first_imgJuventus aren’t that good when it comes to European finals.Sure, they’ve won the UEFA Cup three times and the Cup Winners Cup once, but have only been successful in the European Cup/Champions League twice. This is despite playing in seven finals, including three successive appearances in 1996, 1997 and 1998.Now, though, they have a chance to win a third European crown having secured a place in their second final in three years after beating Monaco in the semi-final.Here, looks at the teams who have appeared in more finals than anyone else and their success rate.REMEMBERING THE LAST JUVE TO WIN THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE 10 Joint 10. Man United and Inter have both played in five European Cup/Champions League finals, winning three and losing two apiece – Man United and Inter share a 60 per cent win rate. 10 10 10 7. Benfica have played in seven European Cup/Champions League finals (won two and lost five) – Benfica have won 28.5 per cent of the European Cup finals they have contested. 10 5. Barcelona have played in eight European Cup/Champions League finals, winning five and losing three – Barcelona have won 62.5 per cent of their finals. 8. Ajax have appeared in six finals and won four of them – Ajax have won 66.6 per cent of their finals. 10center_img 10 2. Milan have made 11 appearances in European Cup/Champions League finals, winning seven and losing four – Milan have won 63.6 per cent of their finals. 4. Juventus have reached nine European Cup/Champions League finals (losing six and winning two, with another to come this June) – They’ve just made it to the 2017 edition, but have a 25 per cent win rate when it comes to the big day. 6. Liverpool have played in seven finals – you may be aware they have won five, losing two – Liverpool have been successful 71.4 per cent of the time. 3. Bayern have played in 10 European Cup/Champions League finals, winning five and losing five – The German have club have a 50 per cent win rate in finals. 10 10 10 1. Real Madrid have reached 15 finals and won 11 of them (with the 2017 final to come) – That’s a win percentage of 78.5 per cent from their previous 14 finals.last_img

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