Past the finishing line

first_imgRace 1 1200 M (Purse $500,000) NB4-Y-O & UP MAIDEN SPECIAL WEIGHT 1. #1 DRAGLINE WHenry 55.0 2. #5 SURE STEP DaneNelson 55.0 1-1/4 *3. #4 JASON’S GOLD JJackson 55.0 6 – 1/2 4. #6 CATCH THE FLIGHT DBadaloo 55.0 3 – 1/2 WIN: $ 96.00 Final Time : 1:15.2 Splits : 23.0, 46.4, , Winner : 4yo colt – LEGAL PROCESS out of VICTREEBEL by DAWN QUIXOTE Trainer : PARSARD,IAN S Owner : IAN S PARSARD Bred by MICHAEL BEECHAM Quinella : (1,5) $141.00 Exacta : (1-5) $289.00 Trifecta : (1-5-4) $107.00 Race 2 1400 M (Purse $590,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($450,0-$400,0)/NB5YO – (NW4) 1. #1 TRADITIONAL STORM AndrePowell3 54.0 *2. #7 SCOOP JORDYNE OnBeckford4 51.0 1-3/4L 3. #4 GENUINE FRIEND JPatterson2 50.0 1L 4. #8 TITANIC JErwin 54.0 1-1/4L WIN: $314.00 PLACE: $151.00, $76.00, $222.00 Final Time : 1:28.2 Splits : 24.4, 48.2, 1:13.4, Winner : 5yo b colt – TRADITIONAL out of BRAINSTORMING by STAR ATTITUDE Trainer : DAVIS,KINGSLEY O Owner : RENFORD G SIMPSON Bred by CARL D. ANDERSON Quinella : (1,7) $439.00 Exacta : (1-7) $1,028.00 D/E : (1-1) $535.00 Superfecta : (1-7-4-8) $12,133.00 Race 3 1000 M (R) (Purse $500,000) 5YO&UP CLM($180,0)-NOT EARNED $120,0 SINCE OCT. 21 1. #8 DUTCHROW ARobles 53.5 *2. #3 BEAST AndreePowell3 52.0 1-1/4L 3. #1 DANISH BROWN OEdwards2 51.0 1-3/4L 4. #4 WAR CHIP HLewis 49.0 Sh.Head 5. #9 SINK THE BISMARCK AChatrie 52.5 3/4L WIN: $289.00 PLACE: $128.00, $87.00, $444.00 Final Time : 1:03.0 Splits : 23.3, 48.4, , Winner : 7yo b horse – NATURAL SELECTION out of HEDIA’S PROSPECT by FORTUNATE PROSPECT Trainer : RICHARDS,LANCE P Owner : LANCE P RICHARDS Bred by EVERGLADES FARMS LTD. Quinella : (3,8) $697.00 Exacta : (8-3) $1,767.00 D/E : (1-8) $3,542.00 Superfecta : (8-3-1-4) $108,139.00 Rolling Triple : (1-1-8) $9,023.00 Race 4 1100 M (Purse $500,000) NB4-Y-O & UP MAIDEN CONDITION RACE – F&M *1. #4 SILVER SLIPPERS WHenry 55.0 2. #10 PROFILE JPatterson2 52.0 2L 3. #9 RUBY ROSE DaneNelson 55.0 2-1/4L 4. #8 LADY V RMitchell 53.0 3-1/2L 5. #7 GET UP AND DANCE PFrancis 51.5 2-1/2L WIN: $69.00 PLACE: $54.00, $58.00, $58.00 Final Time : 1:08.1 Splits : 24.0, 47.4, , Winner : 4yo ch filly – TWILIGHT TIME out of IMAGE OF THE CAT by IMAGE MAKER Trainer : BROWN,ENOS L Owner : DERRICK A MARTIN Bred by DERRICK MARTIN Quinella : (4,10) $251.00 Exacta : (4-10) $201.00 D/E : (8-4) $569.00 Superfecta : (4-10-9-8) $352.00 Rolling Triple : (1-8-4) $5,954.00 Race 5 1500 M (Purse $530,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($250,0-$210,0)/NB5YO-(NW2) & 6YO&UP-(NW4) 1. #8 MEET JUSTIN DaneNelson 54.0 2. #5 MONEYNEVERSLEEP DDawkins2 50.0 3-3/4L *3. #9 BRAVE PROSPECT LSteadman2 55.0 1/2L 4. #1 CHEERS BebHarvey2 54.0 4L WIN: $942.00 PLACE: $169.00, $231.00, $63.00 Final Time : 1:35.1 Splits : 24.2, 47.0, 1:13.0, Winner : 5yo b colt – STORM CRAFT out of DINERO SENORITA by BURNING MARQUE Trainer : CRAWFORD,GARY L Owner : PROPER FIX SYNDICATE Bred by GAYLE, MICHAEL THEOPHILUS Quinella : (5,8) $5,225.00 Exacta : (8-5) $31,913.00 D/E : (4-8) $1,292.00 Superfecta carry-over : $148,380.05 Rolling Triple : (8-4-8) $33,527.00 Race 6 1300 M (Purse $768,000) NB3-Y-O MAIDEN CONDITION RACE 1. #4 MALACHI ARobles 56.0 2. #11 LADY ELI WHenry 54.0 3-1/4L 3. #1 SILVER ROCKET RMitchell 53.0 Neck 4. #2 