Vedanta to work together with Niti for Odisha district

first_imgNew Delhi: Vedanta Ltd on Tuesday said it has collaborated with government think-tank Niti Aayog to help improve the quality of life of the people of Kalahandi district of Odisha. NITI Aayog and Vedanta will work together to assist the district by reviewing and co-creating strategic action plans to improve lives of local communities through interventions in health and nutrition, education, financial inclusion, skill development and basic infrastructure related aspects as defined in aspirational districts mandate under the overall development policies of the state government, the company said in a statement. “Vedanta Ltd signed a Statement of Intent (SoI) yesterday with NITI Aayog to help improve the quality of life of the citizens of Kalahandi district, Odisha, through their CSR fund as part of Aspirational Districts’ initiative,” the company said.last_img read more

Hiking onstreet parking rates and pedestrianising markets part of the plan

first_imgNew Delhi: The Supreme Court-appointed EPCA has suggested hiking surface parking rates and pedestrianising markets in a plan prepared for a pilot project to decongest roads in Lajpat Nagar, Krishna Nagar, and Kamla Nagar. Last week, the apex court had directed the Environment Pollution (Prevention and Control) Authority (EPCA), civic bodies and the Delhi government to explore how radio frequency identification (RFID) tags can be used for effective parking management in the city and to submit the plan for the pilot project in two weeks. Also Read – After eight years, businessman arrested for kidnap & murderEPCA chairperson Bhure Lal said the plan was ready and it was discussed in detail at a meeting on Tuesday. “The meeting discussed the total number of vehicles and where can we accommodate them. Which areas will be pedestrianised? Where will be the surplus vehicles shifted?” he said. The markets will be pedestrianised. The emphasis will be on stack and multi-level parking systems, he said. “To promote multi-level parking, we have suggested increasing the rates of on-street parking. Multi-level parking will be cheaper,” the EPCA chairperson said. Also Read – Two brothers held for snatchings”The EPCA is also exploring technological solutions like RFID tags and software applications to prevent unauthorised parking. We will see which technology is cost-effective and hassle-free and then take a final call,” Lal said. Additional Commissioner of South Delhi Municipal Corporation Randhir Sahay said the SDMC will hold meetings with traffic police, resident welfare associations, and market associations starting Wednesday on how the plan will be implemented.last_img read more

Neil Young plans archival website of music career

first_imgAdvertisement Advertisement Neil Young recorded his 1976 acoustic album Hitchhiker in a single day, but until now fans could only dream of getting their hands on it. Young is putting the finishing touches on a massive archival website of his music. (Darryl Dyck/The Canadian Press) Advertisement Twitter “The musical information found here is a work in progress, always growing and adapting to new information as we find it,” he wrote.While the musician didn’t say when the website would launch, he timed it with another big reveal — news that his 1976 acoustic album Hitchhiker would finally be made public on Sept. 8 after more than four decades in the vaults.Hitchhiker releaseRecorded at a Malibu studio in a single day, Hitchhiker is one of several elusive “lost albums” in Young’s repertoire, and the musician hinted that other unreleased albums will appear in his archive “once they are completed.”Hitchhiker features two never-released tracks, Hawaii and Give Me Strength, and early versions of songs like Pocahontas and Powderfinger, which later appeared on his 1979 album Rust Never Sleeps.The album’s title track arrived on streaming music services and in digital stores on Friday.New site will use Young’s streaming serviceYoung plans to launch the archival website using his new high-fidelity streaming music service Xstream, which he says gives listeners music at the highest quality their network allows.The musician has been an enthusiastic supporter of high-quality audio in an era which has favoured the convenience of muddy-sounding MP3s and low bit rate streaming audio files.center_img Login/Register With: Neil Young is putting the finishing touches on a massive archival website focused on his storied music career.The Toronto-born rocker teased fans on Friday with a message outlining plans for the Neil Young Archive, “a living document” that he says will provide an interactive timeline of his entire discography.‘Work in progress’Starting with his first single in 1963 and running through to his most recent recordings, Young says the website will cover “every single, recorded track or albums I have produced” along with a collection of “credits, memorabilia, films or videos, press and photographs.” LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Facebooklast_img read more

Bouchra Hajij elected head of Volley Ball federation

first_imgSalé – Bouchra Hajij was elected president of the Moroccan Royal Federation of Volley Ball (FRMVB) during the elective general assembly held on Sunday at the royal institute of training for sports and youth executives.Hajij, the only one to stand as a candidate, was unanimously elected for a four-year mandate (2014-2018) in substitution for Mohamed Aziz Benchekroun who did not finish his mandate (2012-2013).Bouchra Hajij becomes the first women to lead the Moroccan Federation for Collective Sports.last_img

