Turkish star Turan could face more than 12 years jail for brawl

first_img0Shares0000Arda Turan was the centre of attention when he returned to Turkey in January to play for Basaksehir © AFP/File / OZAN KOSEISTANBUL, Turkey, Oct 15 – Turkish prosecutors on Monday charged Barcelona player Arda Turan over a brawl with a prominent singer, asking for the footballer to be sentenced to twelve-and-a-half years in jail.The prosecutors charged Turan, who is currently on loan to Istanbul’s Basaksehir, with sexual harassment, unlicensed possession of weapons and causing intentional injury over the fight with singer Berkay Sahin, the state-run Anadolu news agency said. Sahin, who goes on stage by his first name Berkay, was also charged, with prosecutors demanding up to two years in jail.Turan, 31, had last week been summoned to an Istanbul police station to give a statement about the incident but was allowed to walk free.The incident, which took place outside an Istanbul nightclub and reportedly left Sahin with a broken nose, has transfixed Turkey over the last days.In a bizarre sequence of events, Turan then reportedly went to the hospital where the singer was being treated clutching a gun and begging to be shot and forgiven.The attacking midfielder, who won 100 caps for the national side, has for years been Turkey’s best known footballer and is a strong supporter of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.He backed Erdogan strongly after the failed July 2016 coup, appearing at rallies outside his home, and the Turkish president even came as a witness to Turan’s marriage.Turan is notorious for poor behaviour both on and off the field.He was banned for a record 16 games by the Turkish football authorities in May after he shoved and verbally abused a referee in a game for Basaksehir.Turan joined Basaksehir last season on loan from Barcelona, where he had largely endured an unhappy spell on the bench after joining from Atletico Madrid.0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

Takeaways: The Joes rediscover some chemistry in Sharks’ win over Ducks

first_imgSAN JOSE — The Sharks will have to pack some warm clothes for their upcoming three-game road trip that goes through Edmonton, Calgary and Denver, Colorado.But they’re leaving behind the baggage of a three-game losing streak, which ended Thursday with their 4-2 win over the Anaheim Ducks. Brent Burns broke a 2-2 tie with a goal at the 10:21 mark of the third period, as he celebrated his 1,000th career NHL regular season game in style.Still, it was a predictably ragged affair, with the rust of …last_img

WAC is Still Growing, Launch News Coming Soon

first_imgTags:#apps#mobile#news sarah perez The Rise and Rise of Mobile Payment Technology Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech …center_img The Wholesale Applications Community (WAC) is an allegiance of telecommunications firms and others working together to create a common mobile platform. The goal of the group is to simplify the mobile application process for developers, allowing them to deploy mobile apps across all member networks simultaneously. Or more simply put, it’s an effort to build a global mobile app store.Now the group has just added 10 new members. And more importantly, it says that it will announce details of its commercial launch in a matter of days.WAC, which formed at last year’s Mobile World Congress, was initially composed of 24 mobile operators. At the time, many doubted whether or not this “global app store” approach would arrive in a timely enough fashion to truly compete with the growing juggernaut that is the iTunes Store, not to mention newer competitors like the Android Marketplace, which now hosts approximately 200,000 apps itself.But later in the year, WAC partnered with JIL (the Joint Innovation Lab), an organization with similar goals. When the merger completed, WAC released the WAC 1.0 specification, based on JIL’s specs. Apps using this new standard will be able to launch in all WAC members’ app stores, the group said.Now, in advance of the announcement regarding WAC’s commercial launch plans, the organization has again added members. The 10 new additions bring the total count to 68. Today’s new members include Adobe, Amdocs, Eyeline, HP, IBM, Minigate, Neustar, Panasonic, SAP and SanDisk.“Each company will bring its own unique level of expertise that will support WAC in providing solutions that will accelerate and expand the market for applications and provide greater choice for consumers,” the organization said by way of its press release.Commercial Launch Plans Revealed Next WeekThe bigger news, however, is that WAC will finally announce its commercial launch plans at next week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. In attendance will be several CEOs from its member organizations.As a reminder, some of the notable names on its member list include Accenture, Ericsson, Huawei, Intel, Qualcomm, Samsung, Alcatel-Lucent, Fujitsu, LG Electronics, Aplix, LiMo, Oberthur, Opera, Oracle, ZTE and, of course, dozens of mobile operators.Will WAC being launching at Mobile World Congress perhaps? How many developers will soon embrace WAC 1.0? Will WAC be able to compete with Apple and others? We’ll know more next week -stay tuned. Related Posts Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagementlast_img read more