TWILIGHT STORM HLewis 55.0 Neck 5. #12 MAKHI SMuir 53.5 5L WIN: $525.00 PLACE: $223.00, $169.00, $125.00 Final Time : 1:20.4 Splits : 23.4, 47.4, 1:13.3, Winner : 3yo dk b/br colt – RISING MOON out of ANTIOCH by BURNING MARQUE Trainer : SMITH,GRESFORD A Owner : MR. BOJANGLES Bred by WILLIAM MCCALLA NOTE: HORSE #10 GREAT MANIPULATOR CAME 7TH, BUT WAS DISQUALIFIED AND PLACED 9TH. Quinella : (4,11) $1,081.00 Exacta : (4-11) $6,328.00 D/E : (8-4) $16,096.00 Trifecta : (4-11-1) $4,879.00 Hi-5 carry-over : $118,722.50 Rolling Triple : (4-8-4) $139,363.00 Race 7 1500 M (Purse $560,000) NB5-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE IV(NW3) 1. #9 MARKOFAPRINCE RMitchell 55.0 *2. #10 VICIOUS LOOK OMullings 56.0 3-3/4L 3. #1 SAMORA AndreePowell3 56.0 3-1/4L 3. #4 CAPTAIN GRANVILLE RWilson 54.0 dead heat 4. #3 BIG BUCK AndrePowell3 55.0 3/4L 5. #6 LEGAL ARENA RStewart 54.0 3-1/4L 6. #8 PARTY CITY JasSimpson 52.0 Head WIN: $363.00 PLACE: $91.00, $68.00, $69.00, $89.00 Final Time : 1:35.1 Splits : 24.0, 47.0, 1:13.3, Winner : 5yo gr colt – MARKET RALLY out of PRINCESS K K by ALPHABET SOUP Trainer : ANDERSON,CARL D Owner : CARL D ANDERSON Bred by CARL D. ANDERSON Quinella : (9,10) $549.00 Exacta : (9-10) $1,611.00 D/E : (4-9) $10,028.00 Trifecta : (9-10-1) $653.00 (9-10-4) $3,241.00 Hi-5 : (9-10-1-4-3) $34,811.00 (9-10-4-3-6) $139,229.00 Rolling Triple : (8-4-9) $78,668.00 Super-6 : (1-8-4-8-4-9) $34,195.00 Carry-over : $1,231,020.37 Race 8 2000 M (Purse $530,000) NB4-Y-O & UP RESTRICTED ALLOWANCE V(NW2) 1. #8 CONCLUSION DaneNelson 53.5 2. #5 HEY CHAMP RHalledeen 56.0 2-1/2L 3. #9 DON AMIGO RMitchell 55.0 1L 4. #6 MAJOR FORCE AndrePowell3 52.0 Neck WIN: $449.00 PLACE: $140.00, $96.00, $102.00 Final Time : 2:12.3 Splits : 25.0, 51.4, 1:16.4, 1:43.3 Winner : 4yo b colt – OMMADON out of PRINCESS AKEEM by MAVERICK Trainer : GRIFFITHS,GARY J Owner : DENNIS G WILLIAMS Bred by PHILIP A. AZAR Quinella : (5,8) $1,000.00 Exacta : (8-5) $2,237.00 D/E : (9-8) $4,267.00 Superfecta : (8-5-9-6) $13,082.00 Rolling Triple : (4-9-8) $134,560.00 Race 9 1200 M (Purse $500,000) 3-Y-O & UP CLM($180,0)/NB6YO&UP – (NW3) 1. #6 TURBO MACHINE AndrePowell3 51.5 2. #3 MAGIC CITY SBlake 52.0 1-1/2L 3. #14 RAY RAY JAnderson 53.0 3L 4. #12 CAPTAIN DJ BebHarvey2 55.0 1-3/4L 5. #11 KING NEBARUE OEdwards2 53.0 2-3/4L 6. #5 DA JACKAL LSteadman2 55.0 1/2L 7. #13 DR. DEAREST RStewart 55.0 3L 8. #2 PERFECT GOLD ARobles 53.5 3-1/2L 9. #4 ALEXANDER RHalledeen 54.0 29-1/2L DNF #8 WILLINSTON JPatterson2 53.0 99/1 DNF #10 MANDEYA JJackson 56.0 *9/5 Late scratch : #7 TIMEFORACAT, #9 THE SALESMAN WIN: $633.00 PLACE: $244.00, $230.00, $136.00 Final Time : 1:17.0 Splits : 23.3, 48.1, , Winner : 7yo dk b/br mare – ZAHAAZEH out of POWERFUL DEVICE by SCHISM Trainer : FORSYTH,GREGORY S Owner : MICHAEL L FRANCISMR Bred by JAMES B. CHEN Quinella : (3,6) $3,111.00 Exacta : (6-3) $8,292.00 D/E : (8-6) $9,863.00 (8-9) $396.00 Trifecta : (6-3-14) $12,975.00 Hi-5 Carry-over : $76,069.50 Rolling Triple : (9-8-6) $80,621.00 Pick-4 : Carry-over : $684,749.00 Super-6 : (4-8-4-9-8-6) $35,650.40 (5 OF 6) Carry-over : $2,407,484.62 Pick-9 : (1-1-8-4-8-4-9-8-6) $134,827.00 (7 OF 9) (1-1-8-4-8-4-9-8-6) $4,815.50 (6 OF 9) Carry-over : $863,786.70 PlacePot 8 : Carry-over : $344,194.50last_img read more

