CHANNEL 44 NEWS: Mardi Gras Festivities On Franklin

first_imgMardi Gras Festivities On FranklinIt may not be Bourbon Street in New Orleans but the feeling on Franklin Street in Evansville is mimicking Mardi Gras. On Saturday afternoon, food, floats and family fun took over Franklin for the annual Mardi Gras parade. Despite a double-digit…FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmailSharelast_img


first_imgAccording to a new IGD report, consumers will continue to be more careful about spending money in the future even once the effects of the recession have worn off. More than half (54%) said they would be more careful, whereas only 5% said they would be more frivolous, and 39% didn’t think their habits would change.Looking beyond the recession, 26% of consumers asked said they would shop more at farmers’ markets, 23% said they would shop at specialist stores more, and 15% think they would shop less on the high street. The survey also revealed that 37% of consumers expected to be buying more local and regional food by 2012 and 31% expected to buy more Fairtrade products. When it comes to organic foods, 15% expected to buy more, but 11% said they would buy less. Fish looks like it will see an increase in sales, with 26% planning to eat more of it, whereas 21% think they would eat less meat.”Shoppers expect to be more careful in making their choices than today. That doesn’t mean trading down at least according to shoppers. Almost half expect to enjoy a better quality of food by 2012,” said Joanne Denney-Finch, chief executive, IGD. “Shopper predictions don’t always come to pass and companies can always redirect trends, but shoppers are saying that the tide of change is only just under way.”last_img read more

From the cosmos to the cell

first_imgTo the eyes of today’s scientists, nature’s order is emerging in patterns large and small, from the vast cosmic web to the arrangement of genes on chromosomes, authorities from an array of fields said Friday (April 30) at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study.The participants from many nations gathered at the Radcliffe Gymnasium for a daylong science symposium to talk about patterns in the universe, in the body arrangement of diverse vertebrates, of the skeletal and nervous systems, of the brain and gut, among others. Speakers hailed from Massachusetts, California, New York, Germany, and Switzerland.“There are really a large number of patterns found in nature, reiterated motifs that can be found in the natural world. Patterns are critical in nature at all levels,” said Rosalind Segal, senior adviser to the Radcliffe Institute’s science program. Segal is also a neurobiology professor at Harvard Medical School and a member of the Department of Pediatric Oncology at the Harvard-affiliated Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.Harvard-affiliated faculty members who spoke Friday included Segal, who delivered opening remarks, and another senior adviser to the Radcliffe science program, Astronomy Professor Dimitar Sasselov, who delivered closing remarks. Joanna Aizenberg, the Wallach Professor at Radcliffe, Gordon McKay Professor of Materials Science at the Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and professor of chemistry and chemical biology in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, spoke about the “Art of Mineralized Tissues: Are there Any Skeletal Patterns that Nature Did Not Create?” Clifford Tabin, head of Harvard Medical School’s Genetics Department, spoke about “Patterning and Morphogenesis of the Vertebrate Gut.”Volker Springel, professor of theoretical astrophysics at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies in Germany, spoke of patterns in one of the largest contexts that they’ve been detected: the universe.Springel, who did a postdoctoral fellowship at Harvard, highlighted the latest findings about the cosmic web, a universe-wide network of matter, some visible, some not, that ties together the stars and galaxies.The cosmic web is thought to be an after-effect of the Big Bang, which threw matter out almost uniformly in every direction. Slight variations in that uniformity, however, were enough for gravity to begin to pull together material over vast stretches of time, scientists believe, forming larger and larger aggregations that today are visible as planets, stars, and galaxies. Much of that material is invisible, however, forming webs of interstellar matter that ties all those bodies and formations together.“The ultimate force behind all this structure is gravity,” Springel said.The visible material that we think of when we consider the cosmos is actually just a small fraction of what’s out there, Springel said. The heavy elements that make up the planets are just 0.03 percent of the matter in the universe. Stars and black holes make up just another 0.56 percent. Even interstellar hydrogen and helium are just 3 percent, with most of the rest made up of dark matter and dark energy.Using a supercomputer to simulate gravity’s process, Springel created and played a three-dimensional visualization that soared through webs of theorized dark matter and interstellar hydrogen, zoomed in on galaxies, at first starlike and then, as the image drew closer, it grew larger until star-laden arms were revealed, and then the stars themselves.Springel pointed out that there are billions of stars in our own galaxy and billions of galaxies in the universe — plenty of material from which patterns can emerge. The largest known structure is called the Sloan Great Wall and is a collection of 10,000 galaxies a billion light-years from Earth that stretches more than a billion light-years across.“The size of the universe is mind-boggling,” Springel said.At the other end of the spectrum from cosmos-wide patterns are the molecular patterns of DNA. Denis Duboule, chairman of the Department of Zoology and Animal Biology at the University of Geneva and professor of developmental genetics and genomics at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland, spoke about his studies of vertebrate development and the striking patterns in which genes are arranged on the chromosome and activated in the same order as the body parts they regulate: head first, then neck, then back.Duboule outlined studies to illuminate this phenomenon and the operation of the Hox family of genes, which regulate spinal development in vertebrates. He described his own work of adding and deleting Hox genes, which resulted in adding or deleting vertebrae. Much of this developmental process is regulated merely by when it stops, with snakes an extreme example of not having a stop gene to regulate tail development. Consequently, he said, snakes have great variability in their vertebrae, numbering in the hundreds.“The time of activation depends on the position of a gene…. [This] lets us use the linearity of DNA as a morphogenic clock,” Duboule said. “Development is nothing but time.”last_img read more

