Scottish retailer introduces healthier Scotch pie

first_imgScotmid Co-operative has launched a low-fat Scotch pie across its stores.Produced by McGhee’s Bakery of Glasgow, its fat content is 40% lower than a normal Scotch pie, and its salt levels are now within the government’s healthy eating guidelines.Ross Hamilton, sales manager at McGhee’s Bakery, said: “We wanted to create a Scotch pie that was healthier, without compromising on the taste. We trialled the low-fat pie and we were astounded at how well it was received.”The pie has earned the approval of Scottish Slimmers, whose members taste-tested it during development.Jennifer Colson, company director of Scottish Slimmers, said: “Scottish Slimmers’ members are always interested in eating healthier versions of their favourite foods and the McGhee’s reduced-fat Scotch pies proved an instant hit with those who tested them.”Stephen Brown, local sourcing and bakery manager for the Scotmid Co-operative, added: “McGhee’s reduced-fat Scotch pie is a great new product and we are delighted to be launching it in our stores across Scotland. We’ve all been quite surprised at how delicious the pie is and we’re looking forward to finding out what our customers think of it too.”Each Scotch pie contains 2.3g of saturated fat, 1.2g of salt and has 314 calories. A pack of two pies has a RRP of £1.35.last_img read more

Georgia Tobacco Pressed for Packaging Alternative

first_imgThere had to be a better way for farmers to package tobacco.”A nationwide tobacco advisory committee told growers and warehousemen they needto find a better marketing package,” said J. Michael Moore, a tobacco agronomist withthe University of Georgia Extension Service.Moore and others figure the answer is a hydraulic baler that squeezes cured tobaccoleaves into 800- to 900-pound bales about 44 inches square.Since the 1960s tobacco has been sold in 250-pound, burlap-bound packages calledsheets. But the sheets are hard to move around. The burlap tears easily during moving andallows leaves to fall out.With the baler, though, “we’ve been able to put about four sheets’ worth oftobacco into one bale,” Moore said.That compression is helpful, since warehouse space isn’t what it used to be.”These bales could allow warehousemen to keep three to four times more tobacco in thesame amount of floor space while keeping leaf quality high,” Moore said.The real benefit, though, could be lower labor costs. Bales require less labor thansheets to pack and move around.Moore said Georgia-grown tobacco has more sugar and is exposed to higher humidity thanthat grown in the Carolinas and Virginia. Although the high sugar content appeals tobuyers, it also makes the tobacco absorb moisture faster.For that reason, many people felt Georgia-grown tobacco wouldn’t stay at top quality inbales. But studies this year show it can.”If the tobacco is properly cured and goes into the bale at less than 16 percentmoisture,” Moore said, “the quality stays high.”Tobacco in bales isn’t as easy to inspect as in sheets, though. Graders and buyers caneasily look through loosely-packed sheets to see the leaves. They look for leaf color,size, texture and stalk position to tell the leaf grade and offer a price.But the bales have five sides they can see. And during tests this summer, Moore said,they could see enough of each bale to decide on an appropriate grade for the tobacco.Growers will have to stake their reputation on each bale’s consistency. “They’llhave to be able to say the bale is the same on the inside as it is on the outside,”Moore said. “And the buyers will have to trust them.”Moore expects studies to continue for two to three more years. Then the industry willdecide if baling is a good option for tobacco.”All indications we’re getting point to baling as an acceptable packaging approach,”Moore said.”The whole idea of this study is to make sure Georgia growers aren’t left behind,” hesaid. “They will have seen the technology in operation, hopefully on their own farm.And when the time comes, they can decide for themselves whether it’s right for theindustry.”last_img read more

Midwestern Company Plans Underground Wind-Power Transmission Corridor to Eastern U.S.

