Hunter and Pullman, the cast will include Nadia Gan, Morocco Omari, Ben Schnetzer and Raviv Ullman.last_img read more

Hot Shot! Taye Diggs Debuts His Glittery New Look For Hedwig

first_imgBefore he dons a full Farrah Fawcett wig and high-heeled boots in the Tony-winning musical Hedwig and the Angry Inch, incoming star Taye Diggs is giving us a sneak peek of his glam new makeover. In People, the star revealed he’s psyched to take on the role of the transgender East German rock goddess, and there’s another perk, too: “I also like wearing nail polish,” he said. The Rent favorite begins performances July 22, succeeding current star Darren Criss in the title role. What do you think of Diggs’ new look? Let us know in the comments below! View Comments Related Shows Hedwig and the Angry Inch Show Closed This production ended its run on Sept. 13, 2015last_img

Stressed Over Valentine’s Day? At Least You’re Not These Broadway Couples

first_img Valentine’s Day is upon us, and we realize it can be a stressful time, whether you’re in love with a wonderful guy (or girl), looking for somebody to hold you too close or in full “I Hate Men” mode. Fortunately for you, you’re not currently on a train wreck of a date with a fictional Broadway character. We played matchmaker matchmaker with a few musical theater favorites then imagined how their nights would go down. Using Plotagon, we’ve simulated our bizarre cross-fiction for your viewing pleasure. Take a look below. Aaron Burr, Lola, Velma Kelly, Elphaba, the Phantom & Norma Desmond(Photo via Plotagon) Velma Kelly & Aaron BurrYou’d think a merry murderess and the damn fool that shot Alexander Hamilton would hit it off on a blind date. The Chicago and Hamilton scoundrels have so much in common, including a penchant for homicide, jealousy and intense FOMO. But that might just be too much baggage to unpack in a first encounter. Looks like these two will just have to wait for it a little longer. The Phantom & ElphabaElphaba is one smart Wicked witch, but like all of us, she occasionally has a lapse in judgment. (Seriously, why would you run upstairs to an attic when you’re fleeing?) She probably could have predicted that a visit to Phantom’s box five would not have ended well, either. Her date has little respect for boundaries, but Elphaba holds her own. If she’s flying solo, at least she’s flying free from a possessive creeper.center_img Norma Desmond & LolaWe all have our quirks in relationships. Some of us use obnoxious pet names. Others are PDA culprits. And some perpetually obsess over young artists and don’t let them leave their mansion. The Sunset Boulevard diva didn’t learn her lesson with Joe Gillis, and that doesn’t bode will for her new relationship with the Kinky Boots’ thigh-high-clad drag queen. Let’s hope things turn out better in the Land of Lola. View Commentslast_img read more

Georgia Tobacco Pressed for Packaging Alternative

first_imgThere had to be a better way for farmers to package tobacco.”A nationwide tobacco advisory committee told growers and warehousemen they needto find a better marketing package,” said J. Michael Moore, a tobacco agronomist withthe University of Georgia Extension Service.Moore and others figure the answer is a hydraulic baler that squeezes cured tobaccoleaves into 800- to 900-pound bales about 44 inches square.Since the 1960s tobacco has been sold in 250-pound, burlap-bound packages calledsheets. But the sheets are hard to move around. The burlap tears easily during moving andallows leaves to fall out.With the baler, though, “we’ve been able to put about four sheets’ worth oftobacco into one bale,” Moore said.That compression is helpful, since warehouse space isn’t what it used to be.”These bales could allow warehousemen to keep three to four times more tobacco in thesame amount of floor space while keeping leaf quality high,” Moore said.The real benefit, though, could be lower labor costs. Bales require less labor thansheets to pack and move around.Moore said Georgia-grown tobacco has more sugar and is exposed to higher humidity thanthat grown in the Carolinas and Virginia. Although the high sugar content appeals tobuyers, it also makes the tobacco absorb moisture faster.For that reason, many people felt Georgia-grown tobacco wouldn’t stay at top quality inbales. But studies this year show it can.”If the tobacco is properly cured and goes into the bale at less than 16 percentmoisture,” Moore said, “the quality stays high.”Tobacco in bales isn’t as easy to inspect as in sheets, though. Graders and buyers caneasily look through loosely-packed sheets to see the leaves. They look for leaf color,size, texture and stalk position to tell the leaf grade and offer a price.But the bales have five sides they can see. And during tests this summer, Moore said,they could see enough of each bale to decide on an appropriate grade for the tobacco.Growers will have to stake their reputation on each bale’s consistency. “They’llhave to be able to say the bale is the same on the inside as it is on the outside,”Moore said. “And the buyers will have to trust them.”Moore expects studies to continue for two to three more years. Then the industry willdecide if baling is a good option for tobacco.”All indications we’re getting point to baling as an acceptable packaging approach,”Moore said.”The whole idea of this study is to make sure Georgia growers aren’t left behind,” hesaid. “They will have seen the technology in operation, hopefully on their own farm.And when the time comes, they can decide for themselves whether it’s right for theindustry.”last_img read more

Day Lily Rust.