Lack of funding threatens relief efforts in Chad warns UN agency

25 May 2010The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned today that a lack of funding is threatening its emergency operations in Chad, where two million people are at risk of hunger. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) warned today that a lack of funding is threatening its emergency operations in Chad, where two million people are at risk of hunger. Drought and pest infestation has slashed food production in the country, with cereal production estimated to have dropped 34 per cent compared to 2008, according to FAO.The agency’s emergency operations expert, Fatouma Seid, said FAO has only been able to mobilize $2 million of the $11.8 million it requested last November for agricultural emergency operations in Chad as part of a UN inter-agency appeal. “It means FAO will only be distributing 360 of the 11,286 tons of seeds we had been planning to issue to farmers for their next harvest,” she said. “We’d aimed to distribute 6,000 tons of animal feed too, but can only manage 413 tons.” FAO’s Global Information and Early Warning System on food and agriculture said last week that the food situation is deeply worrying in parts of the Sahel where more than 10 million people are at risk of hunger. A death rate of about 31 per cent for cattle was reported last year in western and central areas of Chad while significant livestock deaths were occurring in some parts of Mali. The situation is particularly serious in neighbouring Niger, where some 2.7 million people will need food aid this year while an additional 5.1 million people in the country were considered at risk of food insecurity. FAO has raised about $14.5 million for Niger, where emergency relief operations include Government sales of subsidized cereals, comprehensive feeding by UNICEF and WFP, and the distribution of animal feed, seeds and fertilizer by FAO. “Donors are afraid of a repetition of the 2005 food crisis in Niger, when many people starved to death,” Ms. Seid stated. “In comparison, there’s less awareness of what’s happening in Chad, although the situation there is just as critical.” UN relief chief John Holmes is today wrapping up his assessment of the current challenges in Chad, including food security and malnutrition. He visited three nutritional centres in western Chad and interviewed mothers and children on their living conditions and causes of malnutrition. The UN Children’s Fund (UNICEF) says that 102,000 severely malnourished children in Chad will need life-saving treatment this year. Malnutrition is the underlying cause for half of the deaths among children under five in the country. In January, the UN’s Central Emergency Response Fund (CERF) allocated $3.8 for rapid response to the food and nutrition crisis. The humanitarian appeal for Chad is expected to be revised in June and indicate the overall requirement for the response to the crisis. Mr. Holmes, who is also UN Emergency Relief Coordinator, next heads to neighbouring Sudan to get a first-hand look at the humanitarian situation there, especially in the strife-torn region of Darfur. According to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), some $3.7 billion – or 36 per cent of the overall requirement of $10 billion – has been contributed in response to the 20 consolidated appeals launched for 2010. These resources meant the humanitarian system could respond to new emergencies – notably in Haiti which amounted to one-third of all appeal funding to date this year – and to continue meeting urgent needs in protracted crises, OCHA’s Elisabeth Byrs told reporters in Geneva. While grateful for the continued generosity of donors, especially in light of the impact of the global financial crisis on governments’ humanitarian budgets, she stressed the importance of additional contributions given the significant funding shortfalls for a number of appeals. Of the 20 appeals, 14 are currently funded below 40 per cent of requirements, with some barely reaching 20 per cent – such as those for Yemen, the occupied Palestinian territory, Guatemala and several West Africa appeals. read more

Kenya UN agency voices alarm over refugee camp safety following deadly clashes

At a press briefing in Geneva, UNHCR spokesperson, Adrian Edwards, told reporters that a series of “sporadic disturbances” at Kakuma had already claimed the lives of eight refugees from Burundi, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and South Sudan over the past week. According to the agency, the violence began last Tuesday when reports of the attempted rape of a refugee child sparked fighting among rival groups of South Sudanese youths, leading to the death of one person. The situation further degenerated over the weekend when youths went on a rampage after another child was hit by a motorcycle taxi. The driver, a Burundian refugee, was set upon by the crowd and sustained machete wounds to the head and arms. Mr. Edwards noted that fear of the violence spread throughout the camp, prompting many refugees to move their families to nearby police posts until security personnel could calm the situation and conduct a thorough weapons search. However, he added, the situation deteriorated once again yesterday morning when four more refugees were killed. “Together with the Kenyan authorities, we are continuing to work with the refugees to restore calm, and appealing for calm and peaceful coexistence among all communities in the camp,” Mr. Edwards continued. Kakuma has been described as a “melting pot” as it provides shelter for 180,000 refugees from more than 20 countries. At the same time, UNHCR warns that it is perilously overcrowded and additional land for expanding the camp is “urgently needed.” read more

Theres A 10 Percent Chance Of A ThreeWay MLB WildCard Tie

After all three teams lost Wednesday, the New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals and San Francisco Giants remain locked in a three-way tie for the National League’s two wild-card slots. Our prediction model, which is based on a simulation that uses each team’s Elo rating, gives New York a 75 percent chance of grabbing at least one of those two slots, with St. Louis at 62 percent and San Francisco at 59 percent.1There’s also a slim chance — 4 percent — that either the Pirates or the Marlins sneaks into a wild card. But what are the odds all three end up tied after the final game of the regular season, thereby triggering a crazy three-game sprint to the Division Series?Elo assigns a 3 percent chance that the Cardinals, Mets and Giants have the same record on Oct. 2. However, it also projects that there’s a 0.5 percent chance a three-way tie could include the Pirates, Marlins, Rockies or even the Dodgers, if San Francisco somehow chases them down for the NL West title. Add it all up, and there’s about a 3.5 percent chance of a three-way tie in the NL.What might surprise you is that, although the NL has three teams tied right now, the odds of a three-way tie in the AL are almost double those of a tie in the NL. The AL’s possibilities are more varied; most include some combination of Toronto, Baltimore, Houston and Detroit, with other, more exotic combos that also involve the Mariners, the Yankees and even division leaders such as the Red Sox and Indians (if they botch the season’s final week and a half). No single AL trio is more likely than the NL’s Cardinals/Mets/Giants combo — the AL’s most likely is Baltimore/Houston/Toronto with a 1.1 percent chance of occurring — but because there are more viable contenders, the sum of all the various permutations comes out to a 6.2 percent probability of some three-team tie happening.In any event, today’s odds of 3.5 percent in the NL and 6.2 percent in the AL imply a 9.6 percent chance that we’ll see a three-way tie somewhere.2Multiplying 96.5 percent by 93.8 percent — the respective chance of each league not having a three-way tie — and subtracting the result from 100 percent yields 9.6 percent. There’s also a 0.2 percent chance that both leagues will have three-way ties. If we do, MLB’s tiebreaking rules are going to be a treat for those who love geeking out over strategies and hypotheticals.Say Mets/Cardinals/Giants does happen in the NL. In that case, the Cardinals would have top priority among the three (because of their superior intradivision record over the Mets and head-to-head-record over the Giants) and host a game for one of the wild-card slots. But the fun really begins in determining their opponent. The Mets have the next-highest priority, and they could choose to play on the road against St. Louis and, if they lose, play on the road again versus San Francisco in the next tiebreaker. Or they could let the Giants travel to St. Louis for the first tiebreaker game, then face the loser in a do-or-die contest at home.As Jayson Stark wrote Thursday morning, no team has chosen to slice its tiebreaker chances in half by taking the single-home-game option instead of having two cracks at it on the road, if necessary.3New York wouldn’t need the second try if it won the first tiebreaker against St. Louis. The Mets’ injury-riddled staff is in such shambles, however, that the team might ponder it. Elo would give New York a 73 percent chance of winning at least one of two road games against the Cardinals and Giants with top two starters Noah Syndergaard and Steven Matz4Assuming Matz is available after an injury knocked him out in late August. This calculation also is based on the assumption that the Cardinals and Giants trot out a starter as good as the average of their respective rotations for these tiebreaker games. on the mound — if it can manage to set its rotation enough for that 1-2 punch — compared with only a 55 percent chance with Syndergaard starting one game at home. But burning through two starters could leave the Mets with a subpar starter on the hill — and as low as a 45 percent chance of winning the wildcard game.5Assuming the Mets use their worst starter, Robert Gsellman, against St. Louis or San Francisco. Compelling, but probably not enough to justify giving up the 18 percentage point difference between having two tiebreaker chances6Again, if necessary. and just one.Of course, that’s all assuming the 3.5 percent chance of a three-way tie even becomes a reality. A two-way tie is far more in the realm of possibility — 30 percent likely in the AL, and 22 percent in the NL — but right now it’s only about 50-507Based on a 36 percent chance of some tiebreaker in the AL and 25.3 percent chance in the NL, there’s a 47.8 percent chance that neither league produces a tie to be broken with an extra game and a 7.9 percent chance that things get really wild and both teams need at least one extra game (using the same kind of calculation we used for the chance that neither league has a tie.) that we’ll see any tiebreaker at all, despite how the standings look currently. Still, that’s a lot higher than the 1.4 percent chance of one before the season. read more

