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first_img Previous Article Next Article Comments are closed. Thisweek’s news in briefDisabledpledgeTescohas pledged to open up recruitment for disabled people, with an initial intakeof 200 new disabled staff in 2004. The supermarket giant has signed agreementsto enable Tesco to access an ‘often-overlooked pool of talent’, while helpingmeet its obligations under the Disability Discrimination Act. www.personneltoday.com/goto/23128Tacklingfear of workTheGovernment has promised to tackle the culture of worklessness in inner citiesto help people off benefits and into work. MP Des Browne said the Governmenthad to break the cycle of growing up knowing nothing other than a life onbenefits. “The problem is not a lack of jobs, it is about making peoplebelieve they really can work again,” he said.  www.dwp.gov.ukCurbingintimidationIntimidationby unions or employers during union recognition ballots would be banned underproposals announced by employment relations minister Gerry Sutcliffe.Amendments to the Employment Relations Bill will draw on rules of conduct forgeneral and local elections and will outlaw practices such as dismissing union activistsor threatening workers.  www.dti.gov.ukSmellthe coffee…HRis a complex beast with ever-changing and increasingly complicated legislation.Even so there’s no excuse for the number of Personneltoday.com users that fellfor our set-up last week. To mark April Fools’ Day we ran a story on newworkplace coffee limits that any right- thinking person would find difficult toswallow. Bad luck HR – more than 300 of you were taken in.  www.personneltoday.com/goto/23132 Related posts:No related photos. …in briefOn 6 Apr 2004 in Personnel Todaylast_img read more

What will be the core oil and gas industry themes in 2021?

first_img Greenpeace’s analysis shows that almost 20 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent were released in the five years to 2019 (Credit: Wikimedia Commons/CSIRO) Resilience and sustainability are set to be the core themes within the oil and gas industry in 2021, according to an analyst.Energy researcher Wood Mackenzie says the fossil fuel industry’s immediate actions in 2020 following the price downturn “challenged the perceptions of what’s possible” and “set records for responsiveness”.But while many challenges still lie ahead for producers, it believes that dealing with unknowns has been a “core industry strength” and that a “broad oil and gas sector recovery is possible”.Here are three key trends Wood Mackenzie has highlighted for the industry in 2021. Key themes for the oil and gas industry in 20211. Continued underinvestment in upstream oil and gasAccording to Fraser McKay, head of upstream analysis at Wood Mackenzie, the upstream oil and gas sector will “endure another year in the doldrums”.McKay expects investment levels to remain flat at about $300bn in 2021 and says falling prices would mean rapid cuts, whereas at higher prices, contingency and resilience will “outweigh enthusiasm to take advantage of a nadir in service sector costs”.Strategically, companies will focus heavily on stability and financial resilience – and investment decisions will reflect this priority. Wood Mackenzie expects about 20 big project sanctions in 2021, up from just over 10 in 2020 – but that is still just half the prevailing pre-pandemic trend.It claims the merits of these projects will increasingly be judged on their environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) credentials.“The class of 2021 will not all be low-carbon, low-cost trailblazers – but the direction of travel is one-way in terms of industry stakeholder aspirations,” says McKay.Wood Mackenzie expects continued downsizing in the service sector, which will “lay the foundation for improved margins”, even if activity does not increase as forecasted between 2022 and 2025. It adds that next year operators will have a “closing window of opportunity to lock in lower project costs”. 3. Companies working to shape the upstream portfolio of the futureWood Mackenzie says producers choosing to stick with oil and gas “cannot ignore relentless asset depletion”.It believes some will move on exploration opportunities before competition heats up again. The researcher projects well count and investments will be down 35% compared to pre-crisis levels in 2021, but it expects this year to still be profitable.It adds that the majors and larger internationalising NOCs will likely drill 75% of the biggest wildcats, while mergers and acquisitions (M&A) will be the “main lever in upstream restructuring”.Wood Mackenzie says highgrading will “focus portfolios on the most advantaged assets” and corporate consolidation will “dominate activity in the US Lower 48”. It believes upstream M&A activity will likely top out at 2019 levels of between 200 and 300 deals this year. While many challenges still lie ahead for producers, Wood Mackenzie believes that dealing with unknowns has been a “core industry strength” for oil and gas 2. Industry focus on resilience, sustainability and the energy transitionTom Ellacott, Wood Mackenzie’s senior vice-president of corporate research, says new businesses, and new business models, are “emerging from the wreckage of 2020”.He believes companies will focus their investment on building a foundation that will be “sustainable across a range of scenarios”.Wood Mackenzie claims companies will continue their “relentless focus on boosting margins in upstream and downstream”, while diversification into new energy will accelerate as more players commit to decarbonisation.Elacott says the Euro majors will put “more meat on the bone in 2021”. He adds that geo-political factors such as the change in the US administration, upcoming COP26, and shifting global sentiment will pressure international oil companies and national oil companies (NOCs) to lay out road maps to net-zero emissions.Wood Mackenzie believes battery electrification solutions, hydrogen for power, and methane reduction initiatives will all take a “step closer to commerciality” in 2021 (Credit: (Flickr/Nick Humphries)According to Wood Mackenzie, governments will have to explore fiscal policies that support the global green initiative, while also balancing the need to restore budget deficits. This could mean higher tax rates on cash-generative legacy oil and gas assets could emerge.Jessica Brewer, Wood Mackenzie’s principal upstream analyst, says: “The momentum to reduce carbon emissions will intensify. Integrated energy hubs, like those  envisioned in the UK, could take a step closer to reality in 2021.”The energy researcher believes battery electrification solutions, hydrogen for power, and methane reduction initiatives will all take a “step closer to commerciality” in 2021, while flaring reduction also remains a “hot topic and a prolonged pledge”.last_img read more

