SCI’s Michael Kang Talks Ghoul Train’s Return, Gregg Allman, Acoustic Shows & More

first_imgL4LM: I know a lot of fans were blown away by your recent secret show in Colorado. How did that all come together? MK: A good buddy of ours who we’ve known for years and years and years, it was his 40th birthday, and so he invited us up to come play. Some of were like, you know this could be really fun to have a no-pressure party, and so we came around on it. We told him, we don’t want it to get too out of control, so we’re basically just not going to say anything about it, can’t really release it to the general public. There were no tickets sold or anything like that. It just kinda came about that way, it was a 40th birthday, it was only a couple hundred people there. It was just really fun to have this small intimate, no pressure show.We just showed up and played. I live in California now so I had to fly in for it, but yeah it was super fun.You Can Download The String Cheese Incident’s Secret Show For FreeL4LM: You’re hitting Red Rocks this summer in its 75th year too. That must be exciting.MK: They just asked us… I guess there’s a Red Rocks Hall of Fame, and they’re putting us in the Red Rocks Hall of Fame, which is hilarious. I think at this point, besides Widespread, we’re like the second or third band that’s played there the most. It’s just cool for us.L4LM: That’s quite the honor! Congratulations, and thank you so much for your time Michael. We really appreciate it! Just last week, we had the opportunity to sit down with The String Cheese Incident’s founding member, Michael Kang. The multi-instrumentalist spoke to us at length about the band’s newest endeavor, the SCI Sound Lab, which is essentially a creative workspace that the band can call their own. With new music just released and a whole lot more in the pipeline, Kang switched gears and talked about what fans can’t get enough of – live String Cheese shows!With Electric Forest coming this weekend, a major tour that includes shows at Red Rocks, a collaborative set with Gregg Allman, and the return of Hulaween Festival, there was no shortage of great conversation with Kang. Read on for his take on all of these exciting events!L4LM: Summer tour is coming up soon! It all starts this weekend at Electric Forest. I know that festival has evolved over the years, how do you feel about where it is and where it’s going?MK: It’s great. Our history with that festival goes way back and a long way. Back when we were throwing a lot of the Horning’s Hideout shows, back in the 90’s and early 2000’s, we had this concept of wanting to bring a super immersive atmosphere that not only incorporated music but art and performance art. Just really give people a fully immersive experience that they could experience even if they’re not just watching the show. We did those shows for many years, and then it morphed and evolved due to some of our involvement in Burning Man and going there, seeing the potential for how people can have this kinda of experience. It culminated with our management starting the Rothbury Festival.The first years of Rothbury was right actually when the band was taking a break, but some of us still remained in the production side.  I, and some other friends of mine, brought this immersive style and ambiance to the festival. We stayed involved in the production, so when they decided to re-launch it as Electric Forest, we stayed involved and have been a mainstay at the festival. It was the culmination of us wanting to create this Horning’s Hideout style event in the Midwest, and having more resources to be able to go big with it. The first year it did good, the second year it did even better, and now it’s totally blown up. There’s a focus – a lot of the kids these days are listening to EDM. To me, EDM or live or whatever, they’re still getting to see us for the first time. A lot of the mainstay acts are friends of ours really, Bassnectar – I introduced him to the whole jam scene, way back when. We used to play these shows as Elastic Mystic together, way back when I found him at Burning Man. It’s all one big family as far as I’m concerned. The music may sound different, but it’s still kind of the same people that pervade it all.L4LM: Speaking of Bassnectar, we recently caught an interview where he said he was going to be a “resident DJ” of Electric Forest.MK: Yeah, I heard that too! I think that’s great, I think he gets it. He really believes in the same family community, music as a community vibe that all of us come from and the same kind of place and all that. L4LM: I know you mentioned Horning’s in there a couple of times. Is