Two receive V.M. Setchkarev Memorial Prizes

first_imgOlga Zhulina, a graduate student in the Department of Literature and Comparative Literature, was one of two to receive the V.M. Setchkarev Memorial Prize.  Zhulina received her prize for her paper on “The Thief Who Stole Writing: Andrei Sinyavsky’s Dissident Style.” Yael Levine ’09 received the second prize for her undergraduate paper titled “Loving Bazarov: Perspectives on the ‘passionate, sinning, and rebellious … heart hidden in the tomb.’”last_img

Alma mater semi-finalists announced

first_imgThe Presidential Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging has announced a long-list of 20 semi-finalists in the competition to revise the final line of Harvard’s alma mater. These text entries were selected out of a pool of 168 entries by a subcommittee of the Task Force, with input from the Task Force generally. There were no submissions of musical variants for the alma mater.These 20 entries work within the constraints of the rhymes, rhythm, and sense of the existing alma mater lyrics to convey the accessibility and value of the pursuit of truth to people from all backgrounds and to affirm the University’s commitment to inclusive excellence. The University community will be able to comment on these entries from Oct. 1-31, via the Solution Space. Thereafter, a panel of distinguished community judges will select three finalists to forward to the University for selection of the final winner, to be announced before the start of spring semester.While few members of the Harvard community think about the alma mater on a daily basis, a University’s rituals anchor its culture and values. The alma mater is an important element of the University’s repertoire of rituals. It is a living symbol used to welcome each incoming Harvard College class, and to celebrate the conclusion of each class’ journey at Commencement. The Task Force on Inclusion and Belonging launched this competition to affirm that Harvard’s motto, Veritas, speaks to and on behalf of all members of our community, regardless of background, identity, religious affiliation, or viewpoint.The line to be replaced reads, “Till the stock of the Puritans die.” The metaphor of the final line fails in its own aspiration to project a valuable Puritan commitment to education into the future. The line reduces human experience to biology with the word “stock,” and ties the commitment to education to ethnic lineage and to the rise and fall of racial groupings.This is not the first time the alma mater has been altered. In 1998, the lyrics were adapted, also through a community competition, to achieve gender inclusivity. The campus community also no longer employs the middle verses of the alma mater, and has not done so for many years.last_img read more

