first_imgWhat is it that makes Grumpy Cat so grumpy? These days it’s because she has to go to court because some company misappropriated her image to sell coffee.Four years ago, the Grumpy Cat meme took the Internet by storm. We couldn’t get enough of Tardar Sauce and her signature frown, and marketing departments took notice. That kicked off the second wave of Grumpy Cat as officially-licensed merchandise flooded store shelves.One of those products was Grumpy Cat Grumppuccino, which was bottled and sold by Grenade Beverage. Well, technically it was sold by Grumpy Beverage, LLC — a corporation specifically set up to market a line of iced coffee drinks with the feline sourpuss on its packaging… because, let’s face it, people will buy anything, especially if there’s a picture of something they recognize on it.Grumpy Cat and coffee go together like… well, any random product and an equally random famous thing.The cat claws didn’t come out until bags of Grumpy Cat roasted coffee went on sale. Grumpy Cat’s owners cried foul (or “unauthorized use,” anyway) and slapped Grenade Beverage with a lawsuit. They want Grenade punished for overstepping their bounds to the tune of $600,000 — $150,000 each for four transgressions. That’s the maximum they can seek, because Grumpy Cat Limited doesn’t mess around. You can’t when your CEO has a perma-scowl, really.Grenade has fired back, claiming that they forked over an advance payment of $150,000 without ever receiving “any continuing support” from Grumpy Cat Limited. They’ll be heading back to court next month to straighten things out, and only one thing is certain: Grumpy Cat won’t be pleased with the outcome no matter which side wins.last_img

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