there any chance of you going back there?MK: You know, we’d like to. Unfortunately, the grounds themselves at Horning’s are a little restricted because it’s very difficult to get into. It’s a pretty small venue, and the guy who owns it, Bob Hornings, really has a pretty busy schedule of a lot of events. He really doesn’t do a lot of concerts there, so when we do come in, it’s quite the big impact, for better or worse for him. We still want to focus on creating these events. If you were to ask us what the band goal was over the next 10 years, it’s to really have a few of these hubs throughout the year – one in the East Coast, one in the South, we’ve got Electric Forest up on the North, and on the West Coast we’d like to start something like that. We can spread this transformative music event that really gets people going. We’ve been able to do that in Suwannee for Hulaween and we want to continue being involved in these things that become more of a complete creative expression of what we feel wants to bring to expand.We’re going to continue to look for places, and it may happen at the actual Horning’s Hideout again. But there are some prohibitive issues with that site. It’s really actually very difficult to pull off for our crew and management. But it is magical and we definitely don’t want to take it off the table either.L4LM: I know a lot of fans are going to be excited for the Gregg Allman Incident coming up. Have you met with Gregg yet? MK: He’s an absolute legend. We’ve been conversing, but at a distance. I’m sure once we get through a couple of these events, we’ll hone it down. We’re trying to figure out what the ideal setlist would be, what he wants to do. We’re just going to see what happens. We’ve now done a few of these collaborations, we usually do one or two a year. Since we’re not doing LOCKN’ this year, and having a big collaboration of some sort – last year we did it with the Doobie Brothers. Every single one that we’ve done has been great, where it’s like a real meeting of the worlds. Yeah, it’s been really cool.Right now we don’t have any specific plans, but I’m sure as time goes on, we’ll work it out.L4LM: There’s just so much material from the Allman Brothers catalog to pull from. MK:  Oh man. It’s dizzying when you really start to think about it. L4LM: So I don’t want to keep you for too long, but I have to ask if our April Fool’s joke about the GWAR Cheese Incident made it back to you guys.MK: Yeah… somebody even mentioned it last night. I was like, man that would awesome, but it would be a stretch. People are taking it seriously. Even our bookkeeper asked, “when are you guys doing this heavy metal thing?” I’m like, “You don’t see the joke in that?”L4LM: I mean, we did do a joke about you doing a dubstep set, and you wound up collaborating with Skrillex on stage.MK: We feel the freedom. We’re obviously not an electronic act but we love electronic music. [Michael] Travis and Jason totally have EOTO, so we’re not afraid of throwing that into the set at all. It’s always funny to sometimes see, because some people are like, “no don’t do that,” but other people are like, “oh my god this is the best thing ever.”But that’s always been our shtick from the beginning. There’s nothing we won’t try.L4LM: Is there anything you haven’t tried yet that you want to or is just whatever comes?MK: Whatever comes. We love the collaborations; they’re really cool because you get a sense of how other songwriters and people have done it. It would be really cool one day to do something with an orchestra. There’s all kinds of stuff that’s possible. We’re always trying to come up with new ideas and see what sticks. But we feel like we cover a pretty broad range of things at the same time.I think at some point we want to do some more fully acoustic stuff too, which is a cool part of our whole band. L4LM: That’s interesting, because Bill Nershi had a similar comment when he spoke to us last year.MK: A lot of times when we’ll play festivals, we’ll change the band, because we have such a varied repertoire. For Billy as mainly an acoustic guitar player, and even for me as a fiddle player and a mandolin player – I play mostly electric now but it’s really fun to play acoustic too – it keeps you on your toes having to keep up all your chops in the varying styles.L4LM: Among those many styles was last year’s “Ghoul Train” set at Hulaween. I think fans are curious as to what you’re going to do next.MK: The Ghoul Train is here to stay for a couple years. There’s so much material, and we’ve already been talking about that. There’s no shortage of shit to throw in the mix there.last_img read more

