first_imgThe Ninth Doctor—a very angry reproduction, at least—returns this week in Sin Eaters: Part Two.Cavan Scott’s continuation of “Arkham Asylum in Space,” as Rose called it, takes readers into the darkest parts of the Time Lord’s mind.Still on the Hesguard “rehabilitation unit,” where the Doctor Patient 280 is being detained on multiple murder charges, Rose reunited with Tara, former nurse and Lieutenant in UNIT, and alleged murder victim.This isn’t any ol’ intergalactic jail, though. Hesguard employs the Bad Wolf Process, by which negative emotions are purged from a patient’s mind via so-called Sin-Eaters. Negative emotions are absorbed and dispersed; the weeding practice, according to Director Highsmith, ensures the subjects become incapable of experiencing anger, hatred, or fear.But the Doctor, an alien time-traveller, isn’t like everyone else.“My mind isn’t that easy to control,” he says. “All you’ve done is given my dark side a life of its own. You’ve given it free will.”While a Hulked-out version of the Ninth Doctor terrorizes the penitentiary, Rose and Tara discover the Sin-Eaters are free—they’re alive.After all, the Doctor, even a murderous clone of him, needs his companions.Sin Eaters: Part Two is on sale now for $3.99 in print and digital forms.Titan ComicsThe Twelfth Doctor, when not fighting Daleks and Emojibots, enlists his friend Hattie Munroe to help investigate mysterious goings-on at the seaside in 1979.But before the story continues, the Doctor’s mind is thrust back to a previous adventure in interlude “The Boy With the Displaced Smile.”When the TARDIS drops him in what can only be described as a lost episode of The Andy Griffith Show, the Doctor meets Penny & Co., hiding from what a “gibbering horde” of locals under the spell of a giant toothy grin in the sky.“From where I’m sitting, that looks like a serious failure of local law and order to me,” the Doctor says, antagonizing Deputy Decker.It seems, he explains, that the town of Sweet Haven is engulfed in a “reality storm”—created by a family of Saprophyte, reality-warping emo-parasites from the Oblivion Shallows.Can the Doctor and Penny save the day? Find out in “The Boy With the Displaced Smile,” written by James Peaty and illustrated by Warren Pleece, available now for $3.99 in print and digital versions.last_img

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