Researchers find wreck of Japanese carrier IJN Kaga

first_img View post tag: R/V Petrel The wreck of an Imperial Japanese Navy aircraft carrier that was part of a six-ship fleet involved in the Pearl Harbor attack has been found by researchers aboard R/V Petrel.IJN Kaga was found resting 5,400 meters below the surface of the Central Pacific, after being scuttled by the Japanese on June 4, 1942 during the Battle of Midway.Kaga was attacked by approximately 30 dive bombers and two torpedoes launched by the USS Nautilus.After valiant efforts to keep the ship alive, the remaining crew realized the damage was beyond repair, and the escorting Japanese destroyer Hagikaze launched two torpedoes at the ship to effectively scuttle it. Of the crew members on board, 814 were killed as a result of the battle.Along with Kaga, three other Japanese fleet carriers – Akagi, Sōryū and Hiryū – were sunk during the battle.The crew aboard R/V Petrel spent several weeks surveying the massive area, documenting more than 500 square nautical miles, all within the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.“This project is significantly different from previous missions as it required a level of investigation, analysis and survey of a carrier-based engagement initially separated by over 150nm, a total area covering thousands of square nautical miles,” said Robert Kraft, director of subsea operations for Vulcan Inc. “It was a major carrier-to-carrier battle that left its eerie evidence strewn for thousands of miles across the ocean floor. With each piece of debris and each ship we discover and identify, our intent is to honor history and those who served and paid the ultimate sacrifice for their countries.”Over the past several years, the R/V Petrel team has been dedicated to finding and documenting historic shipwrecks with a focus on World War II.More notable ones include the discovery of aircraft carriers USS Wasp, USS Hornet, and USS Lexington. View post tag: WWII View post tag: IJN Kagacenter_img Photo: IJN Kaga gun mount. Photo: R/V Petrel Share this articlelast_img read more