Watch The String Cheese Incident Jam With Vince Welnick, On This Day In 1998

first_imgEven before the days of destination events and transformational festivals, The String Cheese Incident were always looking for ways to give their fans unique concert experiences. One such opportunity came in 1998, when the band traveled South to the Akumal Performing Arts Center in Akumal, Mexico.Cheese rose to the occasion of the run, playing their hearts out under the tropical skies for the multi-night run. In addition to a great setlist on the first night, the band also had some special guests in the form of Vince Welnick (of the Grateful Dead) and Keller Williams.Fortunately, video captured from this Akumal opening night is in circulation, capturing the band’s first set with the Vince Welnick collaboration. Welnick joins Cheese for a rollicking cover of “That’s What Love Will Make You Do,” a Jerry Garcia Band classic, and the band keeps the fans entertained with great jams on songs like “Lester Had A Coconut,” “Round The Wheel” and so many more.Watch the video below, courtesy of mojowrkn on YouTube.The second set is also chock full of highlights, including a jam with Keller Williams on “All Blues” and lengthy renditions of “Impressions”, “Galactic,” “Shine” and more. Check out full audio of the night below, taped by Rob Phillips and transferred by Steve Tighe.last_img read more

Start Making Sense Takes It To The (East) River

first_imgOn Thursday night in Manhattan, Talking Heads cover band Start Making Sense took their talent out to sea. The Rocks Off Concert Cruise provided the perfect party vessel for the evening as strangers became friends on the 300-person capacity excursion.Keeping in line with the infamous 1984 Stop Making Sense concert film, Start Making Sense opened with “Psycho Killer.” As the ship set sail, “Thank You For Sending Me An Angel” and “Slippery People” got the crowd dancing and the boat rocking. Rumors of thunderstorms and torrential rain in the forecast may have created anxiety for certain ship captains, but our driver seemed as cool as cucumber as the crowd showed off their moves during “Making Flippy Floopy.” The Phish hats in the room began bobbing when the band launched into “The Great Curve” off the iconic Remain In Light album.Lead singer and David Byrne look-alike, Jon Braun, mentioned that they hadn’t played “I Get Wild/ Wild Gravity” in about a year but due to the aquatic theme and wild party, they dusted it off for the passengers. Another Remain In Light masterpiece, “Born Under Punches” was blasted just as the boat passed under the Manhattan Bridge which lead to “Cities” being played under the Brooklyn Bridge. New York City is the place that most of the audience had found themselves living in and “Naïve Melody (This Must Be The Place)” reminded us that home is where we wanted to be as the vessel sailed around the Statue of Liberty.As the first set came to a close, the Talking Heads fans young and old tried to piece together what the band could possibly have to offer in the second set. Classics like “Nothing But Flowers,” “Once In A Lifetime,” and “Burning Down the House” kept the lower level of the party bouncing while the upper deck spun and swirled with a beautiful view of lower Manhattan. The aptly placed “Take Me To The River” played as the ship got closer to its final resting place for the evening, but not before “Crosseyed and Painless” came as the third song of the evening from Remain In Light.Cover bands like Start Making Sense give a new generation of fans a chance to see the incredible music of yesteryear played live. Cell phone apps like Sound Hound and Shazam provide services to identify music based on a short sample of sound and would be easily confused by the talent and dedication that Start Making Sense has in relation to their idols, the Talking Heads. The Rocks Off Cruise aligned perfectly with the excellent band creating an evening of true bliss that fans will remember until the next ship sets sail.Setlist: Start Making Sense | Rocks Off | NYC | 7/13/17I: Psycho Killer, Thank You For Sending Me An Angel, Slippery People, And She Was, Making Flippy Floppy, Don’t Worry About the Government, The Great Curve, Stay Up Late, I Get Wild/ Wild Gravity, Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On), Cities, Life During Wartime, What A Day That Was, Naïve Melody (This Must Be The Place)II: Heaven, Like Humans Do, Road To Nowhere, Nothing But Flowers, Once In A Lifetime, Burning Down The House, Girlfriend Is Better, Take Me To The River, Crosseyed and Painless[photo via @willgarris on Instagram]last_img read more

