first_imgSo, As AS has learned, the Orriols team is attentive to what happens in the South American Pre-Olympic at the hands of José Luis Sancho, member of the technical secretariat of the first team, that has moved to Colombia to see some of the best U23 teams in action. With the closing of the winter market just around the corner, without frights in the Levant, the sports area focuses on the future and has focused its efforts on the South American market, where the last tournaments of the lower categories of selections have taken place and to control the major leagues of the continent. The objective, mainly, is to be present in international tournaments and expand the scouting network especially in South America. Where, beyond the last international tournaments of lower categories, there is a niche to be exploited by European clubs in an increasingly saturated economic market. For example, the most lucrative sale in club history, Jefferson Lerma, came in circumstances similar to those sought. Previously, Manuel Fajardo and Javier Sanz, two men of maximum confidence of Manolo Salvador and David Navarro, who brought them from Alcorcón and Granada, respectively, to form their work teams, were present at the U-17 World Cup, which took place from October 26 to November 17, 2019 in Brazil, with the combined carioca raising precisely the title as host.They have also carried out a special follow-up in several Latin American countries; how In uruguay, where José Hernández has taken charge of generating the reports of the domestic championship.In this way, the sports area granota combs the South American market with the intention of giving talent “good, beautiful and cheap”. That is the intention of the technical structure: try to get hold of future players at an affordable price so they can finish developing under the tutelage of the club and with the sights set on the first team.In that sense, both the sports management of the first team and the subsidiary go hand in hand. El Levante puts an eye on the South American market.last_img

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