A Poem for Dad

first_imgDad, words are insufficient to express the void createdSince your departure from God’s green earthThirty three years ago come Sunday November 10, 2013Far too often, we find ourselves in retrospectOf those wonderful, fatherly cherished memoriesYou so dearly and lovingly crafted on our mortal minds.“Dad” Father to the fatherless“Duke” He who seeks and addresses humanity issues“Sec” The renowned Civil Servant and world class DiplomatYour physical absence from this earth, has left us yarning the aboveOur craving for those beautiful attributes of yours intensifies everydayJust the thought of having you as a parent makes life more bearable.Your generosity gives true meaning to the word “Philanthropist”Your dedication to us brings the two word phrase “family value” aliveYour devotion to faith, mankind and principles has made this generationPractice and emulate the actual role of what a God fearing individual shouldYour physical absence makes bold your spiritual presence everyday   Because you are never far from our thoughts, your guidance is always our road map.This poem is a dedication to the late premier indigenous Secretary of State Momolu DukulyCommemorating his thirty third year death anniversary since he departed this Earth.From your beloved daughter Bintu Fatumatta Dukuly, his son Osmon Dukuly his, grand children; Margaret Dukuly, Velma Steele, Romelle Omi   Moore, and Amadou Dukuly great grand children; Lukas Momolu Zaleskis and Ronan Amadou Moore.  And the rest of the family.May you rest in eternal peace and may light perpetual be yours till we meet again.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