Accelerate Commercial HPC workloads with SAGA – Find out how with Dell EMC Isilon and Altair

first_imgAn ongoing challenge with HPC workloads is that as the number of concurrent jobs increases, storage reaches a critical point where NFS latency spikes, and beyond that critical point, all workloads are running on that storage crawl. An integration of Dell EMC Isilon scale-out storage with Altair Accelerator enables Storage-Aware Grid Acceleration (SAGA), an elegant and innovative solution that can address your next wave of design challenges.As the number of concurrent jobs in HPC workloads increases, storage latency spikes and workloads start to crawl.Let us consider a scenario in which you have 10,000 cores in your compute grid and each of your jobs runs 30 minutes, so if you submit 10,000 jobs to the job scheduler, it should be finished in 30 minutes with no jobs waiting in queue. With time, your test cases have grown to 20,000 jobs, and with 10,000 cores that set finishes in 60 minutes. The business need is that you want those 20,000 jobs to finish in 30 minutes, so you add 10,000 more cores. But now, the job doesn’t finish even in 2+ hours because storage latency has spiked from 3ms to 10ms. Latency has x^2 impact on run time, so doubling latency quadruples your average run time.Let’s now look at another scenario with more I/O-intensive jobs, so just 5,000 concurrent jobs push the NFS latency to that critical point. By adding only 50 more jobs, you would spike the latency to 2x the normal value. And this latency spike doesn’t just affect the additional 50 jobs but the entire 5,050 jobs on the compute grid. Beyond that critical point, there is no value running I/O-intensive jobs on the grid.In a scale-out Dell EMC Isilon Network Attached Storage architecture you can add more storage nodes and push the critical point to the right so that you can run more concurrent jobs on the compute grid. Remember that workloads are unpredictable, and their I/O profiles can change without much notice.Storage latency greatly impacts runtime of a job, which in turn impacts time to market. One of the key pieces of the Electronic Design Automation (EDA) infrastructure — or any HPC infrastructure — is a job scheduler that dispatches various workloads to the compute grid. Historically, the workload requirements that are passed on to the job scheduler have been cores, memory, tools, licenses and CPU affinity. What if we add storage as a workload requirement — NFS latency, IOPS and disk usage? Now the job scheduler managing the compute grid is aware of the underlying storage system and can manage job scheduling based on each job’s storage needs, thus accelerating grid throughput by distributing jobs appropriately. Storage is now a resource just like cores, memory, and tools consumed by the workload based on its priority, fair share and limits.Unmanaged I/O-Intensive jobs cause a dramatic increase in latency.This simple idea has huge implications on job throughput in the EDA world. As you already know, job throughput impacts design quality and reliability, which in turn impacts tape-outs and ultimately time to market. EDA workloads are massively parallel and as you increase the number of parallel jobs, you put more pressure on the underlying storage system, as it should, but this impact on storage is much more drastic on legacy scale-up storage architectures compared to Isilon, a scale-out storage system. Read more about the benefits of an Isilon scale-out NAS architecture in this white paper.Storage-Aware Grid Acceleration with Isilon and Altair Accelerator™With SAGA, you’re throttling and/or distributing jobs that are I/O-intensive as latency spikes beyond a configured value, and now you’re not running 20,000 concurrent jobs but enough so that your jobs finish in 30–45 minutes instead of 4 hours. In addition to 100% throughput gains, you also have substantial indirect cost savings because you’re using 50% fewer licenses and cores. In this example, the numbers are skewed to simplify calculations, but the impact and benefits are similar in the real world.In the example below, an unmanaged workload of 500 I/O-intensive jobs ran in around 3 minutes on 500 CPUs. When Altair Accelerator was implemented to manage the workload, it ran in the same 3 minutes on only 10 processors — using around 50x fewer resources.SAGA lets you run your workload with up to 80x less compute resources.Hot directory detectionAltair Accelerator and Isilon also work together to ensure that filer temperature doesn’t get too hot and compromise performance. Isilon provides feedback to Accelerator, and if an I/O-intensive job needs to be preempted, Accelerator will suspend it.SAGA lets you identify I/O-intensive jobs and responds by preempting jobs — only those in the hot directory.SAGA distributes jobs based on I/O resources and pre-empts I/O intensive jobs in order to maximize job throughput.Storage is a critical resourceLike cores and memory, storage must be a resource in your grid system, and having a true scale-out storage system like Isilon with an extensive API stack is very valuable. Its integration into Altair’s enterprise-grade Accelerator job scheduler is key to solving the next set of design challenges.Next stepsFind out today how you can deploy Storage-Aware Grid Acceleration to accelerate your HPC workloads so that high storage latencies don’t slow down your electronic design workloads.Reach out to your Dell account executive or Altair’s engineering sales team to set up a demonstration of integration between Dell EMC Isilon and Altair Accelerator to enable SAGA.last_img read more