Design for Disassembly

first_imgWill changes only come with new regulations?For automobiles, it took an EU directive to push the change. This is likely to be needed in the construction industry, since the end-of-life costs are not tied to the same entity doing the new construction.But the market forces of opportunities may continue to lead the way in developing technology, innovative builders who are pushing the envelope. Cradle to Cradle, (still) a new way of thinking. Designing homes for a nomadic populationThe benefit is easily defined. For while we are enamored with the image of a permanent domicile, the average American will move 11.7 times during his or her lifetime. We are a nomadic population, only we don’t bring our tipis with us. Instead, we leave old behind and expect our “new” homes is to have updated technology and style.If buildings were built with isolated components, they could be more easily refurbished. There is also a strong market demand for temporary housings – for mining or natural gas extraction sites, for Granny Pods, emergency housing for natural disasters. What if these could be sent out as a kit, assembled in a week and used for up to 5 years before they are reconditioned and re-used?Questions of “if” can generally be resolved. If there is a will, there is a way. Already in 1908, Sears showed us how houses can be designed, shipped and built from a “kit,” the IKEA version of house building. One has only to look at the pre-assembly of roof trusses, advances in panelized construction, and the prefab home industry to see that many of the components are already in place.But rather than prefabricating the entire home, and then shipping the assembled shell – a very expensive and unwieldy proposition – a kit can be sent out for site assembly. This would include one layer which is the “lifetime” structure, perhaps designed to look like timber framing, only built out of engineered wood. Then an envelope layer, similar to a SIPs, with cam-lock gaskets to pull it all together. These can be prefinished both on the interior and exterior, and stacked on a truck. Cabinetry can be hung on wall-mounted hardware with a posi-lock attachment; demising walls can be locked into position and pressure locked into place. Floors might be pre-finished hollow-core pre-cast. In fact, there are pioneering firms who are already exploring this concept, such as Bensonwood in New Hampshire.Off-site manufacturing has the advantages of building in controlled environments, to tight tolerances, and gaining efficiencies of process planning. When combined with computerization and modular design, it also makes it easier to customize and allow for owners to make their own changes throughout the life of the building. But it can also address the bigger question of embodied energy, of effective use of materials, and of addressing market demand for change. How long should a house last?Discussions of end-of-life disassembly bring into question the anticipated service years of a building. This is not currently a design parameter for residential builders. At one point when I was working on a life-cycle analysis problem, I contacted a bunch of production residential builders for their design service life. They hadn’t ever even posed that question. We don’t have any idea how long we anticipate the house to serve in its current configuration, nor do we prepare for eventual adaptive use.Exterior surfaces are now considered dated after 20 years or so, and HVAC equipment wears out or becomes obsolete in around 10 years. But the end of life of the building structure can be anywhere from the mortgage life of 30 years (one would hope) to over 300 years.One NAHB study notes that framing and structural systems were expected to “last a lifetime.” Whose? In “Designing for the Long Now,” we discussed the need for this shorter term service elements to be accessible for easy repair. The same could be said for cars. For example, spark plugs – often a $5 part with a $100 service charge for labor, because they are buried under the windshield wiper fluid tank. But I digress… or do I?Could the wiper fluid tank have been designed in a different place? Or in buildings, could our electricity be designed to NOT be buried inside all the walls? Or the insulation co-mingled with the structure? Could the components be separated? Is there a benefit? An environmental hazard avoided – or a value gained? These are very different design criteria, and could trigger some very innovative solutions. Vera Novak writes the Eco Build Trends blog and is currently earning her PhD in Construction from Virginia Tech. In his seminal book “Cradle to Cradle,” designer William McDonough advocated that objects should be designed with the end in mind. This has been codified by the EU End-of-Life Directive, which has improved upon the traditional recycling of cars as junk, or co-mingled material. Not only does this help prevent pollution and make vehicle dismantling and recycling more environmentally-friendly, but it also provides an incentive to automobile manufacturers to reduce the use of hazardous substances, and clearly label and identify vehicle components for recovery and reuse. Producers cover the costs of collection – i.e., the last owner does NOT pay for the disposal of the car.Imagine if this were the case in construction — even “just” in the residential industry. As with any new idea, there would be immediate pushback: “Can’t do – houses are not cars.” No, indeed, cars have to provide weather protection, lighting, heating, and cooling … within a moving object. Only mobile homes have that stringent a requirement, but the majority of housing is not so constrained.last_img read more

ICC World Cup 2011 countdown begins

first_imgSouth African cricket players, Morne Morkel, left, and Dale Steyn pose with the ICC Cricket World Cup Trophy in the Dubai Aquarium & Under Water Zoo to mark the 100-day countdown to the opening ceremony for the Cricket World Cup 2011, Dubai, UAE, Tuesday November 09, 2010.The 100-day countdown for the 2011 ICC Cricket World Cup began in Dubai on Tuesday. The trophy for the tenth edition of cricket World Cup was displayed by South African players Morne Morkel and Dale Steyn at the Dubai Aquarium. The South African and Pakistani teams after concluded their five-ODI series in Dubai on Monday joined fast bowlers Morkel and Steyn as the duo unveiled the trophy. The trophy for World Cup 2011 was launched in a rather innovative manner. Steyn and Morkel went underwater to unveil the coveted trophy amidst sharks and other sea creatures at the aquarium. Talking to media at the ceremony, International Cricket Council (ICC) chief executive Haroon Lorgat said, “It was spectacular to watch the 100-day countdown ceremony and the ICC and the three host countries are gearing up for the World Cup.” The 43-day tournament will be jointly hosted by India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. The opening ceremony of the World Cup will be held in Bangladesh capital Dhaka on February 17 and the first will be played two days later. The final match will be held in Mumbai on April 2.last_img read more