It was once called the ‘asylum for the insane’ and the Fennell Avenue West building has been sitting in disrepair since 1995 has been sold to Mohawk College. The money from the sale going toward a new affordable housing complex in Hamilton.The 12 hectare parcel of land is slated to become part of the Mohawk College campus.‘Three years ago, when the land was identified as surplus, I saw an opportunity.’Mohawk bought it for $9.51 million. The city will use the money for a new affordable housing complex at 191 York boulevard but details on exact plans are scarce.“Our planning for this will take a number of months, to bring something back to council, whether we can do that in this term, or if it’s the very first thing council sees in the next term is to be determined.”The building here at 191 York currently houses ‘Community Living Hamilton’ which provides services to about 1400 people living with developmental disabilities. When this building is torn down to make way for the new building, they’ll move into it.As for century manor, there has been concern over the years on preserving it. Mohawk College president Ron McKerlie says there are plans for revitalization.‘Our board is committed to spending up to $9 million to renovate and fix up that building. It’s in pretty rough shape. It probably has black mould and asbestos and lead. All those sorts of things that you would expect of a building that is that vintage and has been abandoned for a while.”The surrounding green space will also be tidied up. As for the historic asylum, the college’s president says it’s still too early to say what will be done with it. They are expected to have a firm plan in place by next spring.

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