Saint Mary’s sponsors Halloween-themes festivities

first_imgThroughout the week, Saint Mary’s has celebrated Halloween, beginning on Tuesday, with “Ghost stories at Reidinger” sponsored by the Class Gift Campaign.“Halloween has become a major event at many colleges, even Saint Mary’s is a popular place during Halloween because of the many stories in [Shelly Houser’s book] ‘Quiet Hours.’” College archivist John Kovach said.Kovach used his experience and research to delve into his favorite Saint Mary’s ghost stories on Tuesday night.“I came to personally hear more of the stories that haunt my dorm, Le Mans Hall,” first year Julie Weilbaker said. “It just seems fun to tell ghost stories and drink apple cider.”Director of Student Success Diane Fox also participated in the event on Tuesday, where she told a few silly ghost stories and finished with an audience-participation activity called “light as a feather, stiff as a board” to lighten the mood.On Wednesday night, Residence Life invited students and faculty to a Dorm Trick-or-Treat event from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Students, faculty and their families dressed up in costumes and trick-or-treated in each dorm on campus, Ashley Hall, assistant director of Residence Life, said.Students who signed-up to participate in trick-or-treating placed a pumpkin outside of their room and passed out candy to trick-or-treaters.“I am from the Michiana area and I have no affiliation with the College,” South Bend native Belinda Johnson said. “I just Google searched safe places to trick-or-treat, so I came to Saint Mary’s.”Sophomore Kaitlyn Baker, President of the Residence Hall Association (RHA) said, “The purpose of Trick-or-Treating in the halls is to provide an opportunity for the students to get to know the faculty, outside of their work environment.”“RHA works really hard to make sure everyone feels at home in their residence hall,” Baker said. “Halloween is an event that we don’t want anyone to miss out on, simply because we live on a college campus and not in a neighborhood.“It also provides our Saint Mary’s community with a safe space to trick-or-treat with their families.”“Belle-a-Boo,” sponsored by Student Activities Board (SAB), wrapped up Saint Mary’s Halloween week activities Thursday evening.Sophomore Gina Kraig, the SAB Entertainment co-chair said, “Belle-A-Boo is a fun, school sponsored event to celebrate Halloween.”SAB sponsored this event at Dalloway’s Clubhouse for students to come and paint skulls, watch movies and fill their bellies with chocolate.“It is a great way to meet new people and bond over your favorite Halloween traditions,” Belle-a-Boo participant junior Shannon Schalk said.Tags: Belle-a-Boo, ghost stories, halloween, trick-or-treatlast_img read more

The IDB Asks Latin America to Contribute to a “Marshall Plan” for Haiti

first_imgBy Dialogo January 25, 2010 Paris – The president of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), Luis Alberto Moreno, today called on Latin America and the Caribbean to participate in the launch of a “Marshall Plan” to rebuild Haiti. The Latin American and Caribbean region “can and should play a greater role” in the launch of such a Plan, Moreno said in his address to the Second International Economic Forum – Latin America and the Caribbean 2010 held today in Paris. The disaster in Haiti, “the most vulnerable nation in the region,” Moreno said, “demands an unprecedented response from the international community.” Although concern right now is focused on providing security, food, and shelter to the Haitian victims, “it’s necessary to begin thinking about rebuilding,” he insisted. For this, Haiti needs not only financial assistance, but also technical assistance, according to Moreno, who added that the IDB has already communicated to the Haitian government that 90 million dollars are available for rapid assignment to finance the most urgent rebuilding tasks. In addition, he added, “this year we expect to donate another 128 million dollars to Haiti.” For the IDB, “the enormous challenge of rebuilding Haiti is already underway,” and commitment from the countries in the region is now needed for a task that will take years. According to Moreno, what is important is that solidarity be maintained once the “heart-rending images” of the disaster have disappeared from the media.last_img read more