China, Liberia Agree on All-round Partnership

first_imgBEIJING, Nov. 3 (Xinhua) — Chinese President Xi Jinping held talks with President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf in Beijing yesterday during which they agreed to establish an all-round cooperative partnership between the two countries. “China attaches great importance to the ties with Liberia, and is willing to make joint efforts with the Liberian side to build a comprehensive cooperative partnership,” Xi said during the talks at the Great Hall of the People, highlighting the significance of close interactions to enhance mutual understanding between the two nations. According to an Executive Mansion dispatch from China, Xi said China stands ready to boost cooperation with Liberia on infrastructure, shipping, farming and fisheries, industrial capacity, and manufacturing to realize sustainable development in the country and turn its abundant natural resources into outcomes that benefit the Liberian people. Xi, the dispatch said, proposed that the two sides increase exchanges on medical care, education, culture and mass media to lay a social foundation for bilateral relations. Hailing the “historic victory” by the Liberian government and people in the fight against the Ebola epidemic, Xi said China is glad to have made a contribution to the victory. Xi pledged that the Chinese government will provide a new round of aid for the three most affected countries in West Africa, namely, Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, to support their post-Ebola reconstruction and help them improve their public health system. In combating Ebola, China provided assistance to 13 countries in and around the affected areas with a total amount of 120 million U.S. dollars and sent over 1,200 medical personnel and experts to the affected countries. President Sirleaf, who is on a state visit to China from Nov. 1 to 5 at Xi’s invitation, voiced her gratitude for China’s support in Liberia’s struggle against Ebola. She described China as a reliable friend of Liberia. Liberia cherishes the traditional friendship with China, Sirleaf said, adding that Liberia will stick to the one-China policy and further cement the friendship on the basis of mutual respect, equality and reciprocity. As Liberia is in an important period of development, Sirleaf said she hopes to learn China’s experience and looks forward to closer cooperation with China in various areas. During Tuesday’s talks, Xi said China is willing to boost security cooperation with Liberia and help the country improve its capability to maintain stability. “We are willing to increase coordination and cooperation with Liberia on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, peace and development in Africa, and other issues to safeguard the common interests of the developing countries,” Xi added. Xi said China and Africa are “a community of shared destiny” as well as “a community of share interests.” “The unity and cooperation with African countries is always a cornerstone of China’s foreign policy,” said the Chinese president. As a summit between China and African countries, within the framework of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, is slated to take place on Dec. 4 and 5 in South Africa, the two presidents pledged joint efforts to make the summit a success.After the talks, the two presidents witnessed the signing of three governmental deals, involving visa facilitation, economic and technology cooperation, and shipping. Prior to the talks, Xi held a red-carpet ceremony to welcome President Sirleaf.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Lassa Fever Outbreak in Margibi Claims 2 Lives

first_imgDr. Pajibo: “We’re taking the situation lightly, but we’re sure it will not get out of hand”Margibi County Chief Medical Officer Dr. Myer Chea Pajibo has revealed an outbreak of Lassa Fever in the County, which up to press time last night is reported to have claimed at least two lives.According to the Liberia News Agency (LNA), Dr. Pajibo made the disclosure at a press conference on the compounds of the C. H. Rennie Memorial Hospital in Kakata on Tuesday.He told newsmen that the two victims are one male, 56, and a female, 43, but did not reveal their names, neither did he expose the community in which they died. However, he warned residents to be aware of a pending health crisis should the situation escalate.The two confirmed cases, Pajibo said, were identified in the County on May 4 and 7, 2018, at the C. H. Rennie Memorial Hospital.The cases are from two separate districts (kakata and Gibi) respectively, without any epidemiological link established so far.According to Dr. Pajibo, the report shows that the male victim and his wife traveled to Toma Town in Bong County, to attend the funeral of their grandchild, who suddenly died from a “fever of unknown origin.”Hospital authorities are yet to locate the taxi driver who reportedly transported the couple to Bong County.At present, the County’s medical authorities have so far traced 55 contacts since the outbreak was reported.About the diseaseLassa fever, also known as Lassa hemorrhagic fever (LHF), is a type of viral hemorrhagic body fever caused by the Lassa virus. Many of those infected by the virus do not develop symptoms.The disease is usually spread to people via contact with the urine or feces of an infected multimammate, (rat) etc., a WHO research has shown.Ministry of Health Director of Communications Sorbor George could not confirm nor deny Dr. Pajibo’s revelation. But he told the Daily Observer via mobile phone that, “we’re on health tour in the Southeast, specifically in Sinoe County, so I cannot speak to that report right now. All I know and I can tell you is that the sector has in place mechanisms to contain any outbreak, having learned from the Ebola experience of 2014 and 2015 respectively.”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more