first_imgMidwestern Company Plans Underground Wind-Power Transmission Corridor to Eastern U.S. FacebookTwitterLinkedInEmailPrint分享Energy Mix:A company in the Midwestern United States is planning a new underground transmission line along existing railroad tracks to carry wind-generated electricity from Iowa, the Dakotas, and Minnesota to a transfer point to Chicago, then eastward to regions with high electricity demand.“We will pull some of the cheapest, most robust wind from the upper Midwest and bring it to the East Coast,” said Trey Ward, CEO of Direct Connect Development Company.“Because the line with a capacity of 2,100 megawatts (MW) would be mostly invisible, it might elude some of the problems that have dogged transmission lines that would tower overhead while crossing Midwestern farm fields,” Midwest Energy News reports. Ward said the Canadian Pacific Railway covers about 85% of the 349-mile (562-kilometre) route, and the CPR has agreed to allow buried cable beneath its right of way.“We have the land,” Ward said. “That’s the most significant issue for new transmission lines. Having the land in hand is very important.” And running the project underground “limits the impact to the environment, streamlines the permitting process, and limits impacts to neighbours.”He said the plan builds on the experience of the U.S. fiber optic network, which also relies on railway rights of way.Direct Connect hopes to start construction on its line by 2020, and begin carrying electricity in 2024. Ward said he’s spoken with utility regulators in Iowa and Illinois, and “we got a very warm reception. They like to see a project like this on a brownfield site. They also like to see it in the ground.”“Compared to five years ago, we can transmit much more power at a much lower price.”More: Underground Line Could Carry Midwestern U.S. Wind Power, Avoid Local Oppositionlast_img read more

Let’s Re-Enact The Spanish Inquisition!

first_imgSign up for our COVID-19 newsletter to stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus news throughout New York Our country is in a re-enactment rut, and I think it’s time for a change.I mean, how many times can you re-enact the Civil War?Doesn’t it get boring being shot once again, pretending to be one of the 750,000 soldiers who died (more than in any war in American history)?Isn’t it exasperating to play dead for hours, sprawled out in the hot sun in full uniform, until the battle is officially declared over?And then there’s the appalling choice of fashion colors available. (“Would you like blue or gray, sir?”)But what, you may ask, is left to re-enact?Washington crossing the Delaware in winter?Fuggedaboudit. The Bay of Pigs? No way. The invasion of Granada? You must be joking.We obviously need an exciting, new event—something with more colorful costumes, more interesting roles to play, and certainly better food and wine.So here’s an idea with something for everyone: Let’s re-enact the Spanish Inquisition!The Inquisition, you may remember, was started in 1478 to make sure that people who had converted to Catholicism stayed converted. Especially the Jews and Muslims.The result was more than 300 years of intrigue, murder, torture and mass revolt. Some citizens were even accused of being (Gasp!) Protestants.What great material to work with!Our re-enactment offers hundreds of fascinating Inquisition roles to pick from, each with spectacular costuming opportunities and great-looking weapons.Not to mention the chance to enjoy the beautiful Spanish countryside, wonderful Rioja wines, and a wide variety of tapas offered by comely Andalusian señoritas.You can take part in dozens of thrilling events, including secretly spying on your neighbors, hunting for witches, and going door-to-door to ferret out citizens who have relapsed into heresy.Imagine the thrill of accusing your friends of blasphemy, sodomy or (even worse in those days) bigamy!Join angry crowds as heretics are burned at the stake! (Note: Simulation only.)Think of wielding absolute power and banishing thousands of people from your country with a dismissive wave of your hand!And in the evening, there’s nothing like retiring to your luxurious hacienda to enjoy a troupe of Flamenco dancers, have a sip of Amontillado sherry and then doze off comfortably under a down quilt.Not only that, but the first 100 re-enactors to sign up will enjoy a private tour of the largest dungeon in Spain and see true-to-life demonstrations of The Rack, The Head Crusher and The Knee Splitter.We’ll need thousands of people to play the roles of victims and jailors, of course. But remember: There are plenty of openings for Princes, Dukes and Caballeros.And you might be one of two lucky re-enactors chosen by lottery to play the roles of King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella. (No experience necessary.)If you’re interested in becoming part of this ground-breaking re-enactment, just fill out the short questionnaire below.1. I’d like to play the role of(please give a 1st and a 2ndchoice):a. Roman Catholicb. Untrustworthy Jewc. Untrustworthy Muslimd. Untrustworthy Protestante. Untrustworthy Other2. I’ve been a victim all my life.I’d prefer to be:a. Kingb. Queenc. Poped. Executionere. Friar Tomás de TorquemadaThis is an Equal-Opportunity Inquisition. Applicants will be considered for their roles without regard to age, color, race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, disability, family history, genetic information or veteran status.Peter Tannen is a humor writer who has won multiple awards from the National Press Club (Washington, D.C.), the Press Club of Long Island and the Florida Press Association. His columns can also be heard on select Public Radio stations across the U.S. He also has a website: www.tannenweekly.comlast_img read more

