first_img[via Make] Anyone who’s ever played a Super Mario Bros. game is familiar with coin blocks. Move under one, jump and hit it with your head, and coins come out. If it’s on the ground, hit it with a shell to get the same effect. The moral of the story is to hit question mark blocks whenever you see them and good things will come out of them. One how-to fan over at Instructables decided to apply the premise to real life, and came up with a way to make a real Super Mario coin block that not only makes the appropriate sounds when you smack it, but it also dispenses money. If you’re wondering how he did it, he’s posted the instructions and all of the parts you’ll need to make your own coin block, but be warned: you’ll have to provide your own money. Unlike the blocks in Super Mario Bros, these ones don’t come pre-stuffed with coins. Check out a video of the coin block in action behind the jump.last_img

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