Rangers’ Shanahan gets out of hospital

first_imgShanahan stayed down for about 10minutes with his eyes closed. He was fitted with a neck brace and strapped to a board before leaving the ice. There is no timetable for Shanahan’s return. Knuble broke the orbital bone and cheekbone on the right side of his face in the violent collision. He will undergo surgery in the next few days once swelling decreases. Edmonton sent defenseman Marc-Andre Bergeron to the NewYork Islanders for defenseman Denis Grebeshkov and a 2008 third-round draft pick. FOOTBALL: Brett Favre will have ankle surgery in the next few weeks, and Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy says the three-time MVP will have plenty of time to recover for minicamps. The San Diego Chargers finished the first round of interviews for their head coaching vacancy when they met with New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gary Gibbs. TENNIS: Defending champion Andy Murray won his second career title, neutralizing Ivo Karlovic’s big serve to win a thrilling SAP Open final 6-7 (3), 6-4, 7-6 (2) in San Jose. Amelie Mauresmo won a $1.3million diamond-studded racket trophy, beating Kim Clijsters 6-4, 7-6 (4) in the final of the Diamond Games tournament in Antwerp, Belgium. Gilles Simon won his first career title, beating seventh-seeded Marcos Baghdatis 6-4, 7-6 (3) at the Open 13 in Marseille, France. WINTER SPORTS: Austria won the team competition title in Are, Sweden, and finished with nine medals, the most at the slalom World Championships. SWIMMING: Natalie Coughlin set an American pool record in the 200-meter freestyle with a time of 1minute, 58seconds at the Missouri Grand Prix in Columbia, Mo. Coughlin added a win in the 50 freestyle, finishing in 25.22, topping second-place finisher Amanda Weir by a half-second. Michael Phelps, who broke his own world record one night before in the 200 butterfly, won both races he entered Sunday, the 200 freestyle and the 400 individual medley. Phelps had to come from behind in the medley race, overtaking second-place finisher Ous Mellouli in the final 25 meters. He finished in 4:11.3. Phelps won the 200 freestyle in 1:46.47. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! “It didn’t hurt, that’s for sure,” Rangers coach Tom Renney said. “It was good to see him standing up.” The 38-year-old left winger suffered a concussion when he slammed into Philadelphia’s Mike Knuble during the third period of New York’s 5-3 loss to the Flyers on Saturday. center_img New York Rangers forward Brendan Shanahan was released from the hospital Sunday, one day after he was knocked unconscious and taken off the ice on a stretcher. Then he made a surprise visit to New York’s dressing room about an hour before the club’s 2-1 victory over the Chicago Blackhawks. last_img read more

VVC ends trying year on a rare high note

first_imgThen there were the frequent weekend closures of I-15 into the High Desert, which made travel more laborious. If that weren’t enough, the Rams were forced to play their final three home games of the season at Apple Valley High School after a pipe burst and warped the gymnasium floor. Moving games was one thing, but the Rams also had to scramble just to find a place to practice. “There were days we didn’t have a place to play,” Dudgeon said. “I drove around with a rack of balls in my car for a few weeks.” The top performer for the Rams was sophomore point guard Andrew Ellis, who earned first-team All-Conference honors. Keegan Hoover and Eli Thornton earned honorable mention. COYOTES HOST OLYMPIANS Cal State will host a reception and fundrasier from 5:30 to 7p.m. Friday in the Founder’s Room at Coussoulis Arena Friday. Featured guests will be Julie Smith, a member of the 1996 gold medal U.S. women’s softball team; Nick Theodorou, a resident of Rialto and former player in the Dodgers organization who competed for the Greek Olympic team in 2004; and John Carlos, a bronze medalist in the 200-meter dash in 1968. The event, which will precede the Coyotes basketball doubleheader against Dominguez Hills, is open to the public but reservations must be made by calling (909) 537-3076. COYOTE DIAMOND HONORS Cal State San Bernardino baseball player Tim Montoya is the CCAA pitcher of the week for Feb. 12-18. Montoya threw a shutout against Cal State Monterey Bay, giving up just four hits, walking one and striking out four. He needed just 107 pitches and retired 11 of the last 12 batters he faced. In softball, outfielder Michelle Calderon earned player of the week accolades. She hit .600 for the week (6-for-10) with two home runs, two doubles, four RBI, six runs scored and five stolen bases. Calderon is hitting .385 with a team-high 15 hits, 12 runs, eight RBI and 10 stolen bases this season. BULLDOGS SALUTED Two athletes from the University of Redlands have been named to the Association of Collegiate Water Polo Coaches Association All-Academic team. Those players are junior David Mills and senior Alex Strand. Mills scored 15 goals, six assists and 11 steals. He is majoring in business and carries a 3.62 GPA. Strand totaled 13 goals, 27 assists and 12 steals and boasts a 3.21 GPA in international relations. RCC GETS TOP HONORS Riverside Community College has been rewarded for its finish atop the Orange Empire Conference in men’s basketball. Coach John Smith, who previously headed the program at San Bernardino Valley College, earned coach of the year honors while sophomore Jerrell Smith (Ontario HS) was named co-player of the year after averaging 11.5 points and 6.2 rebounds per game. Emmanuel Jones and Mookie Pierre also were named to the first team while sophomore Rodney Yearby was named to the second team. 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! “I felt good that after all these kids went through we were able to end it on a positive note,” Dudgeon said. “They handled everything that came their way with a great attitude.” The Rams struggled before the season started as five players left the program for different reasons. center_img Victor Valley College men’s basketball coach Tom Dudgeon would just as soon forget this past season after several factors contributed to a 7-23 overall record and a dismal 2-12 mark in Foothill Conference play. The Rams, however, finished with back-to-back wins over Rio Hondo (67-61) and Mt. San Jacinto (77-74). The win over the latter was impressive because the Eagles were the preseason conference favorite as well as the No. 1 team in the state. That loss to the Rams likely was a factor in Mt. SAC not making the playoffs. last_img read more