PSImining – The Digital Mine at AIMEX

first_imgPSI presents PSImining the first time to a professional audience at AIMEX in Sydney, September 6-9 on stand 4307-02. PSImining is the first factory-level SCADA system that integrates all mining processes and security features into one fully integrated system which provides interdisciplinary supervision, control and high-level-automation to mine operators. PSI Production will install a sample CCC (Central Control Centre) at the AIMEX exhibition revealing the world’s first system which can be considered as the ‘Digital Mine’: All important mine operation processes and sub-processes will be integrated into one central factory-level SCADA with a high performance human/machine interface. Live demonstrations of daily situations will show the integrated supervision, control and automation of coal mining, tunnelling, product-flow optimisation (conveyors), mine-infrastructure, material logistics, security, people-tracking, maintenance, etc. managed by one single SCADA system. PSImining offers with such integration unimagined possibilities for high-level improvement and automation of processes in the mine combined with a considerable increase of worker safety. Due to precise and flexible reaction of unforeseen events as well as dynamic scheduling of workforce for operation and maintenance, PSImining contributes to improving the efficiency of the existing equipment and thus increasing the output of mines reaching double-digit percentages.PSI AG develops and integrates complete solutions, on the basis of its own software products, for the management of energy networks (electricity, gas, oil, heat, water), cross company production management (metals, automotive, mechanical and plant engineering, mining, logistics) and infrastructure management for transport and safety.last_img read more

ASOBAL First round Convincing wins for Barca and Ciudad

← Previous Story Jerome Fernandez in THW Kiel! Next Story → Poland: Kielce, Kwidzyn and Wisla at the top! First round of ASOBAL didn’t give us opportunity to write about some unpredictable results.  F.C Barcelona and Renovalia Ciudad Real deserved a points without pressure against average rivals. Barcelona was better against Torrevieja 34:”5 and team of Talant Duyshebaev celebrated win over Antequera 34:24, without Jerome Fernandez who moved to THW Kiel. Second part of “Big Four”, Ademar Leon and BM Valladolid also took easy points.Granollers : Aragon 32:32 (15:16)Barcelona : Torrevieja 34:25 (15:16)Ademar Leon : Naturhouse La Rioja 30:21 (14:12)Puerto Sagunto : Toledo 31:24 (16:12)Cuenca 2016 : Quabit Guadalajara 31:31 (19:14)Alcobendas : Arrate 27:26 (13:13)Valladolid : Amaya Sport 39:25 (20:12)Ciudad Real : Antequera 34:24 (15:14) ASOBAL League read more

Four arrested in connection with Philip Seymour Hoffman drugs report

first_imgFOUR PEOPLE HAVE been arrested in connection with drugs found at the home of film star Philip Seymour Hoffman following his death of an apparent heroin overdose, the New York Daily News reports, citing unidentified police sources.The arrests came during a raid on a building in the Chinatown district of Manhattan after police traced the heroin believed to have killed the Oscar-winning actor there, the newspaper reported.A New York City Police Department spokesman told Reuters that officers found narcotics at the building in Chinatown and four people were arrested. He declined to confirm that the arrests were related to Hoffman’s death.A second police spokesman told Reuters on Tuesday evening that heroin found in Hoffman’s apartment following his death was not cut or mixed with fentanyl, a synthetic narcotic believed by health authorities to be responsible for scores of overdose deaths in recent months.“There was no fentanyl found in the drugs,” the spokesman said.The 46-year-old actor was found unresponsive on the bathroom floor of his Manhattan apartment on Sunday by emergency services responding to an emergency 911 call.Police found Hoffman with a syringe in his arm and recovered plastic bags containing a substance believed to be heroin. Law enforcement sources have told Reuters that he died of an apparent drug overdose.Preliminary results of an autopsy were expected to be released on Wednesday.Hoffman, who is survived by his partner, Mimi O’Donnell, and their three children, had detailed his struggles with substance abuse in the past.The actor, who earned an Academy Award for his portrayal of Truman Capote in the 2006 drama “Capote” and was considered one of the most gifted film stars of his generation, had sought treatment last year after more than 20 years of sobriety.A representative for Hoffman said the actor, who also appeared in such blockbusters as Twister and The Hunger Games, would be buried in a private memorial service, with a memorial planned for later this month.Copyright 2014 Thomson Reuters/ Click for Restrictions.Read: 900 kilos of cocaine, €70k and luxury watches found in floating backpacks in the sealast_img read more

