SCI’s Michael Kang Talks Ghoul Train’s Return, Gregg Allman, Acoustic Shows & More

first_imgL4LM: I know a lot of fans were blown away by your recent secret show in Colorado. How did that all come together? MK: A good buddy of ours who we’ve known for years and years and years, it was his 40th birthday, and so he invited us up to come play. Some of were like, you know this could be really fun to have a no-pressure party, and so we came around on it. We told him, we don’t want it to get too out of control, so we’re basically just not going to say anything about it, can’t really release it to the general public. There were no tickets sold or anything like that. It just kinda came about that way, it was a 40th birthday, it was only a couple hundred people there. It was just really fun to have this small intimate, no pressure show.We just showed up and played. I live in California now so I had to fly in for it, but yeah it was super fun.You Can Download The String Cheese Incident’s Secret Show For FreeL4LM: You’re hitting Red Rocks this summer in its 75th year too. That must be exciting.MK: They just asked us… I guess there’s a Red Rocks Hall of Fame, and they’re putting us in the Red Rocks Hall of Fame, which is hilarious. I think at this point, besides Widespread, we’re like the second or third band that’s played there the most. It’s just cool for us.L4LM: That’s quite the honor! Congratulations, and thank you so much for your time Michael. We really appreciate it! Just last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with The String Cheese Incident’s founding member, Michael Kang. The multi-instrumentalist spoke to us at length about the band’s newest endeavor, the SCI Sound Lab, which is essentially a creative workspace that the band can call their own. With new music just released and a whole lot more in the pipeline, Kang switched gears and talked about what fans can’t get enough of – live String Cheese shows!With Electric Forest coming this weekend, a major tour that includes shows at Red Rocks, a collaborative set with Gregg Allman, and the return of Hulaween Festival, there was no shortage of great conversation with Kang. Read on for his take on all of these exciting events!L4LM: Summer tour is coming up soon! It all starts this weekend at Electric Forest. I know that festival has evolved over the years, how do you feel about where it is and where it’s going?MK: It’s great. Our history with that festival goes way back and a long way. Back when we were throwing a lot of the Horning’s Hideout shows, back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, we had this concept of wanting to bring a super immersive atmosphere that not only incorporated music but art and performance art. Just really give people a fully immersive experience that they could experience even if they’re not just watching the show. We did those shows for many years, and then it morphed and evolved due to some of our involvement in Burning Man and going there, seeing the potential for how people can have this kinda of experience. It culminated with our management starting the Rothbury Festival.The first years of Rothbury was right actually when the band was taking a break, but some of us still remained in the production side.  I, and some other friends of mine, brought this immersive style and ambiance to the festival. We stayed involved in the production, so when they decided to re-launch it as Electric Forest, we stayed involved and have been a mainstay at the festival. It was the culmination of us wanting to create this Horning’s Hideout style event in the Midwest, and having more resources to be able to go big with it. The first year it did good, the second year it did even better, and now it’s totally blown up. There’s a focus – a lot of the kids these days are listening to EDM. To me, EDM or live or whatever, they’re still getting to see us for the first time. A lot of the mainstay acts are friends of ours really, Bassnectar – I introduced him to the whole jam scene, way back when. We used to play these shows as Elastic Mystic together, way back when I found him at Burning Man. It’s all one big family as far as I’m concerned. The music may sound different, but it’s still kind of the same people that pervade it all.L4LM: Speaking of Bassnectar, we recently caught an interview where he said he was going to be a “resident DJ” of Electric Forest.MK: Yeah, I heard that too! I think that’s great, I think he gets it. He really believes in the same family community, music as a community vibe that all of us come from and the same kind of place and all that. L4LM: I know you mentioned Horning’s in there a couple