Travel Diary: Revel In The Majestic Glory Of The Poconos

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Sponsored Content Brought To You By NY Auto GiantThe winter months bring out the ruggedness of your soul. This isn’t the time to take it easy. This is no time to lounge on a beach, soaking up rays. Mother Nature sprays the Northeast in a bountiful playground of snow—so let’s not waste it?!This Travel Diary will take you out of the New York region into Pennsylvania. The Pocono Mountains are a short drive away, but are a world unto themselves, adorned in majestic beauty.We suggest you hop in a car and meander over to the historic Victorian township called Jim Thorpe, located in the Lehigh River Gorge region, known to ski aficionados as the “Switzerland of America.” Jim Thorpe, named for the Native American Hero of the 1912 Olympics in Stockholm, is a town replete with seasoned history, outstanding views, and tons of activities for the avid adventurer—from hiking and skiing to antiquing and dining, this destination is a ticket to winter splendor.Yet, in traveling eastward to explore the inns and outs of this beautifully restored township, the cozy bed and breakfasts and the restaurants that are housed in this 19th century downtown, there should be nothing that says “roughing it” about your ride.A brand new 2015 Toyota Camry from NY Auto Giant is just what the doctor ordered for this amazing adventure!Drive up in the classically redesigned 2015 Toyota Camry. This vehicle is the pinnacle of quiet luxury, with brand new upgrades bringing it right up to the future, such as XSE and Hybrid options, new multimedia features and a new, sporty design. When you step into a 2015 Camry, the adventure starts as soon as your foot hits the gas, and continues onto the highway, increasing with every mile.In this way, the car is an essential part of your experience. It’s not just a means to get you there, but takes the wanderlust that burns in your soul along for the ride.Once you arrive at the Lehigh River Gorge, you can explore the Old Jail Museum to listen to the lore of the notorious Maggie Maguires, head to the Mauch Chunk Museum and Cultural Center, check out a working model of the famed Switchback Railroad, or take in the sights from the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway. The Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary is a must-visit, too (they’ve got exotic frogs, bats and other “secret critters” there sure to dazzle the whole family)!Magical butterflies and exotic amphibians await all those who venture to Thorpe, Pa. on their NY Auto Giant-equipped trip! (Photos: Bear Mountain Butterfly Sanctuary Facebook Page)For some outdoor adventure, you can mountain bike along the Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway trail, hike, or horseback ride. Are you up for some serious adventure? This bucket list-type of adventure that seems tailor-made to top every single person on your friends lists when you post the pictures to Facebook?At the Skytop Lodge in the Pocono Mountains, you can drive a team of Siberian Huskies through the snow-packed trails on a dog sledding adventure. Is paintball your thing? Head on down to Skirmish, the world’s largest paintball facility, where late in the winter they host their annual, epic Stalingrad battle.Thirsty? Every Friday between 4-6 p.m., Franklin Hill Vineyards‘ wine shop hosts a truly indulgent happy hour. Try a creative cocktail concocted with the local wines or simply sample whatever tastes suit you. Head on down to Alice’s Pantry for a charmingly kitchy and downright delicious experience. Cozy up to the roaring fireplace with a freshly brewed espresso and sample some of the fresh baked breads and hearty soups. Got a sweet tooth? I have five words for you: Banana Peanut Butter ice cream.Click here to learn more about NY Auto GiantFor some Italian fare, head over to Tony Stella’s Encore where you’ll find superior service, a lively atmosphere, complete with lounge singer and pianist, and fantastically imaginative food and drink, like the absinthe cocktails and tomato basil soup. Come for the food, stay for the entertainment, the attentive waiting on your hand-and-foot service, and delectable entrees.Are you still reading? You haven’t packed up the car yet?! In that case, why don’t you give Thabita Lee at Huntington Toyota, Peter Zorzy or Atlantic Toyota, Michael Rizzuto at Millennium Toyota, or Anthony Tocante of Advantage Toyota a call? Ask them to get you into a 2015 Toyota Camry, and let your adventure begin.last_img read more

Etcyy New Long-Sleeve Sweater Top Is Perfectly Loose and Casual

first_imgThis casual knit top has such an easygoing vibe and will quickly become a fixture in any wardrobe. It’s incredibly relaxed and has a deep V-neckline that you can style to your liking. Wear it off the shoulder to one side or keep it secure in the front — it all depends on the look you’re going for.We’re thrilled that this knit top has a high-low style along the hem, which also adds to its overall wearability. You can team it with leggings, jeans or any other type of bottoms! In fact, you can even style it as a light cover-up if you live in an area that’s not quite as chilly as the northern region of the country.ETCYY NEW Women's V Neck Super Soft and Loose Fit Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater TopETCYY NEW Women’s V Neck Super Soft and Loose Fit Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater Top AmazonSee it!- Advertisement – Us Weekly has affiliate partnerships so we may receive compensation for some links to products and services.Form-fitting sweaters are the move when we want to show off our figures — but what about those days where we’re not feeling too confident? Let’s be real: Around the holidays, we tend to cut ourselves a little more slack when it comes to indulging in our favorite foods (and skipping our gym sessions).- Advertisement – Get the ETCYY NEW Women’s V Neck Super Soft and Loose Fit Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater Top for $29, available at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, November 4, 2020, but are subject to change.Whenever your outfit needs a little pick-me-up, turn to this sweater. While it has the cozy vibes we crave, it’s far from frumpy. It manages to cut a flattering figure even though it’s oversized. Comfort is on the menu this holiday season, and this sweater is a must-order!See it: Get the ETCYY NEW Women’s V Neck Super Soft and Loose Fit Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater Top for $29, available at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, November 4, 2020, but are subject to change.Not what you’re looking for? Check out more styles from ETCYY NEW and shop all of the clothing, shoes and jewelry available at Amazon! Don’t forget to check out all of Amazon’s Daily Deals here!Check out more of our picks and deals here!This post is brought to you by Us Weekly’s Shop With Us team. The Shop With Us team aims to highlight products and services our readers might find interesting and useful, such as face masks, self tanners, Lululemon-style leggings and all the best gifts for everyone in your life. Product and service selection, however, is in no way intended to constitute an endorsement by either Us Weekly or of any celebrity mentioned in the post.The Shop With Us team may receive products free of charge from manufacturers to test. In addition, Us Weekly receives compensation from the manufacturer of the products we write about when you click on a link and then purchase the product featured in an article. This does not drive our decision as to whether or not a product or service is featured or recommended. Shop With Us operates independently from advertising sales team. We welcome your feedback at [email protected] Happy shopping! That’s why we look for garments that make Us feel comfortable and cute at the same time. Just because something is loose doesn’t mean it will appear to be boxy or matronly! That’s exactly why we’re obsessed with sweaters like this one from ETCYY NEW.ETCYY NEW Women's V Neck Super Soft and Loose Fit Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater TopETCYY NEW Women’s V Neck Super Soft and Loose Fit Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater Top AmazonSee it!Get the ETCYY NEW Women’s V Neck Super Soft and Loose Fit Long Sleeve Pullover Sweater Top for $29, available at Amazon! Please note, prices are accurate at the date of publication, November 4, 2020, but are subject to change.- Advertisement – – Advertisement –last_img read more