MCU News Missing Hawkeye The Truth about Captain Marvel and More

first_imgDon’t worry bro @renner4real we got you #hawkeye #infinitywar @Avengers @MarvelStudios— BossLogic (@Bosslogic) March 17, 2018OK, that’s better. It’s only fair that Hawkeye gets something like this after being snubbed by the real poster. But what if it had the other Avengers on it and was much more hastily photoshopped?Via Reddit/ProbastyWe’re definitely getting somewhere, but we need more emotion. A good movie poster needs to evoke an instant emotional connection with the film. Still no love for Hawkeye. [ by: ThaiPosterFanMade]#Avengers #InfinityWar— Popcornography (@PopCorn_Media) March 17, 2018Yeah, that’s the stuff. Powerful. Avengers: Infinite Bro-Hugs is going to kill at the box office. We might just have it there, but another fan went in a different direction. What if Hawkeye didn’t need to be added to the poster? What if he was already there? We’ve just been looking in the wrong place. Stay on target James Gunn Once Again Directing ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3’Dark Phoenix Trailer Released & More Marvel Movie News It’s a busy time for Marvel fans. Many of us were already deep into our MCU rewatch before Avengers: Infinity War when the new trailer dropped on Friday. (I’m halfway through Phase Two!) Now, an entire weekend has gone by, and we’ve all had plenty of time to pour over every detail in that trailer. We all think we have an idea of the meaning behind each shot. If you’re right there with us, chances are you’ve noticed a few Avengers missing from the movie’s promotional materials. For instance, take a look at the poster.Avengers: Infinity War poster (Photo via Marvel)It’s a pretty sweet poster. All the major heroes from every movie so far in some kind of fighting stance, and standing under the looming figure of Thanos. But… someone’s missing. Someone who’s been around since the first Thor. Someone with a bow. Yes, this poster has a concerning lack of Hawkeye. Jeremy Renner is nowhere to be seen in any of the trailers, nor on this poster. His name isn’t even in that block of credits on the bottom. That’s a real rough way to treat one of the original five Avengers. Sure, he hasn’t had his own movie, and unlike Black Widow, nobody’s really clamoring for one, but still! He deserves more than this.Fans of the movie have picked up on Marvel’s egregious mistake, and are doing everything they can to fix it. Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. for those who cant find hawkeye in #InfinityWar poster, here you go— acapbob (@m0hdashraff) March 17, 2018There he is! Now, don’t you ever leave us like that again, OK Legolas? You almost gave Tony an Arc Reactor attack.Ant-Man (Photo via Marvel/Disney)Hawkeye isn’t the only superhero missing from the trailers, though. The trailers prominently feature one of Marvel’s lovable rogues, but the other is nowhere to be found. Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man has yet to make an appearance in any Infinity War trailer. Some think that’s because his role in the film may have… shrunk. There are a ton of superheroes in this movie, and not all of them are going to get equal screen time. That may mean that Scott Lang doesn’t get to see a whole lot of action in this one. But even if that is the case, don’t worry. Not only is he getting a whole movie in July, Fansided reports he may have a bigger role in the next Avengers.“We knew that because we had two films, Avengers 3 and 4, that in one movie we could push people to the forefront but then we could pull back in the second film and push other characters to the forefront who had less screen time in the first movie,” co-director Joe Russo said. This movie is the last big hurrah for the Avengers as we know them. For some actors, it may be their last Marvel movie altogether. It’s only natural they should get slightly more focus than the characters who still have a solo film or two in the pipeline. If Ant-Man makes a small (hehe) appearance in Infinity War, it only means he’ll be much more important in Avengers 4.Then there’s the somehow still ongoing question of Captain Marvel. Last week, we thought we heard pretty definitively that she wasn’t going to be in Avengers: Infinity War. That she filmed some scenes, but they were cut. That she would first get a full introduction in 2019’s Captain Marvel, before joining the fray in Avengers 4. Well, that might not have been entirely true. Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Joe Russo finally, we hope, answered the question once and for all.“We have some great female characters in this, Captain Marvel is in it, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch… umm… we have Wakanda coming in – there’s a whole group of characters coming from the Black Panther universe,” he said. There it is. He said it; Captain Marvel is in this movie. And just so there are no more questions, he added: “We’re really, really proud of being able to introduce Captain Marvel in this one.” In this one. Not in Avengers 4, not in Captain Marvel, in this upcoming movie. It’s confirmed from the director’s mouth himself; we’re going to see Brie Larson as Captain Marvel in Avengers: Infinity War. Now, let’s hope that puts the back-and-forth to bed for good.Avengers (Photo via Marvel Studios)One thing the interviewer hit on that really is incredible when you think about it is the sheer amount of superheroes in this movie. It’s even more impressive when you realize they all come from very different movies with wildly varying tones. A Guardians of the Galaxy movie is very different from an Iron Man movie, which is very different from a Thor or Captain America and so on. How do they put all that together and still end up with a coherent movie? A lot of collaboration.According to Comic Book, the directors of past Marvel Cinematic Universe had some input into how certain characters were handled, and what kind of tone their scenes would take. The Russo Brothers sought input from James Gunn for scenes featuring the Guardians of the Galaxy, Taika Waititi for Thor, Ryan Coogler for Black Panther, and Peyton Reed for Ant-Man. That sounds really smart. You don’t want these characters to seem like completely different people just because new directors are at the helm. The Cinematic Universe thing only works if you feel like you’re watching the same characters all the way through. I can’t think of a better way to accomplish that than to seek out the directors who’ve spent the most time on each individual hero.“I would say collectively, everyone in the Marvel Universe has been involved in this movie. We’re very close with all the directors. We love them all. We have a lot of conversations with people constantly. We had a lot of talking with Taika, because that movie [wasn’t] finished, and he had to execute things on set that we needed real information about tonally, about the direction it was going in,” Joe Russo said. “As far as how we’re working, we’re working in a real collaborate, united artists approach to the movie, in respect to hearing where people are taking their characters.”He said the director they talked the most with was Black Panther’s, Ryan Coogler. Because they were shooting at the same time, and Black Panther came out only a few months before Infinity War. “There was a lot of cross-collaboration there,” Russo said.last_img read more

