The United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) has scheduled hearings in Arusha, Tanzania, to listen to appeals in two genocide cases, the UN court announced today.On Tuesday, the Tribunal is scheduled to hear an appeal by the Prosecution against the acquittal of Ignace Bagilishema, a former Rwandan mayor who had been charged with seven counts of genocide, crimes against humanity and violations of the Geneva Conventions.Later next week, the defence for George Rutaganda, an Interahamwe militia leader, will appeal his conviction and sentence of life imprisonment for genocide and crimes against humanity.Following those hearings, the Tribunal’s trial judges and appellate judges will hold a meeting with Chief Prosecutor Carla Del Ponte and Registrar Adama Dieng. The session is expected to discuss and adopt proposed amendments to the rules of procedure and evidence in an effort to streamline the court’s proceedings.

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