400 American travel agents are coming to Croatia

first_imgIt is a unique opportunity to position both Dubrovnik and our entire tourism on the American market. An opportunity not to be missed. In December, about 400 American travel agents are expected to arrive in Croatia as part of the ASTA Destination EXPO 2020, which will be held in Dubrovnik from December 03rd to 07th. Americans are the second most numerous in Dubrovnik According to the eVisitor tourist check-in and check-out system, not including nautical data, Dubrovnik generated 2019 million arrivals in 1,44 – 13 percent more than in 2018, and 4,4 million overnight stays, which is 6 percent more than the year before. . ASTA is the largest association of travel agents in the world with over 12 travel agents in the United States alone, and they have a major impact on travel trends. ASTA “Destination Expo” is a conference held once a year outside the United States with the aim of promoting the host country, and this year it is Croatia. During the meeting, a fair will be organized, as well as business meetings where it will be possible to directly negotiate deals in the sale of arrangements in the United States.  Photo: The Mayor of Dubrovnik, Mato Franković, emphasized that this is the first time that such a conference has been held in Croatia, and that it is extremely important that it takes place in December. “I certainly expect even better interest and the arrival of American tourists after the ASTA, which is one of our most important markets. With the direct US-Dubrovnik airline we have, we can certainly expect growth in arrivals from the US market in the future. ” Director of HIT Dalmatia, Jurica Glavina presented the working part of the conference, Trade Show, but also B2B, where participants will be able to directly negotiate business and thus increase the number of visits to Croatia, and said that they will work on the strategic goals of Croatian tourism.center_img That this is a great opportunity for Croatia’s positioning on the American market is sufficiently indicated by the fact that after the ASTA Destination Expo in Greece, 60% of tourist growth from the USA was recorded. The official organizers of the event are ASTA and AmCro Travel in partnership with the City of Dubrovnik and the Dubrovnik Tourist Board as sponsors, and partners the Croatian National Tourist Board, the Dubrovnik-Neretva County Tourist Board, HIT Dalmatia and Elite Travel. Robert Duglin, Vice President of ASTA, pointed out that Dubrovnik and Croatia are high on their list, because Croatia offers a lot, from wine, food to history. “During the conference, American agents will learn how to sell Croatia as a destination, and stressed that it is an association with more than twelve thousand members, realizing 83% of sales of all trips in the United States and 60% of trips outside the United States.Duglin pointed out. Miro Drašković, Commercial Director of Elite Travel, emphasized that the American market is the most desirable market and that participants will spend almost two weeks, before and after the conference, on trips throughout Croatia, from Dubrovnik and Konavle to Advent in Zagreb, “truffle hunting” and cheese tasting in Istria. The most numerous tourists in Dubrovnik in 2019 were traditionally British, followed by guests from the USA, Germany, France and Spain. Find out more about the program and registration herelast_img read more