first_imgFor all those who constantly sleep through their alarms in the morning, Nanda Home has created a solution to get you out of bed: Tocky. It’s an alarm clock that will jump from your night stand and start swiftly rolling and turning away. The only way to get Tocky to stop is to get out from under the covers and chase this cute little guy down as he tries to evade you. This new version of the original Clocky is equipped with a microphone, so you can record your own wake up sound or message. Now you could wake up to the sound of your mom yelling at you to get your lazy butt out of bed, or your own voice threatening that if you’re late one more time, you’re going to get fired. Or you can upload MP3s to Tocky, so he can blast your favorite tune as he buggies around your room. Also, the new touch sensitive screen makes setting the alarm time and changing the track a breeze.You can get Tocky for $69 at, where you can also see some videos him doing his thing. I’ve personally seen and heard the Clocky in action, and it’s definitelyenough to get the most stubborn, “not a morning” person out of bed. And Tocky’s new features make it the perfect gift for that frustrating, constant over-sleeper in your life.  AdChoices广告last_img

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