AC to face Inter in Chinese-owned city derby

first_imgThe last time the two Milan giants clashed in the Derby della Madonnina was back on April 15, after Li Yonghong completed his takeover of AC Milan to put both city sides under Chinese ownership.It was a dramatic game with Cristian Zapata’s equaliser deep into injury time grabbing a crucial point, which kept Milan in the running for a Europa League spot.Both teams — who share the San Siro Stadium on the western outskirts of Italy’s industrial and financial capital — have seen their fortunes decline in recent years.Inter Milan’s Antonio Candreva kicks the ball during their Italian Serie A match against Spal, at San Siro Stadium in Milan, on September 10, 2017 © AFP/File / MIGUEL MEDINABut for the new Asian owners it’s payback time on their multi-million euro investments with Milan’s last Serie A title in 2011 and Inter hitting a barren run since the 2010 treble.While unbeaten Inter are riding high just two points behind leaders Napoli after seven games this campaign, Montella’s side have already notched up three losses, most recently at home to Roma two weeks ago.After the international break the next three weeks will be make or break for Montella with seven games on the trot including Juventus on October 28 and Europa League action against AEK Athens.“The derby is fundamental,” warned coach Montella as Milan look to close a seven-point gap on Luciano Spalletti’s side. “We need to win by any means, with a convincing performance would be better but it would also be alright even with an own goal.“We need to be more cunning than against Roma.”– ‘Stamp mark’ –Inter Milan midfielder Antonio Candreva — who scored the crucial goal in Italy’s World Cup qualifying win in Albania — believes he can again make the difference.Napoli Dries Mertens (C) celebrates after scoring a penalty kick during their Italian Serie A match against Cagliari, at San Paolo stadium in Naples, on October 1, 2017 © AFP/File / ALBERTO PIZZOLI“I hope I can score a decisive goal this time,” said Candreva, who scored a brace in last season’s derby fixture.“Goals scored with the national teams can give us confidence, but are now forgotten.“We know it’s an important game, and are preparing for it as such. We want to stamp our mark on the championship starting with this important match to keep Milan at bay.”Leaders Napoli travel to Roma and champions Juventus host Lazio on Saturday before next week’s Champions League fixtures in Europe.Napoli have a maximum 21 points from seven games with Roma six points adrift but with a game in hand.“It’s a direct clash for the top places,” said Roma midfielder Lorenzo Pellegrini of the duel between last season’s second and third-place sides at the Stadio Olimpico.Pellegrini missed Italy duty with Macedonia and Albania, but returns this weekend.“I’ve been fine for the past few days, I’ve been back with the group and the pain has disappeared. I’m ready for Saturday.”Despite Napoli’s charge this season, Juventus’s new French recruit Blaise Matuidi believes the Turin side will have the staying power once again.“I’m not surprised to see Napoli so high, they’re getting better. They will stay with us until the end, but the season is long and I’m sure that Juventus will eventually win the title.”In mid-table clashes, Fiorentina host Udinese, just one place below them in 12th, as SPAL travel to Bologna and Crotone host Torino.Cagliari host Genoa in Sardinia while Benevento travel to Verona, with both teams still looking for their first three points of the season.Fixtures (all times 1300GMT unless stated)SaturdayJuventus v Lazio (1600), Roma v Napoli (1845)SundayFiorentina v Udinese (1030); Bologna v SPAL; Crotone v Torino; Sampdoria v Atalanta; Cagliari v Genoa; Sassuolo v Chievo; Inter Milan v AC Milan (1845)MondayVerona v Benevento (1845)0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today) 0Shares0000AC Milan’s head coach Vincenzo Montella shouts instructions during their Italian Serie A match against Udinese, at the San Siro stadium in Milan, on September 17, 2017 © AFP/File / MIGUEL MEDINAMILAN, Italy, Oct 13 – Vincenzo Montella will be in the firing line as AC Milan look to kick-start their season against city rivals Inter in the highly-anticipated derby of the Chinese-owned sides on Sunday.The clash takes on even more significance as both teams are now under Chinese ownership — Inter on the payroll of the Suning Group and Milan, the Rossoneri Sport Investment Lux Group.last_img read more