Junior Firpo reveals Real Madrid connection

first_imgReal Betis defender Junior Firpo revealed his father is a Real Madrid fan and they always used to watch the games together, amid reports of a potential moveThe Spain U-21 international’s impressive displays at Betis have caused reports to emerge of a potential transfer to Real.It’s understood that Los Blancos are willing to pay for Firpo’s €50m buy-out clause to sign him from Betis as a long-term successor to Marcelo.“I’m closer to Real Madrid as my father is a Madridista,” Junior told Spanish TV channel Cuatro, via Football-Espana.FC Barcelona, Valencia CFMatch Preview: Barcelona vs Valencia Boro Tanchev – September 14, 2019 Is derby time in La Liga, as Barcelona welcomes Valencia to the Camp Nou Stadium tonight at 21:00 (CET).“We watched them on TV when we first arrived in Spain and for that reason I’ve always felt stronger about them.”Firpo is contracted at Betis until June 2023 and has scored three goals in 15 La Liga appearances.Premier League champions Manchester City along with Arsenal have also been linked with moves for the 22-year-old.last_img read more

Maurice Bakley Tapped As FierceMarkets President

first_imgThe leadership change has been in the works since at least early November, giving both Griffey and Bakley ample time to prepare for the transition. “We are also looking at our Lifesciences group, which was our fastest growing group this year,” he says. “We’ve added in a new editor for MedicalDevices and we’re going daily with that publication, really looking to build out a new market segment for Fierce in the medical devices area. I’m seeing a lot of expansion and adjacencies that are big potentials for us moving forward. I also think because of our strength in email and digital media, we’ve got an opportunity to translate that into the real world, if you will.”Bakley says that FierceMarkets will look at new opportunities to expand face-to-face events, particularly in things like life sciences and healthcare.“It’s been a whirlwind,” says Bakley. “We’ve had to step back and ask ‘What do we need for the future?’” FierceMarkets, a division of Questex Media Group, has tapped a new president to lead the company—current COO Maurice Bakley will step into this new role beginning January 3. Current president Sean Griffey will leave the company to start a new B-To-B media company of his own, Industry Dive.“I’m really excited for FierceMarkets and Maurice, who has been a key part of the company for the last 5 plus years,” says Griffey. “FierceMarkets itself has had a great growth story and is primed to do more. It will be a great time for me and for them.”While Griffey wouldn’t disclose many details about his new company, the Web site for Industry Dive positions itself as a news dashboard for the construction, marketing, legal, K12 educational, utility and retail industries.“Industry Dive makes it easy to stay connected,” its Web site says. “News, Social, Jobs, and the Market—we provide dashboards for where and when you need it. Everyone’s got a smartphone, but not everyone uses it as a business weapon.” Additionally, FierceMarkets plans to raise the frequencies on a few publications, including FierceHealthIT and FierceHealthPayer. “In terms of Fierce, we’re coming off an awesome year here,” says Bakley. “We’ve had a new launch into a new vertical, being energy, and it has been successful and we’ve hired some great new talent.”The new president says the company hired an editor-in-chief for its healthcare group, a reflection of the need for senior leadership as the division has continued to grow. The group has also added a new vice president of audience development, Sabrina Ican, who Bakley says is an expert in leadgeneration and online marketing.last_img read more