Groundbreaking for Moretown waste-to-energy facility Tuesday

first_imgGovernor Douglas Announces Landfill Gas To Energy Project at Moretown LandfillMoretown, Vt. September 9, 2008 – A new landfill gas to energy project that will provide renewable energy, create new jobs and enhance the environment began construction in Moretown today, announced Governor Douglas, Interstate Waste Corporation, PPL Renewable Energy and Green Mountain Power.Governor Douglas said the project, located at Interstate Waste Corporation’s (IWS) Moretown landfill, would generate 3.2 megawatts of electricity from methane, a gas that contributes to global warming. Methane is created when refuse in landfills decomposes and is currently being flared at the Moretown landfill.”The impact on the environment of a landfill gas to energy project this size is equal to reducing 21,600 tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. It is also equal to removing 3,600 cars from the road or eliminating the need for 2.2 million gallons of gasoline,” Governor Douglas said.”The power generated by this innovative energy facility will power the equivalent of 2,600 homes, more than the town of Waterbury,” the Governor added.GMP has committed to purchase the project’s output for 15 years, at a fixed price. This will increase the stability of power supply costs, reducing exposure to future increases in electricity market prices, while giving the project a predictable revenue stream. It will supply between 1 and 1.5 percent of GMP’s annual energy needs.Anthony Farina, CEO of IWS said “With this project, IWS and our partners are committing to a greener Vermont and a brighter future for us all. I want to thank Governor Jim Douglas for his leadership on this issue and his administration’s support for this important project. We can all be very proud of our team and this project’s contribution to a more diverse, secure and affordable energy future.”Paul T. Champagne, President of PPL Development Company said “Methane-to-energy systems at landfills are really a win-win for the environment because they generate electricity from a renewable fuel while also eliminating emissions of methane, a gas that contributes to global warming. PPL is proud to be a part of this effort.”Mary Powell, President and CEO of GMP said, “Committing to purchase a significant amount of renewable electricity from an in-state renewable energy generator is an important way for us to keep a reliable and diverse energy portfolio. Our Company’s energy strategy relies heavily on encouraging the development of Vermont renewable energy resources like this plant, and we are thrilled that this new resource will be coming on-line.”The Moretown landfill has been operated by IWS since 1996.last_img read more

How to build an Acceptable Use Policy for credit union IT systems

first_img 14SHARESShareShareSharePrintMailGooglePinterestDiggRedditStumbleuponDeliciousBufferTumblr,Mary K Donnelly With a background in IT Product Marketing & Enterprise Sales, MK brings both experience and expertise to enCompass’s business development strategy. Her knowledge of regulatory requirements within Credit Union … Web: www.encompassgroupllc.com Details A challenge for credit unions today is giving employees the ability to be productive and use the many resources available on both their internal network and on the internet, while still ensuring IT security. While there are tools in place to allow for IT departments to control the who, what, where and when of the data available (think: web filtering, spam filtering, access controls, etc.), the fact of the matter is, there is always the human element that is outside the control of those tools.Your users play a significant role in ensuring IT Security, and it’s best not to assume that common sense will always prevail.  For this reason, Acceptable Use Policies for your IT Systems should be well documented and thought out… not only to satisfy regulatory requirements, but to be put to use to educate your employees.Here are some basic components of an Acceptable Use Policy: The Introduction: This should not be glossed over.  In your introduction, you should lay out exactly the specifics of your company (name/location/contact), and who the policy is intended for and why it is in place. State why adherence to the policy is important, and what are the repercussions if not followed. Definitions: Again, this section may seem more like information to satisfy examiners, but it also is helpful to educate employees on terminology they may not be familiar with. Who are “Users” in your company?  Is it just employees, or do you have third party contractors that can quickly become a liability if they violate the policy? And it is important to lay out what “IT Systems” are covered in the policy.  IT is more than just a laptop. Be sure to discuss the coverage, which may include any cell phones or tablets (BYOD) that employees may bring on to your network. Scope: In this section, be sure to state the limitations of the policy.  For example, “This policy covers only internal use of ABC Credit Union’s, and does not cover use of our products or services by customers or other third parties.” This is also where you point out the scope of policy as it relates to CUNA and FFIEC regulations, and any other local laws and regulations that may supersede the policy. Clearly state the persons or department responsible for ensuring this policy meets the regulations and is within scope. Use of IT Systems: Now we get to the meat of the policy.  Detail what is acceptable use of each system that is covered, from servers, to desktops, to laptops, teller machines, phone systems, wifi available at your branches, etc. Detail what applications can be used or shouldn’t be used. Clearly state that your systems are being monitored and any information on your systems, including email exchanges, are the property of your credit union, and you reserve the right to audit the data. Data Security: Here is where you specifically outline what steps employees need to take and what are the expectations for each of them to protect your data.  Outline your password policy. Detail what information on your network needs to be encrypted or secured. Discuss the responsibility of the end user for keeping laptops safe and in working order. Clearly state who is responsible for monitoring and overseeing that data security practices are being upheld. Unacceptable Use: Give your employees some credit here, and state that they should use their best judgment when determining appropriate use, however, here is your chance to very precisely define what end users should NOT be doing on your network. Of course, quickly discredit all illegal activities.  You may wish to consider prohibiting some or all staff from posting anything about your credit union on social media, or using social media at all while at work. Let them know this is subject to change as new technologies emerge. Enforcement: Simple and straight forward. What is the result of violations of this policy?  Is it immediate termination?  Is it based on the scale and intent of the offense?This is only a brief overview of some of the major components of a policy. If you have a legal department to assist you or to review your policies, this is always sound practice. If you need some help in drafting an IT policy, trust a managed service provider who specializes in the credit union industry to craft the appropriate policies and procedures for your environment.last_img read more