of times. Is there any chance of you going back there?MK: You know, we’d like to. Unfortunately, the grounds themselves at Horning’s are a little restricted because it’s very difficult to get into. It’s a pretty small venue, and the guy who owns it, Bob Hornings, really has a pretty busy schedule of a lot of events. He really doesn’t do a lot of concerts there, so when we do come in, it’s quite the big impact, for better or worse for him. We still want to focus on creating these events. If you were to ask us what the band goal was over the next 10 years, it’s to really have a few of these hubs throughout the year – one in the East Coast, one in the South, we’ve got Electric Forest up on the North, and on the West Coast we’d like to start something like that. We can spread this transformative music event that really gets people going. We’ve been able to do that in Suwannee for Hulaween and we want to continue being involved in these things that become more of a complete creative expression of what we feel wants to bring to expand.We’re going to continue to look for places, and it may happen at the actual Horning’s Hideout again. But there are some prohibitive issues with that site. It’s really actually very difficult to pull off for our crew and management. But it is magical and we definitely don’t want to take it off the table either.L4LM: I know a lot of fans are going to be excited for the Gregg Allman Incident coming up. Have you met with Gregg yet? MK: He’s an absolute legend. We’ve been conversing, but at a distance. I’m sure once we get through a couple of these events, we’ll hone it down. We’re trying to figure out what the ideal setlist would be, what he wants to do. We’re just going to see what happens. We’ve now done a few of these collaborations, we usually do one or two a year. Since we’re not doing LOCKN’ this year, and having a big collaboration of some sort – last year we did it with the Doobie Brothers. Every single one that we’ve done has been great, where it’s like a real meeting of the worlds. Yeah, it’s been really cool.Right now we don’t have any specific plans, but I’m sure as time goes on, we’ll work it out.L4LM: There’s just so much material from the Allman Brothers catalog to pull from. MK:  Oh man. It’s dizzying when you really start to think about it. L4LM: So I don’t want to keep you for too long, but I have to ask if our April Fool’s joke about the GWAR Cheese Incident made it back to you guys.MK: Yeah… somebody even mentioned it last night. I was like, man that would awesome, but it would be a stretch. People are taking it seriously. Even our bookkeeper asked, “when are you guys doing this heavy metal thing?” I’m like, “You don’t see the joke in that?”L4LM: I mean, we did do a joke about you doing a dubstep set, and you wound up collaborating with Skrillex on stage.MK: We feel the freedom. We’re obviously not an electronic act but we love electronic music. [Michael] Travis and Jason totally have EOTO, so we’re not afraid of throwing that into the set at all. It’s always funny to sometimes see, because some people are like, “no don’t do that,” but other people are like, “oh my god this is the best thing ever.”But that’s always been our shtick from the beginning. There’s nothing we won’t try.L4LM: Is there anything you haven’t tried yet that you want to or is just whatever comes?MK: Whatever comes. We love the collaborations; they’re really cool because you get a sense of how other songwriters and people have done it. It would be really cool one day to do something with an orchestra. There’s all kinds of stuff that’s possible. We’re always trying to come up with new ideas and see what sticks. But we feel like we cover a pretty broad range of things at the same time.I think at some point we want to do some more fully acoustic stuff too, which is a cool part of our whole band. L4LM: That’s interesting, because Bill Nershi had a similar comment when he spoke to us last year.MK: A lot of times when we’ll play festivals, we’ll change the band, because we have such a varied repertoire. For Billy as mainly an acoustic guitar player, and even for me as a fiddle player and a mandolin player – I play mostly electric now but it’s really fun to play acoustic too – it keeps you on your toes having to keep up all your chops in the varying styles.L4LM: Among those many styles was last year’s “Ghoul Train” set at Hulaween. I think fans are curious as to what you’re going to do next.MK: The Ghoul Train is here to stay for a couple years. There’s so much material, and we’ve already been talking about that. There’s no shortage of shit to throw in the mix there.last_img read more