first_imgA new plant disease threatens to blemish the reputation of Georgia day lilies. Timely identification and strict regulatory efforts, though, have stopped the disease for now.The disease, day lily rust, was first identified in Georgia in August 2000, said Jean Woodward, an Extension Service plant pathologist with the University of Georgia College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences. It has also been found in Florida, Alabama, South Carolina and California.”Right now, the day lily rust is a concern for nurseries in the state,” Woodward said. “The average gardener shouldn’t be worried, but should be aware.”Apart from their beauty, day lilies have the reputation for being low-maintenance plants. The rust disease could compromise that reputation.Stopping the Spread”If we let the rust go and don’t stop its spread, 10 or 20 years from now there may be a lot of day lily rust around,” Woodward said. “There’s a day lily in every garden and every roadside, and there’s a chance this could spread.”But because we were so quick to identify the rust, get the right people involved and get information out to major growers to watch the imported day lilies,” she said, “we were able to get on top of this.”It has worked. Nurseries that had the rust, she said, aren’t seeing it this year.Woodward wants consumers and gardeners to be aware of the new disease, though. If you believe a day lily may be suspect, contact the county extension service.Looks Like Streak, Acts Like Rust Photo:UGA Plant Pathology Daylily rust covers the upper and lower part of the leaf surface with orange spores. Initially, the rust looks a lot like another common day lily condition known as leaf streak, which causes tanned spots on the plant.”If it (the day lily) has a sunk-in and water-soaked appearance,” Woodward said, “(don’t) be concerned. It’s leaf streak.”If it’s the new disease, though, within two weeks a fungus will produce powdery spores on the day lily. The bright orange spores will be on both the upper and lower leaf surfaces, she said.The disease can spread fast, because the wind easily carries the spores. “Because it’s rust, it’s not going to kill the plant,” she said. “The rust needs living tissue to survive.”The rust’s survival depends greatly on the type of day lily. Georgia grows two types: dormant and nondormant.The rust may not survive the winter on dormant varieties, Woodward says. But it will survive on nondormant types, as well as on older leaf tissue during milder winters.”One year a day lily could experience the disease and the next year be totally free of it,” she said.Big Domestic IndustryDay lily rust is native to Asia. However, it’s believed to have been introduced into at least one Georgia nursery from plants originating in Central America.Day lilies are commonly shipped into the United States from Central and South America. Most of the day lilies grown in these countries, particularly in Central America, originate in the United States, not in Asia.The actual origin of the disease, then, is a mystery. Woodward said it may have come to the United States from Europe. U.S. day lilies shipped to Central America were then shipped back to U.S. growers.”If a grower has rust (in his day lilies), the grower should cut back the foliage, burn it and get into a fungicide spray program,” she said.Day lilies are the No. 1 perennial in the country, she said, and the Southeast produces most of the day lilies sold in the United States. Production of day lilies contributes greatly to Georgia’s $400 million nursery industry.Georgia is home to four of the top nursery growers in the country and the largest nursery east of the Mississippi River. “The industry is growing in Georgia at about 5 percent a year,” Woodward said.last_img read more

Pumpkin power

first_imgBy William Terry KelleyUniversity of GeorgiaWhat a great time of the year! Truly a time of transition, October offers something for everyone. There are still warm days, but fall is making inroads, and football is under way. Crops are ready to harvest, and yet it’s also time to plant.In this flurry of change, the orange glint of pumpkins begins to peek out from under the vines. But harvest time is just the beginning for these versatile fruits.Already showing up at grocery stores, nurseries, roadside markets and in lawns across America, the pumpkin is as much a part of autumn as the brightly colored leaves.Pumpkins generally last several weeks after harvest. Of course, once the pumpkin is carved, it shortens the shelf life to a few days.Consider the possibilitiesBut consider the possibilities. These beautiful fruits come in all sizes and colors. From white to deep orange, from baseball size to the size of a compact car, pumpkins fit into your fall decor in endless ways.Miniature pumpkins make great tabletop displays. These small fruits are actually gourds and can last throughout the fall. They may be from dark orange to variegated. Often they’re coated with a polyurethane finish to make them look shiny and preserve them even longer.These tiny pumpkins can be carved. But beware. They’re mighty tough, and it takes a really sharp knife and careful work to carve them and not your fingers. Another option is to hang them onto small trees like Christmas ornaments to make a pumpkin tree.Giant jack-o’-lanternsGiant pumpkins are great for outdoors. They make quite a centerpiece for a lawn display. Add a few smaller pumpkins, a bale of hay and a shock or two of corn stalks, and you’re the envy of the neighborhood.These giants range from 60 pounds on up. They’re best moved by rolling them onto a small tarp with one person picking up each side. Be prepared to pay a premium price for these wonders of the pumpkin world.Then, of course, you have your jack-o’-lantern pumpkins. They may be round to oblong, 10 to 40 pounds, light to burnt orange and smooth to heavily ribbed.If you get them early in the season, you’re more likely to get exactly the shape and size you want. Shopping early gives you the chance, too, to display the pumpkin for quite a while before you carve it for Halloween.Carving kitsSpeaking of carving, many available kits now make carving a true art. The standard triangle eyes and jagged teeth are still fine, but even the novice can produce elaborate designs with the right patterns and tools. Carving kits usually come with both. From witches to ghosts to presidential busts, pumpkin carving can take many forms.Giant pumpkins are great for sculpting large designs, but they, too, are hard to cut. The shape and size of the pumpkin used for carving will depend on your design.Original designs can easily be transferred to the pumpkin by drawing it on paper, taping it to the pumpkin and then taking a toothpick to punch dots along the design to guide your carving instruments.Preserve your creation by placing a damp towel over it when not on display. This may allow it to last a few more days. There’s no end to the decorative possibilities with pumpkins.last_img read more