Medical association advises 3-week PSBB period for Jakarta

first_imgThe Indonesian Medical Association (IDI) has urged the Jakarta administration to extend the length of its partial lockdown, also known as large-scale social restrictions (PSBB), from the usual two weeks to three weeks.“As Jakarta IDI chairman and IDI deputy, I suggest that the PSBB be enacted for three weeks minimum,” Slamet Budiarto said on Thursday as quoted by kompas.com.Slamet said three weeks would cover the virus’ 14-day incubation period and an extra transitional week to completely curb transmission. Read also: What you need to know about large-scale social restrictions in Jakarta“Moreover, the workers of the 11 business sectors [that are allowed to operate during the PSBB] are still going to do activities outside. Therefore, IDI advises at least three weeks for the PSBB,” he said.Jakarta will reimpose PSBB measures on Monday after recording record daily increases of confirmed COVID-19 cases and deaths in the past several weeks. On Thursday, the capital recorded 1,274 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total tally to 50,671, according to Health Ministry data. (aly)Topics :last_img read more

Unai Emery reveals the two positions Dani Ceballos can play at Arsenal

first_imgCeballos was named Man of the Match (Picture: Getty)And Emery says the Spaniard will be used in both roles throughout the season.AdvertisementAdvertisement‘With him, it’s about using his quality in the best position,’ said Emery.‘I spoke with him before he came here, it’s to play as an 8 & as a 10.‘Today, he started like a 10 but also changed with Willock in the 8 position. It’s where he can feel better on the pitch.’More: Arsenal FCArsenal flop Denis Suarez delivers verdict on Thomas Partey and Lucas Torreira movesThomas Partey debut? Ian Wright picks his Arsenal starting XI vs Manchester CityArsene Wenger explains why Mikel Arteta is ‘lucky’ to be managing ArsenalArsenal saw off competition from rivals Tottenham to sign Ceballos on loan, though there’s no option to make the move permanent in the deal.The midfielder described his debut for the club as ‘one of the most special days’ of his life after the game.‘Well, the truth is that for me it has been one of the most special days of my life,’ said Ceballos.‘I think that starting at home by winning & with this passion at the end of the match, I think it will be hard to forget this day for me.’MORE: Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s plan to turn Marcus Rashford into Cristiano Ronaldo Advertisement Unai Emery reveals the two positions Dani Ceballos can play at Arsenal Dani Ceballos impressed on his full debut (Picture: Getty)Arsenal boss Unai Emery believes Dani Ceballos can play in two different midfield roles for the Gunners this term.The Spaniard was named Man of the Match for his performance in Arsenal’s 2-1 win against Burnley on Saturday.It was Ceballos’ first start for the Gunners and he had a hand in each of the goals as Arsenal made it two wins from two this season.The Real Madrid man started in an attacking midfield position but dropped back into a box-to-box role in order to get his foot on the ball.ADVERTISEMENT Metro Sport ReporterSaturday 17 Aug 2019 11:35 pmShare this article via facebookShare this article via twitterShare this article via messengerShare this with Share this article via emailShare this article via flipboardCopy link1.7kShares Advertisement Commentlast_img read more