HARD Events Founder Gary Richards Announces New LA Festival

first_img Avett Brothers, Mavis Staples Hit Moon River Fest Pharrell Williams and Green Day’s Billie Joe ArmstrongPhotos: Email Kirk FranklinPhoto: Erika Goldring/ The 1975 perform at Scala in LondonPhoto: Joseph Okpako/Getty Images Babymetal’s Su-metal and MoametalPhoto: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Carl CoxPhoto: Future Music Magazine/Getty Images Who’s Helping Celebrate The National’s Homecoming? More Music Festivals Carl CoxPhoto: Future Music Magazine/Getty Images Twitter Willie NelsonPhoto: Jeff Vespa/ Avett Brothers, Mavis Staples Hit Moon River Fest Global Citizen Festival Announces All-Star Lineup Music Festivals 2018: Big Ears Experimental Fest Anoushka ShankarPhoto: Raajessh Kashyap/Hindustan Times/Getty Images Babymetal’s Su-metal and MoametalPhoto: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images HARD Events Founder Gary Richards Announces New L.A. Festival Lucy DacusPhoto: Timothy Hiatt/ The National’s Matt BerningerPhoto: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images Independent Venue Week Will Honor Music Hot Spots The 1975 perform at Scala in LondonPhoto: Joseph Okpako/Getty Images Rocklahoma 2018: Have You Seen The Lineup? Mija (Amber Giles)Photo: Nicholas Rhodes/Getty Images Kygo at Electric Forest 2014Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Music Festivals 2018: EDC China Lineup Announced Who’s Headlining Air + Style Festival 2018? Willie Nelson’s July 4th Picnic Lineup Babymetal’s Su-metal and MoametalPhoto: Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images Paramore Announce Lineup For Parahoy! Cruise Firefly Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Mija (Amber Giles)Photo: Nicholas Rhodes/Getty Images Music Festivals 2018: Big Ears Experimental Fest Gary Richards Announces “All My Friends” Festival hard-events-founder-gary-richards-announces-new-la-festival The 1975 perform at Scala in LondonPhoto: Joseph Okpako/Getty Images Festival Lineup For Electric Forest 2018 ParamorePhoto: Heidi Gutman/Getty Images BjorkPhoto: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images Kirk Franklin To Host Exodus Music & Arts Fest Paramore Announce Lineup For Parahoy! Cruise Lineup Unveiled For ULTRA 2018’s RESISTANCE Stages Kirk FranklinPhoto: Erika Goldring/ Kirk FranklinPhoto: Erika Goldring/ Armin Van BuurenPhoto: El Pics/Getty Images BjorkPhoto: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images The HARD Events founder and former LiveNation exec is bringing a new installment of his AMF brand to L.A. Brian HaackGRAMMYs Apr 11, 2018 – 1:36 pm Business has been good for Gary Richards in 2018. Since parting ways with LiveNation – as well as his brainchild production company HARD Events, of which LN owns a controlling share – in Sept. 2017 to take over as President of North American events for LiveStyle, he has acted quickly to establish his new flagship events brand “All My Friends.” First up: a new summer music festival set to take place in downtown Los Angeles.Richards has been expertly teasing the rollout for the AMF brand with a series of activations and smaller events, first teeing up the inaugural voyage of Friend Ship cruise festival – which has already sold out almost a year before the event dates – then hosting a marathon day party during Miami Music Week under the “All My Friends” banner that kicked off at 5 a.m. and ran until midafternoon.The dance festival czar’s latest project will continue to expand his LiveStyle footprint with All My Friends Festival Los Angeles, set to take place in the large outdoor venue ROW LA (which L.A. natives might recognize as the home of the Smorgasburg weekly farmer’s market).The two-day event’s official lineup is still forthcoming, but the press release announcing the new venture promises three stages packed with futurebass, R&B and top tier hip-hop acts.All My Friends Festival Los Angeles will take place Aug. 18 – 19. Early-bird presale tickets will go on-sale on Apr. 12 at 9 a.m. Pacific. Music Festivals 2018: EDC China Lineup Announced Kirk Franklin To Host Exodus Music & Arts Fest News Anoushka ShankarPhoto: Raajessh Kashyap/Hindustan Times/Getty Images Phase 2 Lineup Announced For ULTRA 2018 Mija (Amber Giles)Photo: Nicholas Rhodes/Getty Images Firefly Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Paramore Announce Lineup For Parahoy! Cruise Which Music Festivals Are You Going To In 2018? London’s Brand New Music Fest: All Points East The National’s Matt BerningerPhoto: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images Jack WhitePhoto: Yui Mok – PA Images/Getty Images FischerspoonerPhoto: Steve Mack/Getty Images Ultra Music Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Keith Urban To Perform At SXSW 2018 Anoushka ShankarPhoto: Raajessh Kashyap/Hindustan Times/Getty Images Willie Nelson’s July 4th Picnic Lineup Phase 2 Lineup Announced For ULTRA 2018 Who’s Headlining Air + Style Festival 2018? Martin GarrixPhoto: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Jack WhitePhoto: Yui Mok – PA Images/Getty Images Who’s Playing At The 2018 ROTR Festival? FischerspoonerPhoto: Steve Mack/Getty Images Pharrell Williams and Green Day’s Billie Joe ArmstrongPhotos: Lineup Unveiled For ULTRA 2018’s RESISTANCE Stages ZeddPhoto: Taylor Hill/Getty Images Independent Venue Week Will Honor Music Hot Spots The Weeknd Photo: Johnny Nunez/ Global Citizen Festival Announces All-Star Lineupcenter_img Rocklahoma 2018: Have You Seen The Lineup? Mavis StaplesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Keith UrbanDia Dipasupil/Getty Images Martin GarrixPhoto: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Willie Nelson’s July 4th Picnic Lineup Martin GarrixPhoto: Isaac Brekken/Getty Images Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IIIPhoto: Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images The KillersPhoto: Steven Lawton/Getty Images Willie NelsonPhoto: Jeff Vespa/ Ultra Music Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Pharrell Williams and Green Day’s Billie Joe ArmstrongPhotos: Vote: Most Anticipated 2018 Coachella Performance? Ultra Music Festival 2018 Headliners Announced Avett Brothers, Mavis Staples Hit Moon River Fest Willie NelsonPhoto: Jeff Vespa/ Armin Van BuurenPhoto: El Pics/Getty Images Lineup Unveiled For ULTRA 2018’s RESISTANCE Stages Jack WhitePhoto: Yui Mok – PA Images/Getty Images Facebook Who’s Playing At The 2018 ROTR Festival? ZeddPhoto: Taylor Hill/Getty Images Festival Lineup For Electric Forest 2018 BjorkPhoto: Santiago Felipe/Getty Images Carl CoxPhoto: Future Music Magazine/Getty Images The National’s Matt BerningerPhoto: Jason LaVeris/Getty Images Which Music Festivals Are You Going To In 2018? The Weeknd Photo: Johnny Nunez/ The KillersPhoto: Steven Lawton/Getty Images Music Festivals 2018: EDC China Lineup Announced Keith Urban To Perform At SXSW 2018 Lucy DacusPhoto: Timothy Hiatt/ Dirtybird Campout East: 2018 Lineup Announced Catching Up On Music News Powered By The Recording Academy Just Got Easier. Have A Google Home Device? “Talk To GRAMMYs”Read more Festival Lineup For Electric Forest 2018 Rocklahoma 2018: Have You Seen The Lineup? Who’s Helping Celebrate The National’s Homecoming? Keith UrbanDia Dipasupil/Getty Images Mavis StaplesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images Firefly Festival 2018 Headliners Announced The KillersPhoto: Steven Lawton/Getty Images ParamorePhoto: Heidi Gutman/Getty Images ParamorePhoto: Heidi Gutman/Getty Images Who’s Helping Celebrate The National’s Homecoming? Who’s Headlining Air + Style Festival 2018? Music Festivals 2018: Big Ears Experimental Fest FischerspoonerPhoto: Steve Mack/Getty Images The Weeknd Photo: Johnny Nunez/ Who’s Playing At The 2018 ROTR Festival? Vote: Most Anticipated 2018 Coachella Performance? Who’s Playing The Decemberists’ Festival? Who’s Playing The Decemberists’ Festival? Dirtybird Campout East: 2018 Lineup Announced Keith UrbanDia Dipasupil/Getty Images Kirk Franklin To Host Exodus Music & Arts Fest Independent Venue Week Will Honor Music Hot Spots Armin Van BuurenPhoto: El Pics/Getty Images Kygo at Electric Forest 2014Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic Global Citizen Festival Announces All-Star Lineup Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IIIPhoto: Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images Dirtybird Campout East: 2018 Lineup Announced ZeddPhoto: Taylor Hill/Getty Images Lucy DacusPhoto: Timothy Hiatt/ Prev Next London’s Brand New Music Fest: All Points East Ghost’s Papa Emeritus IIIPhoto: Sergione Infuso/Corbis via Getty Images Phase 2 Lineup Announced For ULTRA 2018 Kygo at Electric Forest 2014Photo: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic London’s Brand New Music Fest: All Points East Who’s Playing The Decemberists’ Festival? Vote: Most Anticipated 2018 Coachella Performance? Keith Urban To Perform At SXSW 2018 Which Music Festivals Are You Going To In 2018? Mavis StaplesPhoto: Kevin Mazur/Getty Imageslast_img read more