What if credit unions lost tax exemption and courtesy pay?

first_img 7SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Scott Butterfield Scott is the Principal of Your Credit Union Partner, PLLC.Your Credit Union Partner (YCUP) is a trusted advisor to the leaders of more than 100 credit unions located throughout … Web: Details Collectively and individually, our futures hold limitless opportunities and threats – some known, others unknown. We regularly consider these opportunities and threats, whether as part of the strategic-planning process or in an ongoing manner as we are faced with emerging events. Our longevity and vitality depends on our ability to prepare for and adapt to as many of these events as possible.I like history. History helps me put things into context. Consider the following historical events and their outcomes, which dramatically changed the world. What if…Socrates had died in the Peloponnesian War of 424 B.C.? He would have missed the next 25 years, which where the greatest years of his influence. What if he had not met and taught a young Plato? The entire course of Western philosophical thought would have been radically altered.George Washington had been killed by a sniper’s bullet in 1777? Washington was the linchpin that held the struggle together, inspiring loyalty throughout the Continental army. The probability of finding another person with Washington’s stature and leadership abilities would have been nearly impossible.Sometimes history is saved by luck, but usually it is saved by planning. A very important historical figure, Dwight D. Eisenhower said that “plans are nothing; planning is everything.” Operation Overlord, a.k.a. the D-Day invasion took one year to plan. What if the D-Day invasion had failed?There are many opportunities and threats on the horizon that could have us scratching our heads and saying “what if?”What if in spite of heroic legislative advocacy, credit unions finally lose the tax-exempt status for all credit unions with assets of more than $100 million? What if the financial impact to credit unions is 30 to 75 BP?What if the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau deems Courtesy Pay Overdraft programs predatory, and regulatory required program changes reduce overdraft income by an average of 25 percent?Are you prepared for these and/or many other potential “what if” scenarios? Do you have a plan for a variety of potential scenarios, or is your plan to just wait and see? How your credit union plans and responds will strongly influence whether you cease, survive, or thrive.Are a review of these and other scenarios part of your strategic planning conversations? Or are you pursuing more of a “hope and a prayer” approach, and naively thinking some of the scarier scenarios will just go away?Preparing for the unthinkableIt’s important that your team envision “alternate extreme futures” (worst/best case) and create strategies that works for all extreme futures. I recommend using CUES Scenarios for Credit Unions 2020 ( for your planning session environmental review. I was honored to contribute to this version of the CUES report, and I find it useful in guiding teams through the planning process.Scenario-planning can also help innovators and entrepreneurs exploit the unthinkableCase in point: Charles Darrow, who – finding himself out of work after the market crash of 1929 – spent a few years perfecting a little game that eventually came to be known as Monopoly. Within a year of his patent, Parker Brothers was selling 20,000 units a year, and Darrow became the world’s first millionaire game designer.What future scenarios are possible for your credit union?Scenario planning facilitates learning and prepares credit unions for the possibility of some level of failure while minimizing future risks. It will also give your team confidence and strategies that optimize the chances of success under all possible scenarios.last_img read more