UK roundup: Young workers have ‘false sense of security’ on pensions

first_imgYoung British workers risk being lulled into a false sense of security over pension saving and losing money in the long run, according to research from BlackRock.The asset manager’s survey of defined contribution (DC) savers found that many workers aged 25 to 34 were falling well below the savings rate required to meet their future lifestyle goals, with 44% admitting to putting off saving for retirement as it “seems silly to focus on something so far away”.When asked how they would utilise an extra £200 (€225) a month, only 2% said they would pay it into their pension.More than a third (35%) of young savers thought they had a defined benefit (DB) pension with their current employer, while data from the Office for National Statistics shows the figure is closer to 20% for those under the age of 29. Furthermore, only 14% of young savers knew exactly how much money they had in their current employer’s DC pot. In spite of this, 39% of 25 to 34-year-olds surveyed said they were confident their retirement savings are on track. Tax authority admits double-charging errors The UK tax authority HMRC and the Pensions Regulator (TPR) have written to pension schemes asking them to review their benefits data after finding that some DC scheme members received double tax relief on their contributions, while others received none at all.In a pension scheme newsletter, HMRC and TPR said they would work with schemes to help correct the data and “make sure the member gets the tax relief they’re due”.center_img BlackRock surveyed 1,000 adults with DC pension savingsClaire Felgate, head of UK DC at BlackRock, said: “Auto-enrolment has played a very important role in reiterating the importance of planning for later stages of life. But [younger savers] need to factor in a much longer life than previous generations. This means either working for longer or saving more in their working years.”The survey also found that almost half (45%) of those aged 25 to 34 believed they and their employer should between them contribute at least 15% of salary into their DC pension – but less than a third (29%) were doing so.Felgate said: “The government’s move to increase the [auto-enrolment minimum] rate to 8% is a step in the right direction, but our concern is that individuals will think this is ‘enough’. We need to start thinking of 15% as the ‘rule of thumb’, or young savers will face an unwelcome reality check when they leave work.”The survey polled 1,000 UK working adults aged 25-69 with at least one workplace DC pension during July 2018. Rapid increase in DB to DC transfersThe number of people transferring out of DB schemes into DC schemes increased almost sevenfold between 2016 and 2018, according to data published by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).Responding to a Freedom of Information Act request, the FCA said 34,738 people had transferred out of a DB scheme between 1 October 2017 and 31 March 2018, based on a survey of 54 companies. This compared to 5,056 in the six months to 31 March 2016.The FCA highlighted that its sample of schemes from which the data was drawn had changed during the period in question, meaning “changes in the data are not necessarily due to market changes, but may be due to more firms reporting the DB to DC data over time”.Bruce Kirton, chief executive of DC master trust Welplan Pensions, said the data “should cause concern at both companies and pension providers”.“Companies need to ensure their members are getting access to the right type of financial advice to ensure this money is not being invested in unscrupulous investments and scams,” he said. Capita commits to £176m scheme recovery planOutsourced services provider Capita has agreed a deficit recovery plan with the trustees of its DB pension scheme in an attempt to plug a £185m shortfall.The recovery plan, announced last week in an update to the stock exchange, will involve four annual payments from the company to the scheme between now and 2021, totalling £176m.Jon Lewis, Capita’s CEO, said: “I made a commitment to our stakeholders to address our pension deficit shortly after I joined Capita and I am pleased that our financial strength and successful disposal programme have allowed us to deliver on this.”Politicians flagged concerns about Capita – which is a leading provider of outsourced services to local and national government – in January when it issued a profit warning.last_img read more