Apples new iPod Touch gets A10 Fusion chip starts at 199

first_imgApple brings the iPod Touch up to date with the newest release. Apple Apple released a new iPod Touch on Tuesday, saying it makes frequently used features like FaceTime perform better. The device uses Apple’s A10 Fusion chip to boost gameplay and to offer an “immersive AR experience” for the first time on the iPod Touch, according to a statement. The AR feature work across gaming and education apps and web browsing. The device’s chip has most recently has been used in the 2018 iPad. Apple $219 Aug 31 • Best places to sell your used electronics in 2019 Apple iPod Touch 2015 Mentioned Above Apple iPod Touch 2015 (16GB – blue) See it See All Share your voice CNET may get a commission from retail offers. Aug 31 • Your phone screen is gross. Here’s how to clean it Walmart The new iPod Touch is available in space gray, white, gold, blue, pink and red on as of Tuesday and in stores later this week. Prices start at $199 for the 32GB model, $299 for the 128GB version and $399 for the 256GB model. It comes with a 4-inch Retina display, an 8-megapixel camera and a 1.2-megapixel front-facing camera. It runs iOS 12 and includes a headphone jack.”We’re making the most affordable iOS device even better with performance that is twice as fast as before, Group FaceTime and augmented reality starting at just $199,” Greg Joswiak, Apple’s vice president of product marketing, said in a statement. Group FaceTime allows up to 32 people to join a video or audio call over Wi-Fi. Unlike an iPhone, an iPod Touch doesn’t make traditional phone calls or require a wireless subscription.See new iPod Touch at Apple(Note that CNET may get a share of the revenue if you buy anything featured on our site.)The last time Apple updated the iPod Touch was 2015. The revamp made the device more similar to iPhone 6 with an 8-megapixel camera. Apple retired the iPod Nano and the Shuffle in 2017. At the same time, Apple slashed iPod Touch prices and reduced storage capacity options. Originally published May 28 at 5:53 a.m. PT.Update, 6:31 a.m.: Adds background on iPod Touch updates. 3:38 13center_img Thoughts on the Apple iPod Touch refresh • Mobile Mobile Review • Apple iPod Touch review: 2015 specs packed into a tiny 2012 body $132 Aug 31 • iPhone 11, Apple Watch 5 and more: The final rumors Now playing: Watch this: reading • Apple’s new iPod Touch gets A10 Fusion chip, starts at $199 See It Comments Tags Aug 31 • iPhone XR vs. iPhone 8 Plus: Which iPhone should you buy? Applelast_img read more

Its a third historic mistake Owaisi

first_imgHyderabad: Lok Sabha MP from Hyderabad Asaduddin Owaisi on Tuesday termed the Centre’s move as “third historic mistake”. Speaking on the bill to revoke Article 370 in Lok Sabha on Tuesday, Owaisi said in the past two mistakes were committed regarding J&K. One was in 1953 when the then Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru arrested Sheikh Abdullah and the other mistake was in 1987 when the polls were rigged. Also Read – Non-bailable warrant to Congress leader Renuka Chowdhury Advertise With Us Opposing the bill, he said the decision to create two Union Territories in place of a full-fledged state of J&K was not correct. “It is dishonourbale. Are you planning to settle outside people in the Valley the way Israelis [did in certain settlements in West Bank],” asked the MP. Alleging that the ruling BJP had broken a constitutional promise made to the people of Jammu and Kashmir by granting special status under Article 370, he said: “the BJP has definitely lived up to electoral promise in their manifesto, but you have not lived up to your constitutional duties. Removing special status to the J&K state is breach of a constitutional promise.” Also Read – Hyderabad: Wall collapse in Kukatpally damages four cars Advertise With Us The MP countered Union Home Minister Amit Shah’s argument that Article 370 was temporary in nature. Justice Nariman led constitutional bench has made it clear that it was a permanent one,he said. He demanded that the Centre to lift curfew in Kashmir and wanted to know why the people were not allowed to come out if division of J&K is considered as a day to celebrate.last_img read more