Arsenal FC news: Wenger confirms extra rest for key players following Euro 2016

first_img1 Olivier Giroud and Mesut Ozil are two players who have yet to report to training Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger will give a number of his key players time off to “regenerate” before the new season – even if it limits his options for the opening Premier League game against Liverpool.While the likes of Theo Walcott, Per Mertesacker, Gabriel, Francis Coquelin and even Jack Wilshere – just a couple of weeks after England’s exit from Euro 2016 – have reported back to London Colney, Wenger is determined to afford extra holiday to those who have endured a busy summer schedule.Wales midfielder Aaron Ramsey, German playmaker Mesut Ozil and French duo Olivier Giroud and Laurent Koscielny have all been granted an additional break following a draining European Championship campaign.It remains to be seen how long it will take Alexis Sanchez to recover from the ankle injury he sustained in helping Chile win the Copa America in the United States.Wenger, though, insists he will not risk the long-term impact of those returning internationals over the course of the 2016/2017 campaign, the start of which is now only a matter of weeks away.“You consider the rest time because France had a long, long go and I believe that they need four weeks’ holiday because they need to recover from that,” Wenger told Arsenal Player.“It takes you two or three weeks to regenerate… to recover completely, and they need to come back with hunger. That disappointment to lose a final, it takes some time to recover from that.“I believe the club benefits from experiences at the top level, and the mental experiences as well that they have gone through with such a huge pressure. Of course, in the longer term you benefit from that.”Arsenal are set to kick off their pre-season preparations with a friendly away at Lens on July 22, before heading out to the United States for a short two-match tour of San Jose and Los Angeles.Wenger’s squad have further warm-up games against Viking FK in Norway and then meet Manchester City in Sweden before their domestic campaign opens against Liverpool at the Emirates Stadium on Sunday, August 14.last_img read more