Enjoy a quiet village life in this charming Queenslander

first_imgThe living area at 9a Delaney Rd, DayboroMr Chambers spent time searching online for just the right house to suit the block.When he came across this one, he knew it was just right. “It was actually a low set home that came from Brisbane,” he said. “When it got here, it was turned into a highset house. “I believe it is at a height that can be built in. More from newsLand grab sees 12 Sandstone Lakes homesites sell in a week21 Jun 2020Tropical haven walking distance from the surf9 Oct 2019“I painted the whole place, put the palings on downstairs and put in a new kitchen. “Of course the stairs were put in as well and the whole house got a bit of a facelift.” The veranda at 9a Delaney Rd, DayboroThe property is within walking distance of shops, the local school and, most importantly, the pub. “Dayboro’s a quiet little village but it’s got quite a few coffe shops and that sort of thing,” Mr Chambers said.The Delaney Rd property is tenanted until September 2017. The home is being marketed by Michael Flanigan from Me Property Sales Dayboro for $450,000.“This three-bedroom home, located in the Dayboro township just a short walk to the school and shops, is perfect for first home buyers and investors,” he said. The new kitchen at 9a Delaney Rd, DayboroMr Chambers said the best part of the whole home was the veranda. “It would be quite relaxing having a drink there in the afternoon,” he said. “The veranda faces towards the east and it’s got a view over Dayboro, which is quite nice.” The home sits on a low maintenance block with established lawn and gardens. And the neighbours aren’t bad either, Mr Chambers said.center_img The home at 9a Delaney Rd, Dayboro is on the market for $450,000A RELOCATED Queenslander is new to the market in the heart of Dayboro. The renovated home at 9a Delaney Rd has three bedrooms, one bathroom and scope for further improvements. Owner Kevin Chambers moved the two-storey house to Dayboro two years ago. “I own the house next door. It sits on two blocks so I decided to make use of the extra land,” he said. last_img read more

IMCA Modified main pays $1,000 to win Saturday at Idaho Falls

first_imgIDAHO FALLS, Idaho – IMCA Modifieds race for $1,000 to win and a spot on the Fast Shafts All-Star Invitational ballot this Saturday at Idaho Falls Raceway.IMCA Speedway Motors Weekly Racing National, Larry Shaw Racing Western Regional, Allstar Performance State and track points will be awarded at the July 8 show.Pit gates open at 3 p.m. and the grandstand opens at 4 p.m. Hot laps and racing follow the 6 p.m. drivers’ meeting.Spectator admission is $12 for adults, $8 for seniors 65 and over and military and veterans with ID, $6 for kids ages 6-12 and free for five and under. Car and driver is $50; pit pass only is $20.More information is available by calling 406 925-1247 and at the website.last_img

Minister sets up Task Force on Lagos National Stadium

first_imgAfter years of neglect, hope for the rehabilitation of the National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos was revived on Tuesday with the inauguration of a Task Force that would midwife the process.Speaking during the inauguration of the committee, the Minister of Youth and Sports Development, Sunday Dare, said the committee has a mandate to bring back the lost glory of the edifice. Dare said: “The National Stadium, Lagos holds a lot of fond memories for our sportsmen and other people.“We shall no longer allow our infrastructures to lie waste.“The Moshood Abiola, Ahmadu Bello, Obafemi Awolowo National stadiums shall be put to best use.“Abuja and Kaduna are at advanced stage.“Lagos has approval for concession. “Before the process is complete, we need to restore sanity to the place.“So the work of the Task Force is cut out.“In the past, we had interlopers.“Now it is going to be fixed to serve our teeming youth.“The Task Force will carry out its assignment according to the law of the land.” The terms of reference of the committee include: carry out audit of approved tenants, verify details of tenancy agreement, come up with list of all approved and unapproved physical structures and approved construction, list of all squatters and their businesses, investigate staff of the Ministry who allow the presence of the squatters, carry out a detailed analysis of all revenue generated at the stadium and take inventory of all shops and businesses within the stadium premises.The committee, headed by the Permanent Secretary, Gabriel Aduda, is made up of 13 members drawn from the Ministry and the organized private sector.Other members of the the committee include Dr. Paul Ohido, Mohammed Danjuma, Peter Nelson, Engr. Alanamu Abolore, Alhaji Bode Durotoye, Architect Abiodun Owoborode, Benjamin Ukwuoma, Adeolu Fasanya, Idris Olorunimbe and Abdulgafar Idris.The committee has 21 days to complete its assignment.RelatedPosts Minister gives condition for resumption of contact sports Minister pledges support for development of AI, robotics in Nigeria NSF 2020: Sports minister raises fresh hope Tags: Ahmadu Bello StadiumMoshood Abiola StadiumNational Stadium LagosObafemi Awolowo StadiumSunday Darelast_img read more

