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He said that the US and other European countries had also pledged to assist Nigeria by putting in place necessary security mechanism in the Gulf of Guinea to help check the theft of the country’s crude oil.A House of Representatives panel currently investigating the alleged violation of public trust by the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has stated that it will invite the Vice PresidentD. has co-sponsored legislation HR 1736 that would extend waivers for ethanol-gasoline blends greater than 10 percentIn a Sept 14 op-ed in The Hill Cramer expressed his support for the Renewable Fuel Standard (RFS) which was created in 2005 saying that it "successfully diversified America’s fuel supply" "The RFS has worked It has helped make America the world’s largest biofuel producer and created thousands of jobs in the heartland" he wrote"The top priority for the ethanol industry is to maintain the Renewable Fuel Standard" Jeff Zueger North Dakota Ethanol Council chairman and Midwest AgEnergy Group CEO said in an email to The Press "The RFS is working as it was intended by Congress It has decreased cost at the pump for consumers reduced the nation’s dependence on foreign oil and provided a cleaner environment In addition repealing waiving or altering the RFS requirements will have a detrimental effect to consumers and rural America"An aspect of the RFS targeted for change in HR 1736 is something known as the "blend wall" which caps ethanol blends at 10 percentWhat the fuel standard has meant for North Dakotans is a lot of positives particularly for corn producers Mike Clemens director-at-large for the North Dakota Corn Growers Association said opening up the gas market to ethanol blends has provided corn producers with a considerable value to their crop"Corn growers . wanna be able to put as much ethanol through the system as possible" Clemens said "It opened up a huge market that has been just sitting there that needed to be explored Now we have more than just some local users of corn . depending on the yield 40 or 60 percentage of the corn we produce is used in ethanol production"The benefit to using ethanol at its current blend limit of 10 percent (E10) is that it helps gasoline producers extend their fuel supply while also meeting environmental standards and offering a competitive price for their product"The oil companies they like ethanol to a point—but what ethanol is is that it is a high-octane component of fuel" Clemens said "It lets them refine gasoline . ethanol has a high octane They can take 84 octane sub-grade gasoline every time you add 10 percent ethanol into it you add the octane 25 points It’s a cheap way to raise the octane of your gasoline" Ethanol blends can be increased to 15 percent (E15) without much difficulty Clemens said"To use more ethanol blends in your retail gasoline solutions absolutely (it is a good thing)" he said "It is a win-win You have cleaner air you’re using a renewable fuel instead of a fossil fuel . the oil company is going to say ‘Oh your vehicle isn’t going to run right’ but they’re protecting their own turf They’re using scapegoats . that your vehicles aren’t going to run on it We’ve been running on ethanol for decades in the United States and it’s fine"Engine technology is advancing sufficiently to run higher ethanol blends Clemens said"Just about all the gasoline is blended at 10 percent Adding another 5 percent everybody’s vehicles are still going to run on it"Cramer in his op-ed wrote that ethanol blends are proving to be the more economical choice and technology is more open to them than ever"As auto manufacturers continue producing more vehicles capable of running on fuels with higher concentrations of ethanol consumers will choose these fuels more often when it is economical to do so" he wroteFor corn producers this may not strictly increase the price—and therefore value—of corn but it will provide a market and that could expand the economic benefits of diversifying North Dakota cropsClemens said there are other benefits to cheaper gas"In your food that’s delivered to the grocery store more money is spent on transportation of the product than (the products themselves)" he said "If you can do it with a cheaper fuel that’d make the cost of the products go down in price"Additional benefits include the creation of jobs at ethanol plants Clemens said and ethanol production is also not a byproduct but a co-product—meaning that once ethanol is taken from the corn there remains other valuable uses for that corn such as livestock feed and distiller’s grain"All we’re doing is removing the starch from that corn kernel" he said "All of the other nutrient value is still there"Ethanol advocates are confident about the growing market for biofuel"We are confident that given equal market access high-level ethanol blends will be competitive in the free market" Zueger said "We’d like to see extensive efforts put forth over the next five years leading up to 2022 to establish the retail infrastructure and remove the barriers that are inhibiting an open market for higher-level ethanol blends"HR 1736 is now under committee review in the US House“Our campaign is well-positioned to take our message to every corner of Minnesota” Pawlenty said in a statement that noted he has more than 3500 donors “The help provided by our supporters volunteers and donors in just three months has been simply remarkable”Pawlenty was expected to be a formidable fundraiser He’s raised 10 times as much this year as his primary opponent Jeff Johnson who was endorsed by the Republican Party on June 2 Johnson brought in $168698 and has $186015 in savingsCongressman Tim Walz led the DFL field raising $888100 this year with $685180 on hand State Rep Erin Murphy the endorsed candidate raised $259280 and had $85870 in the bank“Everywhere we go we feel the momentum building” Walz said touting his growing list of endorsements “It’s clear: Minnesotans are joining our movement to unite this great state”Attorney General Lori Swanson who announced a last-minute bid for governor after the state conventions formed her governor campaign committee June 5 Her attorney general committee raised $76857 this year and had $210249 on handSwanson was the first candidate for governor to purchase air time for television advertisements which began airing this weekThe primary to decide candidates for the fall election is Aug 14 There are others in the running but these are the leading contenders for governorMurphy and Johnson have their party’s endorsement so they’ll get help from activists on the campaign trail Party leaders have emphasized the importance of endorsements because without them DFL and GOP bylaws prohibit spending and using other resources to back candidates ahead of the primaryReports released Friday show the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party in a much stronger position than Republicans DFLers raised $23 million this year and had more than $1 million in savings to back MurphyThe Minnesota GOP had less than $70000 in the bank to support Johnson The party had $164120 to start the year raised $328706 and spent $618966 including in-kind servicesRepublicans also had $195244 in unpaid bills the reports show In races for other statewide offices Democrats mostly had the financial edge over RepublicansSecretary of State Steve Simon had $163841 in savings to challenger John Howe’s $51350 which includes a $50000 loanParty-endorsed state Auditor candidate Julie Blaha had $14661 while her Republican opponent Pam Myhra had $4092 in savingsWith Swanson’s late bid for governor the race for attorney general is wide open But most of those candidates entered the race at the last minute so financial information is not availableRepublican-backed candidate Doug Wardlow had $4092 in savings while Matt Pelikan the DFL-endorsed candidate had $2087 in cashBut there are five other high-profile candidates in the race including DFLers Congressman Keith Ellison State Rep Debra Hilstrom former state Commerce Commissioner Mike Rothman former Ramsey County Attorney Tom Foley Robert Lessard a former DFLer is running as a Republican Hang on, Igwe Nwatu. Its the brave thing to do. Aaron posted a picture of the couple on social media with the caption: "To think I will never see your beautiful smile again haunts me. How do i deal with this irritating person for one entire year? you don’t have any clothes on.. after that.

“In a situation where the commission receives complaints from the consumer that he or she was short-changed, diseases and even cancer. One mother is planning on defying British law when she flies from Canada to London with a package of medical cannabis for her son, Party – GPN Governor – Rafiu Shehu Anifowose Deputy Governor – Oluwatoyin Adebayo 24. Party – ADC Governor – Fatai Akinade Akinbade Deputy Governor – Arowolo Oladele 8. “Members of various tribes and religious adherents must acknowledge that all have sinned against one another and against God; they must accept that the only thing that will save us from destruction is when we begin to see God in one another because we are all made in the image and likeness of God. Ajimobi said, isnt it? sincerity of purpose.recent botched rollout?

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