Mystery blob eating downtown

first_img They returned at 1 p.m. to find a Slimer-like ooze lurking beneath central Los Angeles. “We were called back because there was a gooey substance, a tarry-type substance, coming out the underground electrical vaults, out of manhole covers in the street, through the sidewalks and possibly in one older apartment building,” Myers said. A 120-foot stretch of Olive buckled 1 1/2 feet, he said. The pre-1933 unreinforced masonry apartment building shifted one foot from its foundation. Sidewalks were as hot as Jacuzzis. And a pressurized liquid shot from every street orifice located above what used to be a historic oil field downtown. No one was injured in what amounted to a black lagoon. Hazmat and Urban Search and Rescue crews determined that the mysterious substance wasn’t flammable, Myers said. “Incident commanders are evaluating some form of drilling operation one or two blocks away as the possible cause,” he added. “They told us to get out from the building, because, probably, I don’t know, anything could happen. The basement was flooding,” resident Mary Robles told KABC-TV, Channel 7. By late afternoon, the American Red Cross had set up an evacuation center for the 150 adults and 50 children forced to flee the stuff of nightmares. “We’re opening a shelter,” said Nick Samaniego, spokesman for the Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles. “We’re looking for a place to put them.” Dana Bartholomew, (818) 713-3730 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set! AD Quality Auto 360p 720p 1080p Top articles1/5READ MORECasino Insider: Here’s a look at San Manuel’s new high limit rooms, Asian restaurant “This problem is not a simple fix.” About 200 residents were forced to flee as a hazardous materials team and dozens of firefighters worked throughout the day to identify what was first deemed “a black tarry substance” and later morphed into a “watery mud.” While outside temperatures struggled to break 60, sidewalks in the vicinity steamed at 103 degrees, Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Ron Myers said. “It’s worrisome in the fact that it will keep the street closed and residents will be evacuated till the building is considered safe,” Myers said. Firefighters were alerted at 3 a.m. by complaints of a sewer-like smell at an apartment house at 1220 S. Olive St. near Pico Boulevard, but found nothing. Los Angeles officials were still scratching their heads today over what caused a mysterious black goo to burble from streets downtown, forcing the evacuation hundreds of apartment dwellers. A Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman said investigators had yet to identify the “black tarry substance” more than 24 hours after it erupted at Olive Street and Pico Boulevard. But he said there might be “a correlation” with a petroleum company drilling operation nearby. “The samples we have taken _ this was determined to be (a) nontoxin, nonflammable, nonhazard,” said fire Capt. Ernie Bobadilla. “We’re looking to I.D. the scope of the problem.last_img read more


first_imgNaomh Columba 04.10.2011Well done to our senior team and management, who have set up a county intermediate championship final meeting with St Nauls, after overcoming Naomh Colmcille in last Saturday’s play-off. Final score: Naomh Columba 0.10 Naomh Colmcille 0.07.The finals will take place on Sunday, October 16th. Our reserves contest the semi-final this Saturday, when they travel to O’Donnell Park in Letterkenny to meet Carndonagh. 4.30pm throw-in. Ádh mór to the lads. Returning to league action, and the club play host to Bundoran this weekend.Games are scheduled for Sunday, with 1.30 and 3pm throw-ins at Páirc na nGael. This is our second last home league game this season, and we would encourage a good attendance. Hard luck to the Coláiste na Carraige under 14 panel who suffered defeat in their first outing last week, losing out to Glenties Comprehensive.The school seniors are in action this Friday, when they play host to Carndonagh in the second leg of their first round game. 1.30pm throw-in at Páirc na nGael. Please come along and support. Scór na nÓg: Naomh Columba will take part in the regional heats of Scór na nÓg on Saturday, October 15th, in Gleann Fhinne. We will take part in the recitation, solo singing, traditional music, and quiz team categories, but are still looking for anyone under the age of 17 who would be interested in taking part in a ballad group.For further information contact Caitríona on 086 1970127, or through our facebook page. An underage presentation event, for our under 10 and under 14 teams will take place this Saturday, October 8th, in the Halla Muire, Cashel. Our under 10s will be presented with their medals at 7.30pm, followed by our under 14 presentation at 8.30pm. A disco will follow, and everyone is most welcome. 2011Dinner Dance: we are currently accepting orders for tickets for the 2011 dinner dance, which will be held in the Blue Haven Hotel on Thursday, December 29th. Tickets are unbeatable value, priced at €30 for dinner, music with Na Fianna, and disco. Numbers will be limited, so please get orders in early: contact Noel Ellis, Geraldine Mc Guire, Caitríona Nic Seoin, or alternatively contact us through facebook. Cúrsaí lotto na seachtaine seo caite: Uimhreacha–6-9-11-16. Duaiseanna Aitheantais: €50 Ronan & Ryan Gillespie, Mín an Aoire. €30 Breid Keennedy, Mín an Aoire. €20 John Byrne, Gaineamh. €20 Sarah Connolly, Droim Rua. €20 Anna Mc Brearty, Mín an Aoire.Lotto na seachtaine seo chugainn €5200.GAA NOTES: NAOMH COLUMBA was last modified: October 4th, 2011 by BrendaShare this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:GAA NOTES: NAOMH COLUMBAlast_img read more