Pardew worried about Cabaye

first_imgNewcastle boss Alan Pardew is concerned over the burden he has had to place on Yohan Cabaye this season. Press Association The Frenchman has been a revelation on Tyneside since his £4.8million move from Lille during the summer of 2011, and he was one of the stars of last season’s surge into fifth place in the Barclays Premier League. However, both he and the Magpies in general have found the going tougher this time around with a European campaign thrown into the mix, and Cabaye revealed earlier this season that he had struggled both mentally and physically to cope with the demands of two tough Premier League seasons either side of a trip to the Euro 2012 finals with his country. The 27-year-old was this week touted as a possible summer target for Paris St Germain, although manager Carlo Ancelotti has since played down the speculation. But whatever happens at the end of the campaign, Pardew will hope to have Cabaye fresh and available for a five-game run-in with Newcastle yet to formally secure their top-flight status. The Magpies still need at least one more win to keep them free from the scrap at the foot of the table, and will hope that comes at West Brom on Saturday as they attempt to bounce back from a demoralising derby defeat by Sunderland. center_img Pardew’s players have looked increasingly weary in recent weeks as a punishing fixture schedule, thanks largely to a good run in the Europa League, has taken its toll. But while the manager is confident the likes of Moussa Sissoko and Papiss Cisse can deal with that, he concedes France international midfielder Cabaye is on his mind. Pardew said: “Cabaye is probably my biggest worry. The rest of them are really sound physically and mentally. But Cabaye is our best player in terms of intelligence on the pitch and he needs to play. That’s why he has played almost every minute.” last_img read more