Stressed Over Valentine’s Day? At Least You’re Not These Broadway Couples

first_img Valentine’s Day is upon us, and we realize it can be a stressful time, whether you’re in love with a wonderful guy (or girl), looking for somebody to hold you too close or in full “I Hate Men” mode. Fortunately for you, you’re not currently on a train wreck of a date with a fictional Broadway character. We played matchmaker matchmaker with a few musical theater favorites then imagined how their nights would go down. Using Plotagon, we’ve simulated our bizarre cross-fiction for your viewing pleasure. Take a look below. Aaron Burr, Lola, Velma Kelly, Elphaba, the Phantom & Norma Desmond(Photo via Plotagon) Velma Kelly & Aaron BurrYou’d think a merry murderess and the damn fool that shot Alexander Hamilton would hit it off on a blind date. The Chicago and Hamilton scoundrels have so much in common, including a penchant for homicide, jealousy and intense FOMO. But that might just be too much baggage to unpack in a first encounter. Looks like these two will just have to wait for it a little longer. The Phantom & ElphabaElphaba is one smart Wicked witch, but like all of us, she occasionally has a lapse in judgment. (Seriously, why would you run upstairs to an attic when you’re fleeing?) She probably could have predicted that a visit to Phantom’s box five would not have ended well, either. Her date has little respect for boundaries, but Elphaba holds her own. If she’s flying solo, at least she’s flying free from a possessive creeper.center_img Norma Desmond & LolaWe all have our quirks in relationships. Some of us use obnoxious pet names. Others are PDA culprits. And some perpetually obsess over young artists and don’t let them leave their mansion. The Sunset Boulevard diva didn’t learn her lesson with Joe Gillis, and that doesn’t bode will for her new relationship with the Kinky Boots’ thigh-high-clad drag queen. Let’s hope things turn out better in the Land of Lola. View Commentslast_img read more

Outdoor Updates: Yellowstone National Park considers adding Wi-Fi throughout the park

first_imgAn analysis conducted by one of the UK’s leading ecologists suggests that half of all insects have gone extinct since 1970 as a direct result of pesticide use and environmental destruction. The analysis also suggests that 40 percent of the 1 million known insect species are also facing extinction.  A new report warns of the “unnoticed insect apocalypse” The public comment period for this project has closed so stay tuned for the outcome. If the proposal is successful, Yellowstone might be the first of many national parks outfitted with high-speed Internet. “We anticipate that the installation will be expanded in the future to offer the same service to the National Park Service and other concessioners,” the National Park Service said in a statement.  Yellowstone National Park considers adding Wi-Fi throughout the park The European Investment Bank, the world’s largest international public bank, has announced that it will cut financing to most fossil fuel projects in an effort to become the first ‘climate bank.’ Between 2013 and 2018, the European Investment Bank lent 6.2 million euro every day to fossil fuel companies. The report focuses on the UK, where insects have been studied more closely than anywhere else in the world. According to The Guardian, insect population collapse has been documented in Germany and Puerto Rico and the first global study of insect decline, published earlier this year, said widespread declines pose a “catastrophic collapse of nature’s ecosystems.” World’s largest public bank announces it will no longer lend money to coal and oil companies AccessParks, a company that supplies broadband Internet to remote places, wants to bring Wi-Fi to Yellowstone National Park. The company has teamed up with Xanterra Parks & Resorts, which runs the park’s concessions, in hopes of installing high-speed Internet in buildings and at popular attractions throughout Yellowstone. The company claims that installing Wi-Fi will help more people experience the park for longer periods of time. “When parents can keep up with work for an hour in the evening, the kids benefit from longer stays,” the company says on its website. “When the world’s biggest public lender decides to largely ditch fossil fuels, financial markets across the globe will take notice,” said Kate Cahoon, a campaigner with Though the gas lobby has managed to negotiate some loopholes into the policy, Cahoon says that the gas projects better take notice of the “growing list of pipelines, terminals and fracking wells that are scrapped thanks to local opposition and the unprecedented masses of people mobilizing for climate justice.”last_img read more