Lakers vowing they will not quit despite struggles

first_imgThe Lakers started the season like a track runner making a significant push off the starting block.The Lakers have since experienced plenty of instances where their relay team has dropped the baton.Through both instances, Lakers coach Luke Walton shared a Larry Bird quote that assistant Casey Owens found to provide a framework through an unpredictable rebuilding season.“ ‘Don’t let winning make you soft; don’t let losing make you quit,’ ” Walton recalled. “It’s about continuing good habits on the offensive end, and on the defensive end sharing the ball and getting back on defense,” Lakers rookie forward Brandon Ingram said. “Rebounding the basketball. That’s all the things we have to work on.”Inconsistency plagued the Lakers in various ways on their recent trip. The Lakers squandered double-digit leads in Sacramento, Miami and Charlotte. Walton became so upset with the team’s effort against Brooklyn that he criticized them for being mentally soft afterwards. The Lakers scored a season-low 14 points in the first quarter in Friday’s loss to Orlando.Meanwhile, Lakers guard Jordan Clarkson lamented the team’s inability to make defensive stops in close games.“We have to be able to go through bad moments of the game and not have mental lapses,” Lakers reserve guard Marcelo Huertas said. “You just have to stay calm and make good decisions.”There were a few times the Lakers did not look calm against the Orlando, when the players argued with each other over failed defensive rotations. But Walton mostly credited his players for still competing and not harboring too much frustration.“That’s cool, but that ain’t no excuse,” Lakers forward Thomas Robinson said. “They pay us to come out here and play. We have to come out here and play to win.”With a home-heavy upcoming schedule against the Clippers (Sunday), Utah (Tuesday), Dallas (Thursday), Toronto (Jan. 1) and Memphis (Jan. 3), the Lakers held out hope that will happen. “We’re not going to quit,” Walton said. “We’re going to keep fighting until we figure it out.”Role changeFor all the growth Ingram experienced with point guard duties, the Lakers rookie also showed a few hiccups during the team’s seven-game trip.Sure, Ingram nearly became the youngest NBA player in league history to log a triple-double when he posted nine points, 10 rebounds and nine assists against Cleveland. But on the Lakers’ trip, he also averaged six points on 31.9 percent shooting. Ingram also said he “lacked defensive intensity” the last few games.”“Offensively, I’m not where I want to be,” Ingram said. “I haven’t been knocking down shots. I haven’t gotten into a rhythm.”And yet…“I’m not worried about it,” Ingram said. “It will come as long as the offense moves the ball and we do the right things. It’s not about my shot. It’s about the team’s shots and what’s the best shots for the team.” “It’s appropriate when we were winning. Now it’s appropriate when we’re losing. We’re not going to quit. We’re going to keep fighting until we figure it out.”The Lakers (11-22) have struggled for a while to figure things out. They have lost 12 of their past 13 games. They just ended a seven-game trip with a 1-6 record. And the Lakers’ Christmas Day present is a game against the Clippers (22-9) on Sunday at Staples Center, a team that has beaten the Lakers by an average 20.5 points in their last 11 contests.The Lakers have not beaten the Clippers since Oct. 29, 2013, when Mike D’Antoni patrolled the sidelines for the Lakers.“It can be the start of a run for us,” Lakers guard D’Angelo Russell said. “We just have to keep believing.”The Lakers will need more than that to beat the Clippers. Yet, the Lakers believe they can stop the misery by improving basically on everything.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

USC’s Pac-10 run secures No. 5 seed out East

first_imgIt was a first date of sorts, a date with the NCAA Tournament. Stewart, Nick Young and Gabe Pruitt had been pining for this opportunity for years. Their backs were arched and heads tilted to catch a better view of the scoreboard screen from the arena’s plush new seats. They ached to find out who would be their dance partner, and where they would be going. But the selection show teased them for more than 30 minutes, going through the entire West region before USC’s pairing was announced. The Trojans received the No.5 seed in the East Region and will face 12th-seeded Arkansas on Friday in Spokane, Wash. The players, some of whom brought along family members, erupted in cheers. Then they got the unique perspective of watching that delayed reaction on the CBS telecast seconds later. “It was unbelievable,” Young said. “I’ve never been in a situation like that, where we see ourselves on the screen and everybody was yelling, then seeing the No. 5 pop up. That was great.” It will be USC’s first trip to the NCAA Tournament since the 2001-02 season, before any current player was on the team. “We’ll get them back to Earth tomorrow, and they can take pats on the back today,” Tim Floyd said. LOS ANGELES – USC players sat in the Galen Center stands, two television cameras ready to capture their reactions, and waited. And waited. “My palms were sweaty,” said senior guard Lodrick Stewart. center_img Floyd took over a team coming off a last-place finish in the Pacific-10 Conference and has it in the NCAA Tournament twoyears later. Entering the season , the Trojans were picked by the media to finish sixth in the conference. “It’s absolutely ahead of schedule,” USC athletic director Mike Garrett said. “If you told me, with the team we had coming back and losing Ryan Francis, that we would make the NCAA Tournament, I would have said that was a `Ripley’s Believe It or Not.”‘ Francis, the starting point guard last season, was killed in a shooting in Louisiana during the offseason. The fifth seed is higher than expected. The Trojans had an impressive resume, with seven victories over Top-25 teams, but had bad losses to South Carolina and Arizona State, as well as a No. 40 RPI. USC’s RPI improved last week thanks to its run to the Pac-10 tournament final, but the Trojans (23-11) had an embarrassing blowout loss to Oregon in the title game. “We’re certainly happy with our seed,” Floyd said. “We think we were treated fairly.” USC won its last meeting with Arkansas, in 1986. The Trojans also beat the Razorbacks in 1967, their only other meeting. Arkansas (21-13) tied for eighth in the Southeastern Conference but advanced to the final of the conference tournament before losing to Florida. If USC can get by the Razorbacks, it could set up a second-round game against No. 15 Texas and national player of the year candidate Kevin Durant. “Obviously, he’s a top NBA prospect,” Pruitt said of Durant. “Hopefully we can take care of business against Arkansas and see those guys in the second round.” 160Want local news?Sign up for the Localist and stay informed Something went wrong. Please try again.subscribeCongratulations! You’re all set!last_img