New York – The first group of Syrian refugees that have arrived in Canada for resettlement have been welcomed with open arms, both by the Canadian government and its citizens.A video posted on YouTube shows a choir of dozens of Canadian students singing a song in Arabic that was sung to Prophet Mohammed when he emigrated from Mecca to in Medina.The beautiful voices of the children paired with the act of respect and appreciation shown to the refugees, who are of a Muslim-majority, have brought tears and joy to people around the world who have left comments of gratitude.“Best thing I saw in YouTube today. To see a country, a government, children who are [more] human than all the other countries combined…” a YouTube user posted. “The idea to sing a classic Islamic Song to say Welcome is genuinely Amazing. Thank You Canada, give your neighbors lessons!” he added.Another user compared the positive actions of Canadians with those of other countries, which have rejected refugees or mistreated them.“Thank you Canada for looking after Syrian refugees. [Canada] a truly civilized country when a lot of countries try to find an excuse for not accepting Syrian refugees…” another user wrote.“God bless you Canada you behaved in Muslim morals and principles, while a lot of Muslim countries forgot Islam and what it stands for (peace for all human race). Salam Alykum (peace be upon you),” the user added.Canada’s Prime Minister personally welcomed the first group of 163 Syrian refugees for resettlement at the Toronto Airport.“We define a Canadian not by a skin color or a language or a religion, or background – but by a shared set of values, aspirations, hopes and dreams…” Trudeau said defining the refugees that arrived as Canadians from now on.While Canada is welcoming Syrian refugees in the most beautiful way, an increasing number of American politicians have turned hate speech against Muslims into their trade mark. Republican U.S. presidential candidate Donald Trump wants to close all American borders and ban all Muslims from entering the U.S.In addition, representatives from many U.S. states have said they will not allow their respective states to accept the refugee resettlement plan.

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