Full text of HC verdict on Nganj 7murder likely Sunday

first_imgNarayanganj seven-murder fact file. Prothom AloThe full text of the High Court verdict in the sensational Narayanganj seven-murder cases is likely to be released on Sunday as the judges concerned signed the judgment copy on Thursday, reports UNB.Justice Bhabani Prasad Singha and justice Mustafa Zaman Islam signed the copy of the judgment upholding the death sentence of 15 convicts, including Nur Hossain and three RAB officials, and commuting the penalty of 11 others to life in prison.On 22 August 2017, the High Court upheld the death sentence of 15 convicts, including Nur Hossain and 3 RAB officials, and commuted the penalty of 11 others to life term jail in two cases filed over the seven murders.The court also upheld various jail terms of nine others in the cases.Those awarded the death penalty were former Awami League leader Nur Hossain, commanding officer of RAB-11 in Narayanganj lieutenant colonel Tareque Sayeed Mohammad, then company commander of RAB-11 major Arif Hossain and lieutenant commander Masud Rana, habildars Enamul Haque, AB Md Arif Hossain, lance naik Hira Mia, Belal Hossain, soldiers Abu Tayeb Ali, Abdul Alim, Alamin, constable Md Shihab Uddin, SI Purnendu Bala, Mohiuddin Munshi and Tazul Islam.The lifers were soldiers Asaduzzaman Nur, Ali Mohammad, Mizanur Rahman Dipu, Raham Ali, Abul Basar, Mortuza Jaman Charchil, Selim, Sanaullah Sana, Sah Jahan, Jamal Sardar and Enamul Kabir.Also, lance naik Ruhul Amin, soldier Nuruzzaman, constable Babul Hasan, ASI Abul Kalam Azad, ASI Kamal Hossain, Moklesur Rahman, constable Habibur Rahamn were sentenced to 10 years’ imprisonment each and ASI Bazlu Rahman and soldier Nasir Uddingot seven years each .A court of Narayanganj on 16 January 2017 sentenced 26 people, including three sacked Rab officials and ex-city councillor Nur Hossain, to death and nine others to different jail terms in the two cases filed over the murder incident.On 27 April 2014, Narayanganj panel mayor Nazrul Islam, his three associates and driver were abducted from Fatullah area of Narayanganj.At the same time, senior lawyer at the district judge court Chandan Kumar Sarkar and his driver were abducted on their way to the capital.Three days after their abduction, the bodies of six of them, including Nazrul and Chandan, were recovered from the Shitalakhya river.The following day, the body of Nazrul’s car driver Jahangir was recovered from the river.Later, Selina Islam Beauty, the widow of Nazrul Islam, filed a case against six people while lawyer Chandan Sarkar’s son-in-law filed the other case.last_img read more

Former President George HW Bush Eager For Doctors OK To Leave Hospital

first_img Share Former President George H.W. Bush is complimenting the medical workers helping him recover from an infection at Houston Methodist Hospital. But he said that once doctors give him the OK to leave, “I’m outta here.”Quite moved by this announcement by @MethodistHosp. The atrium is beautiful, but recent developments notwithstanding I have not taken up residence here. The doctors, nurses and support staff are so nice, but the second I get the green light I’m outta here.— George Bush (@GeorgeHWBush) May 3, 2018The 93-year-old Bush was admitted to the Methodist on April 22, the day after attending the funeral for his wife, Barbara. The pair were married for 73 years.Bush tweeted on Thursday that everyone at the hospital has been “so nice,” and that he was especially moved when a three-story atrium at the hospital was named to honor him and his late wife.But he jokes that he doesn’t want people to think he’s “taken up residence” at the hospital.Family spokesman Jim McGrath has said the nation’s 41st president has been regaining his strength.last_img read more

Kol Dock System of KoPT flags off first train of containers to

first_imgKolkata: The Kolkata Port Trust has taken a significant stride in simplifying the transhipment process from Kolkata to Nepal by substantially reducing the documentation process. KoPT chairman Vinit Kumar on Friday evening flagged off the first train of containers from Netaji Subhas Dock under the new system.The facility, which was first adopted at Visakhapatnam Port has been extended to Kolkata Port on request from the Nepal government. Under this system, the Indian Customs have waived the requirement for a Nepal’s importer of filing a Customs Transit Declaration (CTD) at Kolkata Customs. The entire documentation for transit of container is provided by the shipping line and Nepal’s traders are not required to exchange an interface with the Indian Customs. The import for Nepal’s traders is expected to be seamless. Earlier, a Nepal importer had to send seven original documents to get the cargo cleared from the Kolkata Port. This has been reduced to one document that is electronically transmitted. The Indian Customs seals the containers using the Electronic Cargo Tracking System (ECTS) and containers are evacuated from the port to Nepal by rail. The GPS enabled ECTS-seals are used to track the containers throughout its journey till Nepal. “The new process greatly reduces time and the end-to-end cost for Nepali traders (roughly per container savings of $200). The volumes of Nepal imports through Kolkata are expected to see an increase after the adoption of this process,” a senior KoPT official said.last_img read more

2 billion deficitThe

2 billion deficitThe allegations of "smoke-and-mirrors" budget balancing that critics lobbed at Pawlenty during his tenure will undoubtedly be a focus of attacks Minnesotans will witness this summer and fall.

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imitate the launch procedures they’d heard about and,S.However. leading them to publicly identify Brech as the suspect in Verstappen’s killing at a news conference last week. read more