Southall warns Everton over Barton

first_img Press Association “Obviously his package with QPR is pretty big for Marseille’s terms really,” said McKay. “Joey said there was only one club he would make a sacrifice for and it would be Everton and I made that call to Martinez. “That is the club he loves. I have approached them and said Joey would love to have Everton on his CV. “Fair play to him he said he would lose money to go to Everton – and not many professionals would do that.” McKay claims Martinez, who is in the market for a central midfielder, is an admirer of Barton. “Roberto Martinez said he likes him as a player and he also spoke to Graeme Jones, who loves him as a player,” he added. “Anything can happen in football. It could happen.” Martinez and the rest of the Everton squad are currently in San Francisco where they are set to kick-off their pre-season games in the United States against Juventus in the International Champions Cup. Everton will not comment on speculation about players at other clubs. However, Press Association Sport understands there is little likelihood of Barton securing a move to Goodison Park. Former Everton goalkeeper Neville Southall has warned manager Roberto Martinez to steer clear of signing Joey Barton after comparing the QPR midfielder to Forrest Gump. Asked whether he thought Barton would be a good signing the outspoken former Wales international said: “I think they have already got a kitman. “What is he going to add to Everton? He might be a half-decent player at times but, if he was that good, Harry Redknapp would be begging him to stay at QPR. “I don’t see how he will fit into Everton’s style of play. He ain’t the best passer in the world. “Yes he is fit and runs up and down all day but Forrest Gump did that as well didn’t he?” Southall added on talkSPORT: “I would rather he (Martinez) got in a young lad who is probably on less money and a better prospect in the long run so they have got until January to bed him in and see what he is like. “A 30-year-old at Everton? I was hoping they were past that, unless he was a current international.” Barton, who tweeted ‘Once a blue…’, spent last season on loan at Marseille but appears to have no future at Loftus Road after their relegation to the Championship. His salary seems to have put off the French club from making a move to sign him permanently and agent Willie McKay is exploring other options in an attempt to find a new club. Southall, who made a record 751 appearances for Everton, likened Barton to the fictional character played by Tom Hanks’ in the 1994 film of the same name. The Huyton-born player has said he would sacrifice a large proportion of his reported £70,000-a-week wages to play for his boyhood club but Southall believes it would be a mistake. last_img read more

Trump delays tariffs as China, US trade war continues

first_imgThe U.S. is removing some items from the China tariff list and is delaying tariffs for other items.It is the latest move by the U.S. in the ongoing trade feud between the two countries.Products on the tariff delay list include cell phones, laptops, video game consoles, and computer monitors.Tariffs on these items were initially set to go into effect on September 1st, but will now go into effect on December 15th.The Stock Market has been reacting to the news, as the Dow Jones Industrial Average has been trading up over 500 points at times.The Nasdaq and S&P 500 are also surging on Wall Street.Last week, the dow dropped 500 points after President Trump threatened another 10 percent hike in tariffs on $300 billion in goods from China.The move was opposed by retailers and manufacturers who were worried about the holiday shopping season.President Trump was pressed Tuesday about the latest tariff rollback and said he chose the delay because of the”Christmas season, just in case some of the tariffs would have an impact” on American consumers.He then reiterated that his tariffs have had virtually no impact on Americans thus far.Click here to learn more.last_img read more