Jaguars crowned PCL four-day champions despite losing final match

first_imgTHE Guyana Jaguars plummeted in dramatic fashion to a humiliating 10-wicket defeat against the Leeward Islands Hurricanes inside three days in the final match of the West Indies Cricket Board’s Professional Cricket League (PCL) four-day game at the Guyana National Stadium, Providence yesterday.However, Sunday’s defeat did not stop the Jaguars from being crowned Regional four-day champions for a third straight year.A complete bowling effort from the Hurricanes led to the demolition as the Jaguars were all out for 143 in their second innings.Faced with a first innings deficit of 119, only a handful of the Jaguars batsmen got starts, but no one carried on – Chanderpaul Hemraj’s 29 was the top score, while Keemo Paul (26), Anthony Bramble (23) and Veerasammy Permaul (20), were the other batsmen with any meaningful contributions.Pacer Gavin Tonge bagged 3-33, while off-spinner Rakheem Cornwall (3-68), Jeremiah Louis (2-16) and debutant left-arm spinner Elvin Berridge (1-12), completed the destruction mid-way through the final session. Cornwall was adjudged man-of-the-match after ending with match figures of 9-136.Set 25 runs to win, the visitors’ openers Montcin Hodge and Chesney Hughes overhauled the winning target without much trouble.Guyana Jaguars captain Leon Johnson collects the WICB Professional Cricket League winning trophy from a Digicel representative.Resuming at 255-7, Louis began the day with attacking intent, dispatching pace bowler Raymond Reifer to the square-leg fence before cutting him for a square boundary.However,he was soon after trapped leg before wicket from a lovely trademark inswinger from the pacer, which brought an end to his attractive innings.That dismissal did not only brought about the end of the brisk 68-run eight-wicket stand, which began late on day two but also completed Reifer’s third five-wicket haul.Jacques Taylor added 12 runs to his overnight 60 before Reifer completed an excellent innings figures of 6-75 when he had the right-hander caught behind. Taylor struck ten fours and a six off 160 balls and batted for 217 minutes.Tonge struck three fours in his unbeaten 17 before Permaul took the final wicket.The start to the third innings was superb for the tourists as Tonge got a wicket in the third over when Assad Fudadin edged a nearly unplayable delivery to wicketkeeper Jahmar Hamilton.Hemraj joined Bhaskar Yadram and the duo survived a tricky period until the last over before lunch when Yadram fell into a trap, edging a sharp turning delivery from Berridge straight into the hands of Cornwall at first slip.After the interval Hemraj and skipper Leon Johnson came together to prop up the innings in a 34-run, third-wicket partnership but things fell apart afterward.Johnson was taken at extra-cover off Tonge, while Hemraj misjudged the line, shouldered arms and had his off stump rattled off the bowling of Louis.At that stage the hosts’ were a fair distance from the deficit and were heavily dependent on Reifer and Bramble, but to compound the hosts’ woes,Reifer was run out in a dreadful mid-pitch mix-up after the pair was undecided about a second run.Paul and Bramble batted safely to tea, at 93-5. However, the hosts lost Bramble in the session’s third over when he offered a simple return catch to Tonge, while Steven Jacobs made little impression before he was removed by Cornwall.The eight-wicket stand between Paul and Permaul then cancelled out the tourist’s lead before Cornwall and Louis claimed the final three wickets in quick succession.Despite the defeat, the hosts claimed their third straight Regional four-day title. LEEWARD ISLANDS Hurricanes 1st innings (o/n 255-7)M Hodge c Johnson b Reifer 70C Hughes c wk Bramble b Pestano 40K Carty c wk Bramble b Reifer 10A Saunders c Paul b Reifer 4J Hamilton c wk Bramble b Reifer 37R Cornwall b Jacobs 0S Peters c Sub (Motie) b Jacobs 5J Taylor c wk Bramble b Reifer 72J Louis lbw b Refier 32G Tonge not out 17E Berridge lbw b Permaul 0Extras: (w-6, nb-5, lb-8) 19Total: (all out; 127.2 overs) 306Fall of wickets: 1-79, 2-115, 3-125, 4-126, 5-129, 6-140, 7-211, 8-279, 9-305, 10-306Bowling: Refier 30-8-75-6, Pestano 24-6-70-1, Jacobs 18-2-52-2, Paul 15-3-53-0, Adams 12-6-13-0, Permaul 28.2-15-36-1GUYANA JAGUARS 2nd inningsA Fudadin c wk Hamilton b Tonge 1B Yadram c Cornwall b Berridge 13C Hemraj b Louis 29L Johnson c Saunders b Tonge 9R Reifer run out (Taylor) 2A Bramble c&b Tonge 23K Paul c Berridge b Cornwall 26S Jacobs c Hodge b Cornwall 0V Permaul lbw b Cornwall 20C Pestano c wk Hamilton b Louis 5A Adams not out 0Extras: (nb-1, b-5, lb-9) 15Total: (all out; 53.3 overs) 143Fall of wickets: 1-5, 2-30, 3-53, 4-64, 5-76, 6-96, 7-103, 8-138, 9-143, 10-143Bowling: Tonge 16-6-33-3, Louis 11.3-3-16-2, Cornwall 23-4-68-3, 3-0-12-1LEEWARD ISLANDS Hurricanes 2nd inningsM Hodge not out 6C Hughes not out 13Extras: (lb-1, b-4) 5Total: (no wickets; 9.1 overs) 25Bowling: Reifer 3-0-9-0, Adams 3-1-3-0, Johnson 2-0-5-0, Yadram 1.1-0-3-0last_img read more