Lemgo26 – 20Gummersbach 12.Hannover-Burgdorf9324232:2468 18.N-Lübbecke9009223:2740 5.Fuchse Berlin8521244:20612 4.HSG Wetzlar9612242:23713 Nine rounds of matches have been played in DKB Bundesliga. Rhein Neckar Lowen made a great step towards the achieving the biggest dream of all “Lions” – to win the Championship, by beating THW Kiel 24:20 to stay only team on 100%.The second team with best form at the start of the season is MT Melsungen. Team from Kassel beat TUS Lubbecke 30:19 in away match. Lubbecke are in the worst position so far as Goran Suton boys had score 0-9.RESULTS – ROUND 9: Goppingen24 – 25Hamburg STANDINGS: 1.Rhein-Neckar9900261:18718 7.Kiel9603265:23712 3.MT Melsungen8611225:19613 N-Lübbecke19 – 30MT Melsungen 9.SC Magdeburg9414236:2429 11.Gummersbach8323214:2208 14.HBW Balingen-Weilstetten9207250:2684 Hannover-Burgdorf25 – 31Leipzig 2.Flensburg-H.9612261:22113 PHOTO: TUS LUBBECKE FB 6.Goppingen9603240:20312 10.Leipzig9414238:2509 Eisenach25 – 29HSG Wetzlar 15.Bergischer9207230:2644 17.TVB Stuttgart10118253:3033 8.Hamburg9513259:23111 16.Eisenach9207235:2974 13.Lemgo9315237:2637 Bergischer30 – 35HBW Balingen-Weilstetten DKB Bundesliga 2015/2016Tus Lubbecke ← Previous Story EHF CL TOP 10 scorers: Božović and Hansen co-leaders Next Story → EHF CL Round 4 BEST 7: Danes VS rest of the World

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