Panamanian Gangs Copy Methods of Their Central American Counterparts, Minister Says

first_imgBy Dialogo May 12, 2010 Panamanian gangs have copied the bloody methods of their Central American counterparts, known as maras, according to statements by the Panamanian minister of government and justice, José Raúl Mulino, published by the local press Tuesday. Mulino attributed the wave of violence experienced by the country in recent weeks to organized crime and affirmed that local gangs “have adopted techniques used by Central American maras,” such as the settlement of accounts, “homicides with mutilation and the dismemberment of bodies, in order to send messages to their adversaries and enemies,” according to the daily La Prensa. In recent weeks three corpses cut into pieces have been found, attributed to fights between local gangs involved in stealing drugs. The Panamanian government has identified 245 gangs, principally concentrated in the capital and the populous district of San Miguelito, neighboring the capital, and they are considered responsible for the country’s increase in crime and activities related to international drug trafficking. Mulino affirmed that it is necessary to apply strategies in order to “avoid turning drug traffickers and murderers into celebrities,” for which reason the handbook of gang members will be given to the press in order to make their identities known. So far this year, there have been more than 300 homicides in Panama, while there were 808 in 2009 and 363 in 2006, despite increased penalties, the creation of naval air bases, and the reorganization of several ministries by Ricardo Martinelli’s administration.last_img read more

Time management is all about energy

first_imgTraditionally, organizations have believed that, to create higher-performing workplaces, employees must:be more committed and dedicated to the cause;stay later and come in earlier; andmake more of an effort—that is, “try harder” (such as by learning new skills).In other words, organizations seem to think that sheer determination is the key to helping employees perform their absolute best.But when a person is depleted of energy, all the skills and know-how in the world won’t be able to help them, especially when it comes to managing their time.That’s because wherever you see high performance, you will see the efficient management of energy. Let’s look at time management differently—through the lens of brain science. continue reading » 12SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblrlast_img read more

The art of choosing a data scientist

first_img ShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr As vice president of analytics and consulting services at Wings Financial Credit Union($5.5B, Apple Valley, MN), Mike Lindberg knows well the challenge of finding the right people in a job market ripe with competition.Lindberg’s task is made more challenging by the need to find people with the right mix of technical aptitude and collegial attitude to work in a collaborative culture across departmental lines.But Lindberg doesn’t go it alone. Linwood Mielke, who joined the credit union in the summer of 2018 as an HR business partner, has helped Lindberg on his now five-year journey that has resulted in the creation of a data solutions department as well as Lindberg’s recent promotion to his current position after three years as manager of strategic analytics and member insights.“I lead a team of servant leaders who help satisfy our members and business leaders goals by understanding business process and strategy, building and leveraging deep analytical insights, and applying automation to create better and simpler solutions faster,” Lindberg says in his LinkedIn profile. continue reading »last_img read more

So, why do you want to work in property?

first_imgTo access this article REGISTER NOWWould you like print copies, app and digital replica access too? SUBSCRIBE for as little as £5 per week. Would you like to read more?Register for free to finish this article.Sign up now for the following benefits:Four FREE articles of your choice per monthBreaking news, comment and analysis from industry experts as it happensChoose from our portfolio of email newsletterslast_img